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The following is a transcript of an RP shared with CharYui over discord (Char playing Cammy, myself playing Silence)


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The crowd in the arena were cheering excitedly as they waited for the first match of the day to begin, it was open to new talent showing up to see if they could make a name for themselves and one of the people trying out was really special. "Introducing first, the Sexy Street Fighter! CAMMY!!!!" The crowd cheered louder as the sexy blonde fighter made her way out of the back area wearing her trademark skintight green leotard that was indecently tight in all the right places and made her way down to the caged MMA ring. While Cammy did enjoy a good fight, she was here working undercover to investigate claims of some kind of illicit prizefighting racket going on, she figured she might as well take the direct method of infiltrating. And if she got in a good fight or two against some men and women worth her time then it would be a slight bonus, that being said the blonde fighter was not worried about her chances. She got into the ring and posed for a moment in the middle before making her way to the opposite side to stretch and wait for her opponent to make their appearance.

As the crowd cheered Cammy's arrival in the underground cage, two people not in the crowd but hidden behind the entrance tunnel were happiest of all "An investigator already? Oh you're going to enjoy her..." A woman's voice purred from behind the curtain. "I know I will. Make sure the after care is prepared for when she wakes up." A man's voice replied "And her opponent-" The announcer called out as the lights dimmed "The champion of the chokehold, ladies and gentlemen please welcome THE SOOTHING SILENCE!" He declared as the six foot tall wall of oiled Japanese muscle made his way confidently into the caged MMA ring. Only wearing a pair of MMA gloves and a skimpy speedo to cover his bulge, he licked his lips as the official closed the door behind him.

Cammy raised an eyebrow as her opponent made his way into the ring, she was not terribly impressed but when you fought massive muscle mountains it was hard to be impressed by anything really. "Soothing Silence? Thats a bit tacky dont you think? Though given all the oil on you I suppose tackiness shouldn't be terribly surprising." The blonde said hurling a little pre-match trash talk for the hell of it, she doubted this guy could last for a few minutes in the ring with her, with that in mind she cracked her knuckles and took up her fighting stance bouncing on her feet slightly which made her tightly clad breasts bounce as well.

The man didn't respond to Cammy's taunt, instead settling into his own stance as they waited for the bell to ring before lunging in, trying to close the gap to the killer bee and lock up with the brit, pressing his body against hers.

Once the bell rang Cammy was going to rush in and maybe deliver a kick to the man's gut, but to her surprise he instead rushed right at her and locked up with her! "GAH!!!" She gasped out in surprise locking up instinctively as his oiled body pressed into Cammy's flattening her breasts against his chest. The blonde grunted grasping at him and trying to shove him backwards and even tying to slam her knee up against his gut to see if she could wear him down more.

"Mmph!" The Soothing Silence grunted as Cammy raised her knee into his rock hard abs but despite the shoving he was not moving anywhere, instead reaching up to loop a strong arm over her head tightly, pulling her into position before driving his elbow down inbetween her shoulder blades.
front facelock.gif

Cammy thought things were going well but then her head was tucked down and a brutal elbow slammed down between her shoulder blades! "GAAHH!!!" She cried out the force of the blow sending her face down onto the mat with her ass hanging in the air slightly. She groaned and gasped in pain laying there a few moments before trying to pick herself up so that she wouldn't be laying there long enough for Silence to do something else.

The crowd shhhhed Cammy's cry of pain as Silence lightly chuckled to himself, crouching down to watch the British fighter start to get back on to her feet, only for the muscular man to once again wrap her arms over Cammy, this time letting his weight and immense strength push Cammy back down to the canvas. "Your screams are soothing." he cooed as he pulled Cammy back up by her arms, only to throw her back overhead and down to the canvas in an impressive display of strength

"GACK!!!" Cammy gasped out as muscular arms wrapped around her head, her hands instinctively clawing at them but the oil making it hard for her to get a grip. Her body was flattened onto the mat once again for a few moments as her legs kicked out and she struggled before being lifted up and suddenly thrown up and over Silence with her body slamming into the mat hard! "AUGH!!!" She cried out body arching in pain a moment before flopping in a heap breasts heaving as she gasped for air and her back aching with pain from the impact. Her legs were spread open as she lay there showing off the fighter's tight crotch that left nothing to the imagination as she lay in a slightly dazed spread eagle state.

Flexing his arms as he walked across the cage, Silence basked in the aura before turning around to see the fallen Cammy, spread eagle and tempting to dive in. "Come on," He beckoned "Get up. It's more fun if you fight back."

The blonde groaned as she lay there finally managing to pick herself up and staggering on her feet as she glared at Silence wanting to wipe that smug smile off of his face. "I'll show you fun!" She growled and rushed in using her speed and long legs to lash a kick out trying to slam a hard kick into Silence's abs while she had the chance and hoping to use his momentary arrogance to get the upper hand on him.

Cammy was able to do what she'd had planned to do at the start of the fight, drilling the larger man in his bare abs, buckling him as she left a boot print on his oiled skin.

Cammy grinned as she was able to slam the blow and make Silence buckle slightly, she didn't want to waste the opportunity and needed to take him down onto the mat if at all possible. She would then move trying to get around Silence so that she could lock her arms around his body from behind squeezing him about his waist before grunting and trying to pull back so that she would lift him up and into a suplex with the aim of driving his head and shoulders into the mat!

The crowd cried out in shock as one of the most infamously strong fighters that they'd seen was pulled off his feet, his weight coming back to haunt him as he landed on his shoulders and neck, his muscular body adding to the pain of Cammy's Suplex

Cammy rolled onto her knees, her grin getting wider as she looked at the downed oiled up fighter, "Well you wanted me to fight back after all." She said mockingly as she moved around to Silence's head and went to wind her long but powerful legs around his head and neck in a figure four headlock hoping to take him out of the picture quickly. Cammy enjoyed a long fight but this guy was dangerous and she did not want to risk things.

"Hhnk!!" Silence grunted, his hands going to the powerful thighs around his neck as fast as possible, trying to push against the coiled muscle just enough to slip out of the tight noose Cammy had made for him and pull the fight back up to standing.

The oil no doubt helped in Silence's escape from Cammy's legs and she gave an annoyed sound as he did so glaring at him, a part of her was glad the fight would continue but this just meant her work would be made harder. Not wanting to be on the ground for too long Cammy quickly moved to get back onto her feet as well so she would be standing when Silence was and hopefully ready to counter whatever he had planned.

With a much more serious look across his face, Silence went back to what had worked for him in the starting moments, moving in to clinch up against the Brit and press up against her chest, only for him to sweep Cammy's legs out from under her and grabbing her ankles. It was in that moment that Cammy would notice two things: first of all, there was no referee in the cage to call the action down the middle, and the second thing would be Silence viciously stomping down into her groin, his bare sole slamming into her camel toe.
low blow.gif

Cammy gasped as she was clenched once again grunting as she pushed against Silence for a few moments, before she could really counterattack her legs were suddenly swept out from under her leading her to fall onto her back with a grunt. She moved to try and get up but her ankles were grabbed and legs spread making her camel toe even tighter, though in that moment she noticed that there was no ref and a realization dawned on her as she looked up at Silence. "Wait! No-AAAAAIIII!!!" Cammy shrieked in agony as a bare foot came crushing down on her barely clothed cunt crushing it under foot and making Cammy arch as she wailed, hands going between her legs to hold herself as she howled in agony on the mat.

Wrapping his hands around the wailing Cammy, Silence smiled with satisfaction at the Brit's pain before pulling the hurting woman back up to her feet against her will. Back into the tight clinch before his knee rose viciously into her already hurting pussy, taking time to savour every scream as he punished the barely leotard-covered crotch. Only letting her sink out of his grasp after the hardest shot.
clinch knee.gif

Cammy was a whimpering mess after having her crotch stomped and it left her vulnerable to what Silence had planned next which was to punish her pussy even more! She groaned as she was hauled up only for several knees to slam into her aching crotch each one getting a higher pitched scream from the blonde as they slammed in until the final one. "GYAAAAHH!!!" She screamed out the force of the blow forcing her onto her tip toes for a moment before settling down, her chin resting on Silence's shoulder as her eyes rolled back and she whimpered. Her body slowly sank down onto her knees in front of him with her hands holing her aching cunt as she whimpered.

Looming over Cammy sinisterly, Silence was about to show the hurting Brit just how he'd earned his name and title, reaching over to wrap an arm between her legs while his own bare thighs wrapped around the Street Fighter's head and arm, rolling over to sink in his twisted triangle choke, hooking one of her legs so she couldn't squirm away.
reverse triangle.gif

"AUG AAAIIIHHGG!!!!" Cammy gagged out as the twisted hold was locked onto her body, her head wrapped tightly and the air cut off as her arm dangled in the air. Though the worst at least for her was the arm locked between her legs crushing and rubbing up against her brutalized crotch. Despite the air quickly being choked out of her her free hand instinctively went to the arms rubbing against her pussy trying to push at them all the while she gagged and groaned eyes rolling back as her legs kicked against the mat.

