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Betrayal(an X-Force/Tekken fanfic)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by anotherguttersnipe, Aug 15, 2013.

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    I got an itchin for some fanficin. This one's a bit of an oddball scenario, so bear with it. Also, it's not finished yet. But anyways, enjoy the first part.

    Mishima Zaibatsu Headquarters 'Gargoyle's Perch', Tokyo Japan

    "Nighty-nite." Psylocke cooed, as she materialised a psionic knife into the temple of an un-suspecting Tekken Force soldier, dropping him without a sound.

    Between the disappearance of Tony Stark, the G-corporation buying out S.H.I.E.L.D, and Jin Kazama essentially taking over Japan with the Mishima Zaibatsu, Charles Xavier sensed a war was coming. A big one, with consequences far more devastating than even the coming of Apocalypse. Officially Charles insisted on remaining neutral, despite both sides making demands to take their side. Unofficially however, he assigned Logan's black ops team the task of 'dealing with it'. Logan's response was to split the team in two. He would take Angel and FantomeX to take out whoever was pulling the strings behind the G-corporation. Meanwhile, Psylocke and Deadpool were to infiltrate the Mishima Zaibatsu's headquarters, and assassinate Jin Kazama. By taking out the leadership of these factions, they would effectively end the war before it even started. Logan trusted Wade Wilson less than most people(which was effectively nil since trust and the canuckle head rarely fit in the same sentence). Should he turn out to be a rat, he'd do less damage to the team by being partnered with the smaller side. Such was luck for Betsy Braddock to be assigned to babysit Deadpool. Her romantic flings with both Angel and FantomeX had also seen to that....

    ...And speaking of the Merc with the Mouth, he was being uncharacteristically silent since they infiltrated the building. They had infiltrated the building separately, but normally he would've cracked a joke over the radio by now. He wasn't answering her telepathic broadcasts either. Now doubting his loyalty herself, Psylocke began to feel uneasy. What's worse, was that she couldn't read his mind. Not even Charles himself could.

    Suddenly, she heard footsteps approaching from around a corner infront of her. Psylocke shut out her doubts about Wade and went into instinct mode. She quickly hid the dispatched Tekken soldier behind a pillar, and hid her self behind the next, waiting for whoever was approaching to pass. Two men walked around the corner, both wearing Tekken force armour without helmets. One them wore a different variant, featuring a cape and a Lion's head engraved into the chestplate. His blonde hair was styled in a way that reminded Psylocke of an anime that Iceman liked. Dragonball Z, she recalled.

    ".... Jin really agreed to that clown's price? For that sort of money, we could recruit and arm another division of Tekken Force!" The other man said to him.

    The word 'clown' instantly registered with Psylocke. Deadpool was the only person who fit the description.

    "That FUCKING bellend!" Psylocke's inner chav hissed.

    "It's not just his services he's buying, Tougou." The blonde man replied. "It's also information. When we go to war with G-corp, it's most likely that The Avengers and their allies will side with them. What this Deadpool character knows might just give us the edge we need to defeat them."

    Psylocke supressed a gasp as she slid around the pillar to keep herself hidden. Deadpool was easily distracted, absorbed in his own world, and above all else, batshit insane. But underestimating him was a mistake that both hero and villain alike had paid dearly for. In his short illustrious career, he encountered everything from street level heroes to celestial beings. It was possible that Deadpool took in more than he let on. And now he was selling it to someone who could use it all against them. Suddenly, the two men stopped.

    "Lars, what's wrong?" Tougou asked.

    "Get down." Was the last response.

    Psylocke barely had time to duck when the blonde haired man drove forward, shattering the pillar she was hiding behind with his fist. With lightning fast reaction, she pivoted around the falling debris, quickly flooring the other soldier with a backhanded fist. She then came at Lars, lashing out with several fists that he expertly parried, before launching a back kick in response. Though Psylocke blocked it, the force of the kick send her skidding back on her feet slightly. Normally, her leotard clad body would've afforded her an extra second to subdue a gawking opponent. The focused look in this man's eyes rendered her sex appeal useless here. As his associate groggily groaned on the ground, Lars moved his hands into a fighting stance. Psylocke's eyes widened as purple arcs of lightning ran down his arms. The aura he was giving off was powerful, which worried her even more-she should've sensed someone that powerful coming from much further than just the next corner.