Cammy's pain as her head and pussy were crushed by Silence's hold wouldn't last forever as the oiled grappler suddenly released her from his clutches and rolled the hurting Cammy onto her front, letting his now even wetter arm rest for a bit before he shifted into his next position. Grabbing a limp and outstretched arm, Silence coiled his muscular thighs around Cammy's head once again, this time for a more basic headscissor hold, twisting his hips to force Cammy's ass and aching pussy into the air for all to see.
strangle hold alpha.gif

Cammy groaned some more as her body was shifted and put into an even more humiliating hold than ever, her ass was forced into the air and her legs spread enough to give everyone a good view of her tight damp snatch. Damp from the oil or something else who could really say, either way the blonde was in trouble as she was squeezed her arm feeling like it was about ready to pop out of its socket as her face was forced into the mat and her breasts squashed down all the while she gasped and gurgled. Her head was feeling light as the air was squeezed out of her and Silence steadily and slowly started putting the proud blonde to sleep.

Silence let the Brit suffer between his thighs until he started to feel the resistance in her arm fade as Cammy started to drift of to sleep, not satisfied with how thoroughly he had tortured the woman he once again broke off the hold, switching around on the canvas to wrap his arms around Cammy's waist as he guided her to her feet with him behind her. But instead of doing what she had done (throw the smaller fighter around) he instead pushed forward, tripping her down onto the canvas again as he mounted her, the black speedo pulling tight against his growing bulge while he leaned forward, reaching down to wrap his arms around her throat while his thighs squeezed up against her ribs. Punishing the investigater with a rear naked choke as he whispered into her ear "There was a reason you were chosen to be my toy tonight... and it does not end here." He taunted, whispering in her ear.
rear naked choke.gif

"Uhhnnn...." Cammy groaned as she was hauled off the mat a moment her body in a daze as she stood there long enough to be shoved back down only with Silence pressing into her. She gave another groan feeling the fighter's bulge pressing up between her asscheeks, the thong of her leotard letting him feel her tight yet soft rear around him. At the same time she was squeezed both around her body and her head making her gurgle slightly, her arms were practically useless and lay on the mat as she was squeezed. Cammy's big blue eyes rolled back as she started drooling onto oil glazed arms and her body bucked as the life was squeezed from her. She struggled to breath but she was trapped in the tight hold for as long as Silence wanted her to be trapped, his words whispered into Cammy's ear sending a shudder down Cammy's spine as she started to black out.

"Don't pass out yet," Silence added as he gave Cammy one last squeeze with his strong arms before releasing her once again as he prolonged her pain for one more circle of hell "The crowd deserve a show." He called as he muscled the limp body of the barely-conscious Cammy White up to her feet between his thighs. The crowd roared in approval as they knew what was coming next as he lifted her up into the air, letting her dangle upside down for just long enough to let even the most weary fighter know the fate awaiting her. Letting her crunch down with a vicious piledriver.

Cammy let out another groan as she was lifted up, her body little more than a rag-doll at this point making it easier than ever for Silence to maneuver Cammy around the way he wanted. And what he wanted was to haul her up and hold her upside down. She moaned as she hung there legs dangling over his shoulders and giving the sadistic fighter a clear view of Cammy's tight pussy and the slit of her cunt before he spiked her head into the mat! "GACK!!" She cried out body crumpling to the mat before being shoved to the side and laying there making gurgling sounds and her body spasming and twitching as she lay there.

Standing up next to the out-cold Cammy, Silence reflected on a job well done as he placed his foot against the fallen fighter's cheek, lightly pushing against her cheek as he checked to see if there was any other sign of life from the badly bashed brit. Once satisfied, he raised his hand as the bell rung "HERE IS YOUR WINNER, BY KNOCKOUT! THE SOOTHING SILENCE!" The announcer called out as Silence reached down to hoist Cammy up onto his shoulder and walk out of the cage with her as his trophy. Passing through the curtain, Silence stopped by the woman who had prepared his impecible body for Cammy's destruction, reaching out, she lifted Cammy's chin to look into the blank eyes. "Do you want her now?" Silence asked.
"No," the woman responded, shaking her head "The Dojo's all ready for you. Enjoy breaking her for me will you?" She asked, reaching up to give Silence a quick kiss on the lips before carrying Cammy the rest of the way.

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omg this is so excellently written! The gifs that wnt with the description was a very nice touch!
Well done! hope to see more eyona stories like this!

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Part 2: Soundproof suffering

Carrying the unconscious Cammy White through the darkened halls, The Soothing Silence led his trophy in to what appeared to be a practice gym, all set up with wrestling rings and floor mats but with the disturbing absence of anyone else around. The eerie silence only broken by the muscular man's footsteps as he turned around, Cammy still on his shoulders, to press his palm against an electronic panel on the wall, smirking as he heard the door lock firmly shut with a few whirs and clicks. Now the fun time could really begin. No audience to play to, no distracting announcer, just him, Cammy White and all the time in the world. But first the Brit was going to have to wake up, and for that it was time to try the bosses' secret formula. From a small first aid box under the ring he pulled out a tiny pill, forcing it into the Killer Bee's mouth and down her throat. All that was left now was for the fighter to wake up as the medicine worked its magic, giving Silence enough time to apply a light layer of fresh oil to himself.

The blonde was completely unconscious after the humiliating defeat she had suffered at the hands of her oiled up foe, and thus had no idea what was going on or what Soothing Silence had in store for her. Cammy could only breath in her unconscious state unable to feel the aches and pains throughout her body, she could only let out a slight grunt as she was laid out followed by a groan as she was forced to swallow something. After a few moments she started to stir head lolling from side to side as she held her head and started to sit up, "Uhhhnnn....... Wh-what? Whats......" She groaned out looking around trying to take stock of her surroundings as her brain kicked back to consciousnesses.

"So our investigator awakens," Silence smirked, slapping the last of the oil on his own ass "We were warned the... authorities... might send someone. Fortunately enough it was me they chose to capture you, some of the others here can be so cruel." He cooed, looming over the groggy Cammy. "What you just swallowed will wake you up in minutes after being knocked out and it lasts for hours no matter what state the patient is in. It's one of SIN's creations. As am I."

This was not good, no wonder things had gone so badly for her and she had been slipped something on top of that! "SIN huh? Well just one more reason to take you down then!" She said full of bravado, but considering what had happened earlier the blonde's confidence was shaken slightly. She had no idea what Silence had slipped her but she could feel herself coming back to full awareness and started to get up onto her feet. "Well no matter what you are, you made a big mistake not taking the opportunity to restrain me!"

Silence chuckled as Cammy pulled herself to her feet "Take me down if you can," he dared "It's your only hope of escape!" He declared before launching into action, moving with surprising agility for a man his size, he jumped in the air to grasp at Cammy's arm, pulling it down with him as he wrapped his legs around it in a tight armbar.

Cammy was still slightly groggy from having woken up, but even still Silence's sudden and quick movements caught the blonde almost totally off guard as he charged her and caught her arm. She was quickly taken down onto the mat crying out as she hit and her arm being wrenched and pulled in a tight oily grip, "EEAAHHHGG!!! LET GOO!!!" Cammy screamed out trying to get her arm loose from the tight grip as she grabbed onto one of Silence's legs and pushed at it trying to dislodge him all the while her legs kicked uselessly at the mat under her in desperation.

Cammy pushed as hard as she could, eventually dislodging Silence from his grip around Cammy's arm. But just because she had been freed from one torturous hold did not mean the blonde Brit was somehow safe as he kicked out, trying to catch Cammy in the face with his bare foot as she struggled for freedom.

Cammy gasped as her arm was pulled free and held her shoulder, but she was not allowed a moment to recover as a foot came crashing into the side of her face! "GAK!!" She cried out, head snapping to the side with spittle flinging from her lips. The force of the blow making her roll over onto her front as she was left laying face down and groaning in a daze, she held her face where she had been kicked and tried to regain her senses as she slowly started to rise onto her knees.

Rolling back into a crouch, Silence saw an opportunity to cause further misery to the hurting Cammy and took it. Grabbing the same arm he'd previously stretched, instead of isolating the limb his powerful thighs wrapped around Cammy's neck as well as he pulled back, this time tacking the kneeling fighter into a Triangle Choke, pressing his pitch black speedo into her face as he tightened the hold.
triangle choke.gif

The slow dazed rate at which Cammy was rising made it all too easy for Silence to come in and grasp Cammy's arms before also wrapping his legs around her head. Cammy's eyes went wide in surprise as her face was mashed up against Silence's bulge, "MMMFF!!!" She groaned out legs kicking against the mat once more as her ass jerked and bobbed up in the air, her free hand grabbing at Silence's leg around her head pulling, hitting, and grasping at it. Though the oil made it hard for the blonde to get a grip as she desperately struggled, all the while her face rubbed and mashed up against the man's package.

"Yesss~" Silence moaned as he pulled Cammy down into the choke with the only saving grace for the Brit being that this time when her ass was in the air and her head firmly in between a man's thighs that there was no-one watching her humiliation. Although that was small comfort to her right now. But what might be a comfort was feeling the powerful legs that caused her so much misery in the cage start to slacken as Silence leaned back, more preoccupied with keeping Cammy's face at his junk than anything else.

"MMMFF HNNNFFF!!!" Cammy continued to groan against Silence's bulge her face rubbing and mashing up against his groin and he would be able to feel the British babe's hot breath as she groaned out along with the feeling of her smooth lips brushing against his member through the tight oiled black speedo. The whole time Cammy's legs continued to kick and thrash in desperation her ass swaying and bobbing up and down at the same time almost making it look like she was humping the air. She could feel herself starting to weaken in the hold and while she desperately struggled to free herself she decided to change tactics slightly grasping one of Silence's ass cheeks and getting her knees planted firmly on the mat before trying to lift herself and Silence up off the mat at least somewhat before slamming him back down hard! She hoped it would be enough to get him dislodged enough for her to free herself, though with the amount of exertion required if she failed then she would be worse off than before.

Cammy rallied, squeezed and lifted the big man off the canvas, "Wha?" Silence blinked out as her realised his precarious position when the pleasure suddenly stopped, instead slamming him back down hard with a grunt of pain from the normally smug grappler.

"MMFFF!!!" Cammy groaned out against Silence's bulge after slamming him down and tried to get herself free pushing at his legs and hoping the oil would allow her to slip loose. If she managed to she would quickly crawl away backwards hoping to get distance between them while panting. If she could not get free however she would attempt to slam him again, however given how much effort it took the last time Cammy would not be able to get him up off the mat all that much higher.

Cammy was able to slip out between Silence's legs without too much pushing as the grappler took the time to rub the back of his neck while he writhed on the canvas, letting Cammy escape from his clutches for a brief time. Not brief enough as the man got back on his feet and charged forward, looking to trap the Brit in the corner with just his sheer strength, ducking low to ram his shoulder into her leotard covered abs. And again, and again. Just throwing his weight into the corner with Cammy trapped in between.
shoulder tackle.gif

Silence was relentless, the blonde fighter barely had time to recover before he was coming in to punish her again! And this time by slamming his shoulder into Cammy's abs and ramming her into one of the corners. "GUUHHH!!!" She groaned out as his shoulder sank into her gut followed by several more blows there punishing her belly and making her eyes go wide in shock. The air was being forced out of her each and every blow while keeping her trapped in the corner, gasping desperately as he came in for another hit she went to wrap an arm around his head and neck in a side headlock just enough so that she could try and slam her knee up and bash Silence's own abs in revenge!

"Gaaah!" Silence wheezed as Cammy came firing back out of the corner with a sharp knee that dug in deep between the sculpted muscle, no time to brace himself up for the impact as his knees buckled out from under him and a bead of sweat dripped from his forehead. While Cammy had earned a small victory Silence wasn't completely done as he pulled himself back up, arms around Cammy's waist to stop her escaping as he pressed her into the ropes. This time however, instead of ramming her, he pushed the ropes until they buckled back and let the force of the taut cables send Cammy running off to the other side and back again only for Silence to scoop up the running fighter and lift her into the air, all the purpose of driving the Killer Bee back down onto his outstretched knee with a vicious back breaker.

Cammy allowed herself a grin as she managed to bash Silence but before she could do anything he was maintaining his grip and manoeuvring her more into the ropes and pushing her back only to send her springing off and into the opposite ropes. Unable to stop herself Cammy bounced off the opposite ropes and came rushing back at Silence as he scooped her up, her eyes went wide before KA-BAAM Her back was slammed onto Silence's knee! "AAHHHGG!!!" She cried out back arching as her spine was slammed and bent before being sent rolling off and ending up in a heap at Silence's feet groaning in pain as she writhed on the mat before him.

Panting hard to regain his form, Silence took his time to regain his breath while Cammy writhed around in pain, pondering his next move before he reached down to drag the hurting woman across the canvas, letting her roll onto her back as he stalked around, reaching down to grab his victim by the hair and snare her once again between his powerful thighs "Remember this?" He asked as he pulled his legs into a tight figure 4 "You were the first person who tried to choke me like this... perhaps you should feel the true power of a headscissor." He threatened, squeezing down on her skull.
figure 4 headscissors.gif

Cammy was still writhing in pain for a few moments her back aching utterly before her hair was grabbed and she was dragged about groaning before he decided to humiliate Cammy with the move she had used on him! Her eyes went wide as Silence's legs wrapped around her head and she was squeezed and choked! "GUAHH ACK!!" She gasped out feet kicking against the mat as her hands grabbed at Silence's legs pulling at them as her hips bucked and jerked about desperately as she felt her skull being crushed!

Unlike in the cage where Silence had released Cammy from his clutches like a hobby fisherman when the Brit seemed to be on the verge of serious peril, this time in the ring he had no qualms about squeezing the Street Fighter tight, watching her body flail about at his mercy, or lack thereof as he moved to make the headscissor that much crueller by snatching away what little hope Cammy had in that vicious hold, sitting up to grab the struggling woman by the wrists before leaning back and pinning them by his side while the muscles around her neck remained unrelenting in their pressure.

The trapped blonde continued to thrash and flail about desperately trying to get herself free from the tight grasp around her head, but her foe was not about to make things easy for her. It was bad enough that Silence's body was covered in a sheen of oil that made it difficult to get a good grip in the first place but to then have Cammy's wrists grasped and pinned robbed her of any chance of escape! "GUHHG HAK GUAHH!!!" The sexy fighter gasped and gagged as she was squeezed, her legs continuing to kick against the mat and her hips jerking and thrusting upwards as that was about all she could do as her skull was squeezed.

"Shhh...." Silence grunted as he raised his hips in an attempt to put even more pressure on the suffering Cammy "Soon there will be silence." He promised, making his intention to knock out his victim again crystal clear, if she could even think straight as her skull was being compressed by his bare thighs. The first time was for the show, now it was for his own satisfaction.

"Huuuggg!!!" Cammy groaned out as Silence lifted his hips putting more pressure on Cammy, her struggles grew weaker to the point where she was laying now with her legs spread open giving a pleasant view of her crotch. At the same time the blonde's eyes fluttered and started to roll back into her skull once again, her tongue starting to loll out of her mouth as she drooled as well and eventually the blonde was limp and simply struggling to breath in an unconscious state.

"Mmmm..." Silence purred as he felt the struggles slowly fade and a small amount of drool slip down onto his crushing thighs, letting the unconscious Cammy slump out of his grip by spreading his own legs while he observed the unconscious beauty before him, her chest slowly rising and falling, trapped in the tight green leotard. It was there that the true evil of his plan was revealed as the medicine he had forced down the fighter's throat would jolt the out cold Cammy awake once again, forcing her lungs to suck in as much air as possible and sending jolts to her head to make her snap out of her involuntary nap. But unfortunately for the Brit, Silence was already on her: there was no mercy period this time, no pretence to a fair fight in letting her recover. By the time the medicine had done enough magic to get her up, Silence would be behind her, wrapping one arm across her face to pull her in tight, while his other went low, brushing over the thin fabric as he tried to slip his fingers in underneath.
crossface grope.gif

It was only a moment that Cammy lay unconscious on the mat before suddenly her eyes shot wide open and she gasped deeply for breath, she was confused and disoriented as many thoughts filled her head at once and she tried desperately to parse them. Something about this was wrong, she had only just been knocked out she could feel that but..... Cammy struggled to figure out what was happening as she started getting up but before she could rise fully to her feet much less figure out what was happening Silence was upon her again! "ACK!!" She gasped in surprise body arching as a powerful arm wound around her head, but the one diving between her legs caught her attention immediately! "AH NO STOP!!!" She cried with one hand grasping the arm around her head pulling at it while her other grabbed Silence's wrist trying to pull it out from between her legs before he could do something there.

With Cammy's hand on his wrists and the Leotard being annoyingly resistant to letting Silence slink his whole hand underneath, the oiled grappler could either waste energy dealing with her struggles and brute force his way in or think of something much worse to do. "So you refuse my offer of pleasure?" He whispered into Cammy's ear, trying to avoid being headbutted by the struggling blonde as his roaming hand grabbed as much of the leotard as possible, before he yanked his hand back up, moving the way Cammy was trying to get him to move, but pulling the skimpy fabric up into a painful front wedgie.

Cammy continued to thrash and buck, the whole time her sexy rear end was rubbing and grinding up against Silence's bulge no doubt giving him some excitement. The blonde on the other hand was not having a good time and it was soon getting worse as Silence yanked her leotard making it pull even tighter against her cunt in an extremely painful way! "AAAAIIII!!!" She screamed out, her back arching and making Cammy's breasts jut forward slightly as she was tormented making her arms flail wildly.