    "Tougou! Call for back up! Tougou?!" He called to his downed partner.

    "Not bloody likely!" Psylocke replied, as she materialised a short energy blade in her right hand. There was no time for subtlety now.

    She charged in, thrusting her blade at his chest. She hit nothing as Lars veered out of the way and spun behind her. Before she could react, he drove an elbow into her back, arching her forwards with a grunt. Another spin, and he delivered a kick into her midsection, hard enough to throw her off her feet. She fell into a roll, ending on one knee to see her assailant charge in. Closing the distance, he tilted his foot up, attempting to finish her with a backflip kick. She dodged left, and charged up a burning pink psionic mass that took the form of a no-dachi. She was intent to cleave the man in two before he landed. but upon hearing a gunshot, she turned around to block the bullet-fired from the other soldier whom had just come to. She blocked another three shots before reforming the no-dachi into a throwing knife. Before she could throw it, Lars gripped the back of her head from behind and lifted her into the air. Before she could react.....


    She let out a pained cry as Lars pulsated electricity throughout her body, causing her arms and legs to flail about wildly. The anguish ended when he drove a palm violently into her back, propelling her towards the other soldier. She landed on her stomach, sliding to a stop infront of him. As she struggled to get up, he instinctively pointed his gun at her head.

    "Freeze!" He said awkwardly, although she wasn't going anywhere in a hurry anytime soon.

    From the corner of her eye, she could see Lars pull out a cellphone.

    "Chairman, the second intruder has been secured. Your orders?....... Understood. We'll bring her up."

    "Well?" Tougou asked.

    "Cuff her. Jin wants a word with her himself."

    The man moved to restrain Psylocke's arms behind her, meeting no resistance. Despite being injured, she'd taken far worse. For now, she'd play along. This way would get her within striking distance to Jin and Deadpool. Tougou then pulled her to her feet.

    "You're coming with us. Don't try anything if you know what's good for you." Lars spoke, before he and Tougou led her away.


    They led her towards a large elevator that seemed run up the spine of the entire building. From one end, the Tokyo skyline was visible, and soon towered over as they ascended. Psylocke silently recovered her strength as they finally reached the top. The architecture was somewhat different on this floor compared to the others. Although Gargoyle's Perch emitted an ominous visage from both inside and out, this chamber seemed to amplify it though its modern gothic design. At the end of this chamber, sat a throne and desk. On one chair, sat Deadpool clad in his grey x-force uniform. His feet were drapped dis-respectfully over desk. And on the throne, sat the C.E.O of the Mishima Zaibatsu, and the de-facto ruler of Japan, Jin Kazama. Clad in a leather jacket, pants and a 3/4 buttoned shirt, the man looked dressed like a Yakuza boss.

    "Leave us." Jin ordered in Japanese.

    "Chairman." Lars responded as the soldiers left through a different exit.

    "Betsy! Nice of ya to join us!" Deadpool cheered.

    Psylocke's only response was to sneer at Wade.

    "Awww, that's no way to treat an X-pal! hehe! Get it? Because we WERE pals, making us EX-pals, and we're also X-men, and........OK, I'll shut up now."

    "How much......." Psylocke asked Deadpool, directing all her anger at him.

    "As much as I'm willing to offer you." Jin interrupted, rising from his throne.


    "Charles Xavier is a liar." Jin spoke, as he moved around his desk. "He preaches his useless non-violent solutions, yet sends his assassins after me to stop a war that needs to happen for reasons neither he, nor his lackeys can understand."

    "He understands more than you do, boy!" Psylocke bit back, genuinely insulted by the notion that someone so young could believe himself to be wiser than his elders.

    "That you would blindly take his word is disappointing. Still......" Jin trailed off.

    "Still what?!"