With his hand full of taut leotard as it crushed up against Cammy's pained pussy, Silence's grip around her head was suddenly uncontested as he muscled the Brit into position "It hurts good, doesn't it?" He taunted, reaching down to kiss the panicking Brit lightly on the neck before he let go of the leotard, and readjusted his hold "This will hurt better" Silence promised as he fell backwards, dragging Cammy back down to the canvas with him. Reaching to pull her arm out to one side, one powerful leg slipped over her neck while his other intertwined with one of Cammy's legs, trapping her into an octopus hold on the ground.
ground octopus.gif

The leotard snapped tight back against Cammy's pussy making her give a sharp "YIPE!!" In response, though it was only the prelude to what was next as she was taken down onto the mat again and her body twisted and stretched painfully. "AUHHG AH AHHH LET GOOO!!!" She screamed out, her legs were spread open showing how much tighter the leotard had gotten around her sex from the wedgie. The blonde's free leg thrashed and kicked out which only made the spread of her legs ache even more than they already were.

The medicine had really done its job in waking Cammy up, unfortunately it had woken her up in to a world of pain as Silence pulled, pushed and twisted the Brit's battered body into new painful positions. "Do you really want me to let go?" He asked as his calf rubbed against her chin, pressing her head to the side.

"AUHHHGG!!!" Cammy screamed out pushing desperately against the leg around her head, her own free leg kicking and pushing against the mat as she cried and screamed out. Her struggles making the blonde's body buck and arch into the air but also wearing her down once more as her joints and crotch started to ache. The fight was leaving her once again and while she wouldn't pass out she would certainly be incapacitated and ready for whatever else Silence had planned for her.

"If you wish." Silence shrugged, letting go of the aching arm and releasing Cammy from being pinned by his muscle-bound legs, letting the Brit writhe on the canvas without him adding to the pain for the moment. Instead, Silence crawled around his hurting victim "Perhaps you can help me then," He suggested as he crawled between her legs, willingly putting himself in Cammy's guard "You've passed out twice at my hands... watching you drift into a sweet slumber as I held you close... but could you pass out from pain instead?" he asked before leaping into action, passing over what defence Cammy could muster to pin her down, his arm cradling her head to pull her into his side while he twisted to raise his arm up in the air, all in the name of driving a fist straight down onto Cammy's cunt over and over.
pussy punish.gif

Cammy's joints were aching in pain as she was let go and was left writhing on the mat for a few moments, she hurt too much to try and counter attack Silence and once again the brute took advantage as he pinned her down and began to bash Cammy's cunt over and over with his fist! "GYYAAHH AIII!!!" Cammy shrieked in pain her body arching off the mat with her legs jerking and kicking each and every time she was hit, her arms flailing slightly as he punished her there. Interestingly however it seemed that the crotch of Cammy's leotard began to grow dark and damp even making wet sounds as she was bashed between her legs. Not long after that Silence would no doubt be able to notice that the nubs of Cammy's nipples through her leotard were becoming more pronounced, followed by a groaning sound. "GUUOooooohhh~" Sounding much more like a pain filled moan than anything else.

As Cammy's shrieks turned to moans, Silence's fist slowed its brutal punishment of Cammy's pussy, grinding his fist down in after the next blow "I don't think this is really pain for you any more. Not how it was before." He chuckled as his fist turned into a palm pressing down against the damp leotard, fingers once again scratching at the edges, looking to pull the green fabric to one side so he could see the true damage.

"Oooohhh~" She moaned out as she felt Silence's knuckles grinding into her bashed cunt making Cammy's legs spread just a little more showing just how tight the leotard was against her sex. It was easy enough for Silence to move the tight material to the side exposing Cammy's damp, glistening, and throbbing cunt clearly excited from the brutality it had been put through. Cammy herself was panting hard giving little groans as she had a glassy look in her eyes as if her mind were gone for the moment.

Pleasure and pain in unequal measures was the order for the round this time as Silence licked the dampness off his fingers, enjoying the sight of the busted cunt secretly enjoying its torture. Still maybe this wasn't enough for Silence's sadism as he pulled back away from the punished pussy, reaching around to pick his victim up off the ground and carry her to the corner. The halfway-out Cammy was hung upside down, her boots securing her in a loop over the top rope and under the buckle, while Silence stepped back to start punching away, his fist swinging up to punch the now exposed pussy to continue his cruel experiment.
punching bag.gif

The beaten blonde gave a groan as she was lifted off of the mat, her juices leaking down her thigh and smearing some of the green camo paint on her legs as she was hauled over to the corner. She groaned yet again as she was hung upside down only for her pussy to be bashed yet again! "AAIIIIHHH!!! Ahh ahh ahh oohnnn~ GYAAAHH!!" She would alternate between screaming and moaning as her pussy was pummelled growing wetter and more aroused the longer it went on with even some of her hot juices spurting out and coating Silence's knuckles as he continued to punish the trapped fighter.

As Cammy's body betrayed her, Silence let her legs slip past the ropes and drop down onto the canvas, lying in a pool of her own making before the sadist dragged her away by the legs, pulling her to the centre of his ring "I guess you can't pass out from pain alone," the oiled muscle man shrugged "I would have thought that would work..." he sighed "Still, more time for our intimacy... I hope you remember this one~" He added as he coiled his legs over Cammy's neck and shoulder, trapping her arm as he rolled over, pulling Cammy on top with her nipples jutting in the air while Silence added a new twist on his Reverse Triangle choke "Sweet dreams." He taunted as the hand that would have pressed up against her crotch just to hook her leg instead pumped in and out of the exposed cunt, fingering the hurting pussy while he choked the life out of her again.
reverse triangle.gif

"GUUAHKKK!!!" Cammy gagged out as she was put into the new hold after being dumped onto the mat, her body a rag doll at Silence's mercy as he wrapped his legs around the poor blonde's head again squeezing and crushing her. And of course there were the fingers pushing into her tight warm cunt, her pussy throbbed and squeezed warmly around the invading digits as she leaked around them all the while gasping and gurgling. The accumulated punishment was too much for her and Cammy soon went totally limp passing out in the hold with her tongue handing out of her mouth and drooling stupidly, though even in her unconscious state her body arching slightly and she gave a shallow moan as her pussy gushed her juices all over Silence's hand as she came after passing out.

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Part 3 - Pleasure and Pain

Standing up as he let Cammy's unconscious body slump down on the mat once again, leaving her a mess in a pool in her own cum, Silence licked his hand clean from the vicious thrusting, savouring the taste as he casually strolled across the ring and slid out, reaching for a small bottle that had been left on the side of the gym. "Sleep for just a little longer." He said as the grappler slipped back into the ring, and over towards the fallen fighter on his knees. Uncapping the bottle he hummed softly as he poured baby oil all over the Brit, taking his sweet time to rub the oil across the leotard and down her shapely legs, even gently rubbing the exposed pussy he had been so cruel to earlier. He wouldn't have much time left before the medicine kicked in again, so the grappler simply stayed on top, waiting for her eyes to flutter open before he jammed his forearm into Cammy's neck "Welcome back." He said with a smirk.

collar choke.gif

Cammy remained unconscious for quite some time after having been forced to cum and suffering at the hands of Silence for a little while, everything piling up had taken a toll on the sexy fighter despite the medicine she had been forced to take. It meant that it was quite easy for Silence to start pouring oil out onto Cammy's body making her slick, she lay there moaning as the oil soaked into her making her glisten and even making her iconic green leotard tighter if anything. As she was coming around groaning softly she was met with Silence jamming his arm into her neck! "HACK!!!" She gagged out arms grasping at his and tugging as her legs kicked out against the mat.

"So smooth..." Silence whispered as he pressed down against the struggling Cammy, his bulge pulling tight against his black swimsuit and down against her exposed pussy causing the big moan to moan gently "So defiant..." he cooed as Cammy started to push the choking arm back up "...Let's do something about that last one." He declared as he pulled his hips forward, rubbing his ass over her freshly-oiled breasts before he swivelled around, powerful thighs snapping around the fighter's head and neck once again in a headscissor, this time giving him a good view of Cammy's body as she once again suffered.

basic headscissor.gif

The blonde continued to gasp and gag as the air was cut off by Silence, despite her weakened state she continued to struggle against him even though there was little she could actually do against him. Once again the sadistic brute shifted himself with his rear rubbing and squishing down against Cammys oil soaked tits getting a groan of pleasure of out the blonde before powerful legs once again wrapped themselves around Cammy's head and neck! She gagged out grasping at the powerful leg to desperately pull at it while her hips jerked and gyrated even thrusting up into the air several times putting her body on display for the man tormenting her.

As Silence continued to make the Brit suffer between his thighs, even pressing down with his hand to keep it firmly locked against her protests he couldn't help but smile at her thrusting hips "You're learning to enjoy this, aren't you?" He asked "Men, women, anyone trapped in here with me hates it at first but soon they learn that sweet surrender is better than a futile struggle," the sadistic grappler said wistfully as he contained Cammy in her prison of muscle "Look at me, Cammy White. SIN tried to make a weapon out of me. Every inch as deadly as the next. They succeeded, don't you think?"

Cammy continued to struggle, though once again her struggles grew significantly weaker the longer she was in the hold. Hearing Silence speak made the blonde glare at him with mostly hate, but a small bit of fear and maybe even desire? Not that she would ever admit such a thing, certainly not to a man like this, "ACK!!!" She gagged out, her eyes fluttering as she struggled to remain conscious and her kicking began to die down with her legs laying on the mat and her hips giving little thrusts. Desperately she pounded at Silence's leg though at this point it was such a weak display that it was probably more of an annoyance than anything else.

With small bruises starting to form on his thigh as Cammy pounded away in a desperate bid to escape, Silence released the tight hold around Cammy's neck to give the suffering fighter a small bit of reprieve to catch her breath. "Up you get." He sighed, lifting Cammy back up to her feet and leading her into one of the corner pads, oil smearing on the plastic coating from her ass as Silence muscled her up against it. "You're broken, I can sense it... every time you drift off into sweet silence you struggle less and less against my body. You cannot deny it for long..." He whispered, reaching down to kiss Cammy on the lips before he pulled back and raised his foot up, pressing his sole against Cammy's throat.
foot choke.gif

The blonde groaned out after being let go taking several deep breaths while she had the chance to do so before she was grabbed and dragged along the mat towards one of the corners. The oil covering her body making Cammy slide and slip a little as she was dragged till she was propped up in the corner. She sagged there breathing heavily as oil, sweat, and dribbles of cum dripped from her body. "Ahh ahh I can deny it for as long as MMMFF!!!" She tried to show she still had fight in her but Silence cut that off by pressing his lips into hers kissing her forcibly and making her moan into his mouth some, her pride wouldn't allow her to admit it but her resistance was waning. Before she could dwell much on that Silence's foot came up and pressed into the blonde's throat cutting off her air once more and forcing her body back against the corner as she gagged and grasped at Silence's ankle weakly as her legs trembled under her.

Silence wouldn't keep her foot pressed into Cammy's jaw for long, as he pulled back after one last thrust from his thigh, letting the fighter breath for a brief moment as the oiled grappler swept out her legs from under her and forcing her to land in the puddle of oil and cum below her on the corner of the canvas while he loomed over her, his crotch at eye height giving her a perfect view of what was coming next. Pulling his tight speedo down he let his erection show, the tip of his eight inch cock already oozing slightly as he reached down to pinch Cammy's nose, forcing her to open wide if she wanted any air to breath only for him to thrust his hips forward and shove his cock into her mouth while his ankles slipped over the bottom rope, firmly trapping Cammy in between a corner pad and his hips, thrusting with no regard for the Street Fighter's safety as he raped her mouth.

skull screw.gif

"GAHH Ahh ahhh!!!" Cammy gasped as she was let go only to have her legs kicked out from under her, she sat there shaking her head slightly before her eyes went wide seeing Silence pulling out his hard member. She knew what he had in mind, "N-No! Do-MMMFFF!!!" Before Cammy could even protest Silence had rammed his hard lubed up cock into Cammy's mouth and down her throat! She gagged on the dick as it was forced down and he started to rape her face, the blonde's smooth lips gliding around Silence as he thrust away. After a moment however Silence would feel a suck, and then another and even the feeling of Cammy's tongue on the underside of his cock.

"Ooohh~" Silence moaned as he felt the warmth of Cammy's mouth surround his ruthless cock as he facefucked the once proud Street Fighter, hissing in pure pleasure as he felt the Brit started to suck her tormenter off. If only to have some chance of mercy through submission. His grip tightened around the top rope as he gave one last thrust, pushing his hips so far forward it was almost as though Silence was about to crush Cammy's skull up against the corner pad as his orgasm shook through him, shooting his load down her throat before stepping back, leaving a trail of cum across the fighter's lips, wiping the rest across her leotard covered breasts.

"MMmf Hhnmmmfff~" Cammy moaned around Silence's cock as he raped her mouth unable to keep herself from sucking on him, as if the lewd sounds weren't enough the blonde's eyes had rolled slightly and she was drooling around his member. It seemed that it wouldn't take Silence long to reach his climax however as he rammed his cock even deeper into Cammy's mouth nearly making her choke before unloading. The blonde gagged once again as she gulped down the warm cum into her stomach before it flooded her mouth and soon Silence was removing himself if only to spray his excess load onto her breasts coating them with oil and cum that dripped down her body and making the once proud fighter look like a common slut as she gasped and coughed.

Sighing as he sat back in a post-climax bliss, Silence fully discarded what little clothing the muscular sadist had while he waited to recover his strength after ruining the woman's mouth, leaving them both soaking wet in their respective messes. "You look so beautiful..." He cooed, tilting his head towards Cammy before he heard the doors whizz open "Huh?" He gasped out as an intruder walked in.

juri kick.png

"Having fun there?" Juri asked, resealing the doors and strolling in, slipping into the ring and taking a good look at the two fighters "Damn, missed the best part." She sighed.

Cammy was still sitting in the corner gasping and gulping down some cum that she had not yet forced down, her tits were coated in Silence's seed and as if that weren't bad enough Cammy's pussy was making a bit of a puddle of her own juices on the mat as she sat there. The blonde finally pulled the crotch of her leotard to cover herself, not that it did any good since the material was not only coated in oil but soaked in her juices to the point where the material was both so tight that it left little to the imagination as well as being see through in spots. As if Cammy's day couldn't get any worse she looked up to see one of her most hated rivals entering the ring. "J-Juri!" She gasped in horror and humiliation that the woman could see Cammy in such a pathetic and beaten state, desperately the blonde grabbed onto the ropes trying to heft herself up onto her feet as if that would make any kind of difference.

"Aww, did the poor widdle Cammy get into trubble?" Juri cooed in a faux sweet baby talk to the Brit before turning to her perpetrator, pushing her foot against his spent length and giving Silence a gentle rub of encouragement with her sole "How'd you find my boyfriend's cock? SIN's good at what it does isn't it?" She asked as Cammy pulled herself up to her feet "All I needed to do was give him a little push and boom, the perfect guy to sick on investigators snooping around and make them really regret coming in to take a look. Add in their little jobber fun-time pill and it's a perfect match!"

Cammy was clinging to the ropes desperately as if she were afraid she would fall if she let go of them with her legs visibly trembling beneath her as she glared at Juri with a mix of hate and lust in her eyes. "Ahh figures you would be behind this, only someone as twisted as you could come up with that kind of a plan!" Cammy practically spat out, at this point she was playing more for time than anything, hoping she could recover enough to maybe fight off Juri enough so that she could escape. The plan was FUBAR so at this point there was nothing she could do BUT try and escape, the problem was her body ached from both pain and lust.

Juri scowled as Cammy defiantly yelled at her "Hey, blame you and your stupid team for poking their nose in to my business," Juri replied as she pulled up her leg into a flamenco TKD stance "I was just trying to make a little money on the side, rigging a few fights here then you come in and try to ruin it and to top it off: I can't even kill you because that just makes things worse." She complained to her victim. "So instead, we're ruining you." She hissed, one eye lit up brightly as she dashed in, giving a little twist before her leg lashed out high, striking Cammy in the face with immense torque.

spin kick.gif

Under normal circumstances Cammy would have been able to block or avoid the kick coming at her, however this was far from normal as Silence had spent quite a bit of time wearing Cammy down. At this point she was struggling just to stay on her feet to say nothing about being able to fight any more. As the Korean fighter rushed Cammy she tried to do something but her body was simply too sluggish to respond with Juri's foot soon colliding with Cammy's face! Her head snapped back taking the blonde right off of her feet and slamming into the mat! "AHH!!!" She cried out and lay there a moment groaning and writhing in pain before rolling onto her front slowly and just as slowly trying to get onto her hands and knees.

Silence had clearly done a number on the British fighter even before Juri Han stepped in the ring, but now that the villainous Korean woman had shown up things were getting even worse for the blonde. Juri herself was thoroughly enjoying bullying the already beaten Cammy, moving to tie up her legs as she tried to escape "Look at the mess you've been making here," Juri taunted as she reached down to pull up Cammy's arms, pulling her upper body up off the canvas "Maybe you can start cleaning up, with your tongue." She cackled before stepping forward, pressing her foot down on the back of Cammy's head and driving her face first into the oil and sweat stained mat.

curb stomp.gif

"AUHGG!!!" Cammy groaned out as Juri snared her and wrapped up her eyes only to yank at Cammy's arms, her shoulders straining under the pulling grip as the blonde whimpered before getting stomped on the back of the head and her face slamming down onto the mat with a loud cry. The blonde lay there whimpering her face pressed down and tasting the oil and sweat on the mat making her feel humiliated. Her body writhed on the mat a moment, breasts squashed down, and her tight leotard clad cunt visibly throbbing through the material of her suit and leaking onto the mat. Considering the countless battles the two rivals had in the past Juri was certainly viewing a different side to the Brit.