    "The other three of you are after my father, whether they know it or not. When they find him, Kazuya will destroy them without mercy. Not even Wolverine can stand against him. Meanwhile, your professor will be powerless to save them. Luck for you, I am not my father."

    "What are you saying?" Psylocke asked, clearing getting agitated at Jin's blunt indifference over the lives of her comrades.

    "He's saying come sign up with him!" Wade Wilson piped in. C'mon, it'll be awesome! We'll get new digs, hazard pay, LOTS of hazard pay, AND dental!"

    "I would hope that someone of your talent can look beyond your blind loyalty and see reason. This is your only chance, Elizabeth. Join the right side of this conflict, or I will end your existence here and now."

    "You want me to turn my back on my comrades........ to help you burn the world down with your little family feud?!" Psylocke answered, raising her voice on each word.

    Suddenly, her forearms burnt with pink psionic fury, forming themselves into blades as they melted her handcuffs.

    "THIS is my answer!" She shouted, attempting to sound intimidating as she pointed one of her blades at Jin.

    "Dissappointing." Jin replied, sounding unmoved by Psylocke's defiance as he kept his arms folded.

    "Yo, Jinny boy! Want me to deal with toots here?" Deadpool asked as he bounced off his chair.

    "No need." He replied, keeping his eyes fixed on the psionic ninja as red lightning crackled around his form.

    "Witness now, the power that will change this world!"


    Psylocke had barely seen Jin move. One moment, he'd barely stepped away from his throne. The next, he was in her face. Psylocke weaved left to avoid what would've been a devestating right uppercut. Red lightning arced furiously as it followed his fist. But Jin had stepped too far forward, leaving his side exposed to Psylocke. With a psionic knife to the temple, she could end him and his war. But as she drew her arm back, a gunshot rang out, forcing her to backflip out of the bullet's trajectory. In the heat of the moment, she'd forgotten about Deadpool.

    "Sorry Betsy. But no Jin means no pay. And no pay means no chimichangas. And no chimichangas means A VERY UNHAPPY DEADPOOL!"

    Ignoring Wade's theatrics, Psylocke rushed in to take Jin's life again, only to be stopped by a back kick to the sternum. As she double back, Jin attempted to uppercut once more. He hit clean this time, driving his fist hard into her chin with enough force to send her airborne. Knocked groggy into the air was already bad enough, but her entire body felt like she'd been hooked to a car battery. Instinct took over however, as the haziness from her head cleared-only to see Jin airborne himself. His foot stretched out and aimed at Psylocke's chest. She moved her forearms to take the hit, but the sheer power of the attack was enough to send her hurtling back first into a marble pillar.

    "Do not interfere, Wade!" Jin warned, as he approached Psylocke, who was down on all fours after bounce off the pillar.

    Her body wracked with pain, she recovered to a slouch to see Jin fast approaching. Despite her injuries, she managed to roll out of the way of a straight right. Her eyes widened with terror as Jin's fist made contact with the pillar, shattering it with the sound of a nearby thunderclap. As large blocks of broken marble collapsed around Jin, Psylocke cringed at the state she'd be in had she taken the hit. She readied herself into a fighting stance, her bust heaved in and out(much to the delight of an ogling deadpool) as she drew in deep breaths. She kept her eyes focused on Jin, who had taken up a karate stance. His breathing considerably calmer than hers......

    Still retaining most of her speed, it was now Psylocke's turn to close the distance to trade blows with Jin Kazama. She tried to maintain the offensive, but each of her lithe, acrobatic moves was cut off by expert parries. When Jin decided to hit back, she was forced to use her athletic grace to dodge his blows. Though she was fighting not to show it, Jin's initial assault had gotten the better of her. She was too winded to take advantage of openings that she otherwise would've ended fights with. On top of that, her attention was divided amongst her opponent, and Wade Wilson, who had sat himself upon Jin's desk, eagerly awaiting an another chance to interfere. Because of this, she was being forced back, Jin began to land shots. A jab to the head here. A quick foot to the midsection there. And so on. As the fight dragged on, Jin found more and more openings to tag her with.

    I'll finish this later
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