"Come on, let's see that pretty broken body of yours..." Juri purred as she rolled the hurting blonde over with her foot, taking delight as she saw the state of the beaten and humiliated fighter, her breasts begging for freedom under the green leotard even after being squashed down "I should have figured you'd be into this eventually. Heck, his thighs probably aren't the biggest you've had around your neck. Or don't you and Chunners do it that way? Maybe that's why you're so... responsive," Juri implied as she reached down to pull Cammy's leotard to the side, letting the throbbing pussy feel the warm air of the arena yet again, soaked with oil and her own cum "She's probably so vanilla you can only get this treatment here." She suggested as she smiled down evilly at the fallen fighter, lifting up her legs into a Perfect V before stomping down with a strong kick, keeping her foot pressed down as she rubbed against Cammy's tortured cunt.

foot grind.gif

The blonde fighter groaned as she was rolled over flopping to the side and breathing hard as she lay there before feeling her legs grasped and spread wide open, she then looked up at Juri was a mix of emotions. Fear, lust, and excitement there was no way she could be enjoying this kind of thing could she? "Ahh N-No wait please!" She begged sounding pathetic as she knew what Juri planned to do before her strong foot came crushing down against Cammy's already abused cunt, "EEEAAAAHHH!!!" She screamed out back arching off of the mat her hands grasping at Juri's foot in a weak attempt to push her foot away. But at the same time the sounds of pleasure could be heard in Cammy's screams, her cunt throbbed more and leaked out coating Juri's foot, and her hips would thrust and buck against Juri every now and then.

Cammy's pleads fell on deaf ears as Juri pressed down on her pussy, rubbing it across as Cammy's oil coating and her pussy's own juices lubed up her foot, soaking the fabric of the Korean woman's tights but she was too occupied with causing a mixture of pain and pleasure in her rival to worry about the laundry afterwards, laughing loudly at Cammy's sweet screams "Oh god, we should have fucked you ages ago!" she cackled.

"Ahhgg Nnnnggg Stooop please you-you'll make me OOHHH!!!" It was a full on moan that escaped Cammy's smooth lips this time, her tongue hanging out of her mouth as she made a pleasure filled expression. The proud blonde fighter was clearly getting off on the abuse, loving it even as she lay there thrashing, crying, and moaning. Her hips bucked and rolled once again as she leaked out more and more and could feel herself on the edge of climaxing just from Juri giving her a ryona foot job.

"Just that little bit more," Juri hissed as she continued her torment while Cammy's screams turned to moans, pleasuring her pussy with a cruel punishment as she tried to force another climax from the fighter "After tonight, you wont be able to think about coming any other way..." she purred as a toe sank in between the folds, her lubed foot slowly sinking into Cammy's cunt for one last push to orgasm.

"AAAOOOHHHGGG!!!" Cammy cried out feeling Juri pushing her toe into Cammy's cunt, it was all too much for the blonde as she arched up off the mat yet again with pleasure drunk expression on her face as her eyes rolled into her skull and her cunt exploded spraying Juri's toes down with Cammy's hot girl-cum. The blonde remained arched up off the mat making a few pathetic gurgling sounds as her pussy came and eventually sputtered out before the blonde flopped onto the mat with a wet thud. She then lay there drooling and shuddering in the wake of her orgasm.

"Oh yeah~" Juri moaned as Cammy's body shuddered to a climax, soaking both her own legs and the Korean woman's foot as the torturer finally pulled away, letting Cammy flop back down to the canvas, splashing the mix of juices over her bare ass while Juri posed over her in victory. Truth be told, she'd won soon after the Brit had been locked in, this was more of a victory lap... that lasted longer than the actual race. Okay, that analogy needed work, but so did Cammy, there was so much left to do to her. "Come on birthday girl," Juri cooed, reaching down to pull the Brit back to her feet "Up you get."

Cammy groaned as Juri grabbed her and started hefting the blonde up onto her feet, she was weak and drained but her body still tingled as if she wanted more. More pleasure or more pain she couldn't say, her mind was about as messed up as her body at the moment. It was easy enough for Juri to heft Cammy up off the mat who pitched forward slightly and slumped against her rival groaning as her body pressed into the other woman's. Cammy's chin rested on Juri's shoulder and their breasts mashed against one another as the blonde panted and drooled, her arms hanging limply at her sides while her body was dripping with oil, sweat, and cum.

"How're you feeling?" Juri asked as the mess that was Cammy pressed against her in a light hug, like she was caring for a friend who had too much to drink instead of what she'd done to her "Ready for round...ten?" the Korean woman asked as she slowly turned Cammy around "You're not the only one who's pussy's been ruined by that man," she cooed as she tried to tilt Cammy's head to the rising Silence, cock fully hard once again "Bison dolls make good fucktoys in general, even when they're still working for Mr Tuesday, but I've wanted to do this for a while." Juri purred in Cammy's ear before the villain's knee slammed upwards between the Brit's legs.

low knees.gif

Cammy shuddered and moaned against Juri's body hearing her voice and feeling her hot breath before being turned around, the blonde's body little more than a rag doll that made it easy for Juri to do as she liked. Which is where the brutal knees came in crushing her pussy yet again! "AAAAIII!!!" Cammy screamed out arching onto her toes each and every time her already abused sex was crushed by the brutal knees of her rival even making her spurt her juices onto Juri's knee after one particularly brutal blow before sagging against the woman and letting out several pained moans.

Walking around the hurting Cammy once again Juri stretched her arms up in the air like a contented cat, tights soaked with Cammy's cum "Well, it's been fun playing with you but this racket thing actually needs me to keep an eye on it, so I'll leave you two love birds to it for a bit. Hope that pill's still got juice left." She shrugged as she stood near Cammy's head, maneuvering her soaking wet foot underneath the Brit's face as she lifted her up despite the pain, her eye glowing with the power of the Feng Shui engine. "See ya, pain slut." Juri said with a smirk as the foot that had been deep inside Cammy's cunt spun around to slam into her face with tremendous force.

knockout kick.gif

Cammy groaned out drooling on Juri's foot as she had a glassy expression on her face before Juri spun around to slam her face with a kick. The blonde's head snapped to the side and she spun in the air before landing hard face down on the mat the position leaving her ass up in the air slightly with her legs spread showing off her cunt which was dripping with her juices onto the mat as she lay there looking pathetic and ready to take a certain someone's cock deep inside.

"All yours!" Juri called back as she rolled out of the ring "Make sure to beat her up some more!" she waved behind her as she pressed her palm against the wall console, letting the doors swing open and walking out down the corridor leaving Cammy alone with the terrifying Silence. While her aching pussy and exposed ass might have been a tempting target to the rock-hard grappler, the oiled brute instead pulled her out flat across the canvas before folding her legs up and kneeling down on her back "Orders are orders." He shrugged before rolling onto his back, one hand hooking Cammy's legs in place, the other pulling down across her chin while his knees dug upwards into her spine.

bow and arrow.gif

"Uhhnnn ahh ahh NOOOHH!!!" Cammy cried out as she was pulled into the new torturous hold her back bent bent as her legs and chin were pulled down, the position making Cammy's lovely breasts jut out even more than ever especially when Silence shoved up with his legs. The whole while Cammy's sex was leaking out more and more as her moans and cries grew intertwined, "PLEASE AHH MY BAACK NOOOHH!!!" She cried out followed by a few creaking and popping sounds coming from her tormented spine as Silence continued to break the blonde.

Silence moaned softly at the sound of Cammy's pained screams, thrusting his legs upward to make the already suffering Cammy hurt that little bit more before his hand slipped off the soaked chin of the Brit, pulling her off and to the side on the canvas by accident, letting the Brit writhe in agony in relative peace while Silence pulled himself back up to his feet.

"AAOOOWWWHHH!!!" Cammy moaned and screamed as she was tortured some more, her back strained to its limit before Silence's hand slipped off her chin making her fall onto the mat hard. She lay there whimpering and writhing with her hands holding her back as her thighs pressed tightly together and rubbed against each other due to the stimulation effecting her sex.

"Hmm..." Pondered Silence as he loomed above Cammy, looking across the cum-soaked broken fighter beneath him "I think we have time to enjoy a few more..." he said ominously as he bent down to pull the leotard-clad woman back up to her feet, his solid cock pressing in between her ass cheeks as he hummed out in pleasure "The pain will fade soon, don't you worry." He whispered into her ear as his strong arm slid underneath her neck and suddenly pulling tight into a strong sleeper hold, choking Cammy once again.

Cammy was easily pulled up by Silence, at this point it was a wonder she was even conscious given how much she had been through. The blonde gave a gasp and a low moan feeling his hard member sliding between her ass cheeks, he would feel the soft warmness around him and even squeezing every now and then. Soon Silence put the poor blonde into another sleeper hold with his arms locking around her head making Cammy gag and drool, There was nothing she could do but hang in his grip as her arms were useless and even if they worked it was doubtful she could do anything to stop him anyway.

Cammy's struggles were weaker than ever as her arms weakly pulled at the powerful muscle around her neck, leaving Silence to wait until the arm drooped down before he added to the pressure by falling backwards, dragging his victim down to the canvas as he wrapped his powerful thighs around her ribs body. The muscular sadist squeezed with all his might, his bare cock pressed into the oiled green leotard as he crushed what little fight was left in the Street Fighter.


Cammy groaned as she was taken down to the mat and a pair of powerful legs wrapped around her body squeezing what little life was left in her out. The blonde gurgled and groaned drooling as her eyes rolled into her skull and tears welled in her eyes leaking down her cheeks as she lay there struggling to breath as she was squeezed and choked out. Cammy soon just passing out in the tight grip, and as if adding to her utter humiliation cumming soon after with a pathetic groan.

Silence moaned out, precum leaking from his erect cock as Cammy went limp in his arms once again. His grip eased from crushing pressure to a light cuddle as the unconscious Cammy laid on top of the naked grappler, Silence leaning forward to kiss the back of her neck in appreciation "Enjoy your rest," he moaned "I'll be waiting here for you."


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Part 4 - Knockout Climax

The broken blonde sexy fighter Cammy groaned softly as she lay on top of Silence, the once proud fighter having not only been knocked out again but also came as she passed out. The long punishing battle taking it toll on the Street Fighter as she lay atop her abuser. Her body was coated in a sheen of sweat and oil and her throbbing cunt was leaking out her juices onto the mat making a puddle under her as she struggled to breath. Her tight fitting green leotard was damp with her own sweat and clung to her body even tighter than before, it was even see-through in a few places. Even though she had been given a pill to help rouse her, the punishment was such that it was taking longer for her to come around no doubt at this point she was at the limit of what she could take. After a few moments of laying there Cammy's blue eyes began to flutter open as she groaned in pain and exhaustion before trying to sit herself up while being mostly unaware of her surroundings.

Silence hadn't moved away as Cammy slept this time, just letting his grip loosen while he waited for the Street Fighter to wake up for another round of punishment that would once again reduce her to nothing but a hurting, squirting mess in her own personal hell that was his private training ring. The oily grappler's ankles lay on her thighs as the Brit was shocked back in to life, but the constant one-sided battle had taken its toll on Cammy as she came to while still groggy. "Welcome back~" He purred as he leaned forward, warm muscles pressing into her back "I was worried our fun was over, but there's still time for us. A few more screams to enjoy." he told her as his thighs snaked back around the sitting fighter's waist, smoothly gliding over the ruined leotard as the gap between his legs closed slowly, gradually increasing the pressure before they locked into place: crushing Cammy's ribs between the thighs that had already sent her to sleep when they coiled around her neck, putting the poor woman through a painful bodyscissor.

body scissors.gif

Cammy felt the powerful legs wrapping around her body and starting to squeeze, realization finally dawned on the blonde but it was too late and she was too weak. "UHHhgg n-noohhhh....." She pathetically moaned out as her body was squeezed, back arching slightly as her arms lay limply at her sides. She had been so thoroughly beaten by this point that there was hardly anything left for her to do other than to endure the pain and humiliation. "Uhhg hunnng sshhttoooop Auuugg!!!" She groaned and gurgled out as her waist was crushed making her drool slightly as she was forced to endure.

Silence's crushing grip around Cammy's waist continued its cruel way with one last squeeze as the sadistic grappler delighted himself with Cammy's suffering. The Street Fighter's body, once a human weapon, now reduced to putty in the clutches of SIN's own human weapon "I told you, you are broken. Do you believe me now?" He asked, weakening the pressure from his powerful thighs so he could reach forward to cup her chin and pull her head backwards, forcing Cammy to look into the smiling eyes of the man who'd caused her so much suffering.

"UHhhggg!!!" Cammy groaned out as she was squeezed roughly yet again, her insides being compressed and once again forced to squirt a little out of her cunt before her head was pulled back to face the sadist who had broken her. The once proud and cocky look in the blonde's face was gone replaced with broken despair at the hands of Silence and his master Juri. Cammy whimpered again and nodded "I-I do....." She groaned out more or less accepting defeat, there was little else she could do in this situation despite her desire to fight back or do anything. It was useless and all she could do was be Silence's plaything, she only hoped that her suffering wouldn't last forever.

Silence's smirk grew at Cammy's submissive deceleration as his legs brushed up against her thighs, holding her in what would otherwise have been a romantic embrace had he not tortured and raped the Street Fighter in this very ring. With the Brit beaten beyond repair he could do anything to her with little effort, but there was something the sadistic powerhouse had been saving for a special occassion. Slowly standing up with Cammy in his grasp he eased the broken woman back to her feet, guiding her hands around his waist as he turned away from her. From there he rolled forward, grabbing the Fighter's ankles as he pushed her down to the canvas once again with her ass in the air, this time however his head was right in between Cammy's thighs, his mouth barely inches away from her exposed, leaking pussy, still sore from the punishment from both him and Juri had given it "I've tasted you before, but this time I want it from the source." He declared as he bent down to kiss the hurting lips, his tongue diving deep between the folds while his arms and legs trapped Cammy in an awkward and painful position, being forced to bend backwards to keep her hips off the canvas while her face was rubbed in the oil and sweat.

rolling crab.gif

"AAWWOOHH!!!" Cammy groaned out as she was rolled into an awkward position, her legs hanging in the air and her face and tits mashed into the mat. "Ahh ahh wh-what are you OOOHH!!!" The blonde moaned out as her eyes rolled back feeling Silence's lips and tongue pressing against her throbbing pussy lips and delving into her cunt. Her hot sex throbbed around Silence's tongue squeezing ever so slightly as her juices flowed into his waiting mouth, all the while Cammy was moaning like a slut with her mouth agape and drooling onto the mat under her.

"Mmmph! Mmm!" Silence hummed as he pressed his face into Cammy's honeypot, devouring her pussy greedily as he enjoyed his sexual feast. He'd forced his sex into Cammy's face, now it was his turn to repay the favour as he forcibly pleasured the British Fighter, letting her body be rocked by yet another forced orgasm on the canvas while he swallowed every delicious mouthful.

"Auhhg ahh ahhOOOHHH!!!" Cammy moaned out as tears fell from her eyes, her tongue hung out of her mouth and on the mat under her as she drooled and had a stupid pleasure drunk look on her face. Her pussy which had been abused so much was throbbing with pleasure as she was devoured and she leaked out more and more into the waiting mouth. She barely even registered the pain of her back being bent the way that it was, if anything it probably aroused her more. At this rate it didn't take the pathetic fighter long to reach her peak as she moaned out louder drool flying from her lips as she came and sprayed her hot juices into Silence's greedily waiting mouth.

Silence's face was smeared with Cammy's juices as he pulled away from the shuddering blonde, pushing the Brit away to let her rest on the canvas while he licked his lips clean. "You see how much better surrender is?" the sadistic grappler asked as he crawled on top, letting his muscular chest press down on to her leotard covered breasts, nipples visible as the colour faded from the oil and sweat.

Cammy groaned as she was pushed and rolled on the mat laying spread out as she gasped and panted for breath, she couldn't say anything coherent and her eyes were glazed over with lust. Her still throbbing pussy was spurting out onto the mat every now and then as Silence laid his body onto the broken blonde. Her breasts squashed against his muscular oiled chest and their nipples pushing into each other as the blonde gave a shuddering moan as she lay and writhed under Silence's body a little.

Silence ran his hand gently alongside Cammy's face, gently caressing her cheek as his hand trailed down to the collar of her soaking wet leotard, fingers scraping against the Fighter's neck as he tried to peel away what remained of the weakening leotard, guiding her body through every opening to leave the two fighters naked on the canvas, one supremely dominant and the other thoroughly destroyed, moving his head up to lick the sweat off her now bare breasts.

With Cammy as oiled and sweaty as she was, not to mention offering no resistance it was quite easy for Silence to peel the soaked leotard off of the blonde's body leaving her naked under him with her body glistening with sweat and oil. She still remained out of it more or less laying beneath the sadistic brute while he set to work his tongue licking at Cammy's breasts and getting a shudder that went through her body. This was followed by a low moan from the back of her throat as her hips rolled off the mat slightly as if wanting to be taken.

Cammy's body was demanding it, and Silence was not going to deny the woman he'd moulded into such a delightful toy. Guiding her aching, painted legs around his waist before he thrust down with all his might. His cock ruthlessly penetrating the stripped fighter as his hips slammed down into hers, his strength that had hurt Cammy so badly throughout her time now being turned to pleasuring her as she submitted to him in every way.

"UUUHHHGGG!!!" Cammy groaned out as Silence thrust his length deep into Cammy's body, her breasts bouncing up from the force of him entering. Her legs that he had wrapped around his own waist started to wrap around Silence almost by themselves, wanting to keep him inside of her and pull him deeper. She arched her body and rolled her hips trying to take more of his cock into her as she whimpered and moaned with her tight pussy squeezing around his length. The broken blonde had fully submitted to Silence mentally and it was all a matter of him taking her.

"NARGH! YAH!" Silence grunted as he thrust down into the beaten beauty, pulling her ass off the mat whenever he rose up only to drive both sets of hips down into the canvas. The warmth and tightness of her pussy made it irresistible for the oil wrestler to let the lust take over and turning his normal calm, precise movements into animalistic thrusting, grinding his length into Cammy for minutes before a silent scream left his lips. His muscular body shuddered with force as he felt himself shoot his load deep into the Street Fighter, thick cum pumping inside her as he just held the Brit close while he rode through his own orgasm.

Cammy was moaning and crying out each and every time that Silence thrust into her crushing her cunt with his cock pounding into her, each thrust making her wetter and leaking around his cock to allow him to fuck her harder and faster. After what almost felt like an eternity Silence buried himself deep into Cammy's sex cumming and filling her up which had the blonde fling her head back as she made up for Silence's lack of sound. "AAAAAAOOOOHHH!!!" She cried out cumming around Silence's cock as her eyes rolled back and she had a pathetic look on her face with the pleasure that overwhelmed her mind. Eventually she slumped against his oiled body shuddering and trembling as her pussy leaked with both his and her cum onto the mat.

As the two climaxed on the mat, bodies slumping against each other, Silence looked into the lust and pain-broken face and couldn't help himself, forcing a deep kiss as the SIN creation finally pulled out of the fighter, his cock and Cammy's pussy leaking what they could no longer contain all across the canvas "It has been too long..." he panted wistfully as he pulled away, sweat dripping down his entire body as well "I will never forget this Cammy... I wish you could say the same." He sighed as he crawled past Cammy's legs, trapping her arm against his shoulder in what initially seemed like a post-climax embrace before the Sadist's true colours came through. He pulled against her neck tightly, his head pressed into hers as he snared the already exhausted Street Fighter into an arm triangle choke.

arm triangle.gif

The battered and broken blonde gave a groan as Silence pulled out of her, her brain was useless at this point and that was about all she could manage as she lay there even groaning into the kiss her mouth open and drooling after he finished only to pull her into one finally submission hold. She gave less resistance than ever just laying in his grip eyes glazed and waiting for the inevitable, Cammy gurgled a couple of times with her hips thrusting upwards before setting down as her eyes rolled into her skull one last time and she quickly passed out in Silence's unbreakable grip.

Silence sighed as Cammy went as limp as his spent cock in his arms once again, and so quickly too. Perhaps there was a limit to what the once proud Street Fighter's body could handle even with SIN's medicine coursing through her body. The beautiful body, fucked and choked into ultimate submission lay unmoving while the muscled sadist stretched out like a bored cat, waiting to see if there was any life left in her or would his fun be finally over.

There was only so much the medicine that she had been forced to take could do, and Cammy had been broken well beyond that limit. She was finished as she lay there at Silence's feet struggling to breath with a vacant look on her face, her naked body splayed out on the mat to punctuate the blonde's total and utter defeat.

When Cammy eventually came to, it wouldn't be in the ring with her tormentor, but on a surprisingly comfortable bed alone. The yellow light of a lamp gently illuminating what appeared to be a hotel room in a high-rise, overlooking downtown. Of all the places she could have woken up in, it wasn't the worst case scenario but the little detail of her hands being tied to the top of the bed with a smooth silk rope meant that it wasn't good.

"Uhhnn wh-what?" Cammy groaned out as she came around, she wasn't sure how long it had been but she was on a bed somewhere in a nice room. Though the fact that her arms were bound above her head did little to put Cammy at ease as she pulled at the silk ropes testing them slightly before sighing and laying on the bed looking around. "Now what is going on?" She muttered to herself as she took stock of her situation and waited for someone to show up, at the very least she was given a chance to rest.

She wouldn't have to wait long for someone to show up, although it was probably the last person she wanted to see in this situation "Oh hey, you woke up," came a familiar, mocking voice through the room, the sound of clothes hit the floor reaching her ears before her captor revealed herself "I thought Silence had really shut you up for good in there." Juri chuckled as she strode in, completely naked.

juri lounging.jpg

Cammy groaned and rolled her eyes before bumping her head back against the back of the bed, "Oh I really didn't need this too today." Cammy muttered to herself, "So whats the plan? Going to try and turn me into your sex toy or something?" She grumbled, she was hardly in a position to be sarcastic especially after the humiliation she had suffered not only at the hands and cock of Silence but also at Juri's.

Sidling up and lying next to the tied Cammy, Juri smiled like a bratty schoolgirl "After what he did to you, I don't have to turn you into anything," she taunted, poking the Brit on the cheek "So what was the last thing you remember about my man?" She asked, pulling our a remote from a nearby table "I want to know what point we can skip to."

Cammy glared at the beautiful sadist and wanted nothing more than to rip her hair out, there were other things too but Cammy didn't want to focus on that sort of thing. She pulled at her bindings once more and sighed having to play along with Juri's game, "I suppose the last thing I really remember was.......... his legs around my waist." She growled, it was all a bit of a haze after that point and even him squeezing the life out of her body was not totally clear.

"Hmm... so that was then... this means..." Juri mumbled to herself as she stood up on the mattress, sitting down right up against the head of the bed and wrapping her legs either side around Cammy's head, threatening but not squeezing down. Yet. "Well thank you for your contribution to science, Bee. A little data about how much the jobber pill helps out is always needed," she said, pushing her thighs up to force the Brit to look at a screen which switched into life. Cammy's naked, cum stained body on display "As a reward for being such a good guinea pig, you get to look at what your brain thinks are deleted scenes!" She declared as the two watched as the on screen fighter was pulled along the canvas, Silence pulling the broken woman's mouth around his cock as he laid on the canvas, his thighs surrounding and crushing her deeper into the forced blowjob while he flexed for the previously unseen camera.

posing headscissor.gif

The blonde gave a slight whimper as Juri's thighs wrapped around her head and she tried not to blush or rub her face against the strong thighs as she was forced to watch whatever it was Juri wanted to show her. What she saw made Cammy's eyes go wide and her mouth to hank open in shock as she watched, she could hardly believe what she was seeing as if it weren't humiliating enough. She watched as she was forced to suck as her skull was crushed as well as the twitches of her body as she endured what was going on. Cammy wanted to turn away but Juri held her in place as she rubbed her own thighs together slightly. "S-So in addition to being a rapist pervert, he gets off on having his way with those who cant fight back?" Cammy tried to growl out in an attempt to not show how much this might be getting to her.

If she had popcorn right now, Juri would have been eating it as she held the controller "Eh," she shrugged, not that Cammy could see "Sometimes you want to cook a full meal and put effort in, other times you just want leftovers." The sadistic Korean tried to explain looking down on the trapped infiltrator between her legs, easing up on the pressure slightly. She wanted Cammy to enjoy her little highlight reel. Or at least, she wanted to enjoy Cammy watching herself being destroyed in nearly every way on the canvas "You know, on thursdays we run a little sexfighting contest. Silence is too good most of the time so we keep him away unless there's someone who really wants to. Maybe when you're feeling a little better you could have a rematch there? So when he shoves his cock down your throat you can really feel it."

If she could she would have glared up at Juri, though thankfully she couldn't since Juri would have seen a hint of desire in the blonde's eyes. Desire to fight Juri that is, while she did despise the woman Cammy would be lying if she said she didn't enjoy the battles the pair of them had. Of course that could be said of so many opponent Cammy had in the past, but in this situation she had the sadistic Korean on her mind. "No thanks, he's not my type." She growled in response even if it was hardly the truth of the matter.

While Juri couldn't look her in the eye, she had the distinct feeling that Cammy wasn't being 100% truthful with the woman who had her head in a leggy vice "Aww... it would have been great to see you scream loudly in pleasure to a crowd instead of just because you're getting your ass kicked, I still remember that time you left me laying on the hood of a car... ah memories~" she cooed before skipping ahead "Ah! This is the best position in the world," she called out as she stopped the recording at the desired point "Its a real shame you don't remember this one because let me tell you, its one of the best feelings in the world." Juri explained as she pressed play, showing Cammy the naked Silence on top of her, his cock thrusting deep into her beautiful ass while he had his arms pulled tight around her neck. Putting a new meaning to the term "Rear Naked Choke".

rear naked choke.gif

Cammy bit her lip not only at seeing what was on the screen of having her body violated and her head squeezed which looked........ Very good. But also at the fact that Juri reminded Cammy of one of their more intense battles, the look of Juri at that point had made Cammy want to fuck her right on the hood of that car before they beat each other even more. "Nnff" She grunted as she bit her lip harder trying not to indulge in the memory or fantasy, hard to do when Juri's legs were locked around her head and she was taunting the blonde. The visual on screen did little to help, or the idea of her being humiliated in front of a crowd the reactions as she was being beaten and raped. Cammy struggled to shake her head as if trying to banish the thoughts but Juri's strong legs stubbornly held her locked in.

"Not enjoying the show?" The sadistic villain asked as she gave Cammy a brief squeeze before releasing her hold around the Brit's neck, and leaving her lying alone on the bed yet again. Although her reprieve would be brief as the naked Juri crawled up her body, taking a brief look at how tightly Cammy was pressing her legs together before moving up. The TKD vixen looked down on her captive with a sadistic smile on her face and a small pill in one hand. "Then let's make our own fun..."



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