Bart and homer vs lois and meg (pay back)


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Mar 7, 2018

Meg griffin

Lois griffin


Bart was fuming, it was no unusual his sister lisa and mom getting into fight with opposite gender but this was the first time they were humiliated like this.he wanted payback, so did his father homer simpson.
Both of them drove to the mall lois frequented, homer has seen her buy from here several times and it was always monday. just like today, and they always leave just before they closes.
Lois and meg came to the mall for their regular window shopping and other purchases, they were even more late today because peter kept them with the story of of how he fucked the simpson broad and her daughter.luckily there was still some time before it closes.They went dress shoping as there was a batch of new gorgeous dress which arrived only recently they both wanted to try them on.they both took the dress they want to try and went to dressing room they didnt realize they were followed by two people. "The bitches took their sweat time getting here..i was tired of waiting "bart said to his father as he followed the two women.they silently locked the dressing rooms from outside and then proceeded to turn off the camera and they also put a board on the way to dressing rooms saying construction to discourage people from going there, this was a precious opportunity as lois didn't know the mall was closing early the mall was closing lois panicked as she took some time getting into the dress and she had been locked in same was meg.only two people heard this as the only mall cop was fed sleeping pills and they will not wake up till morning.
Meg was angry as she hit the door with her full body strength she was roaring with rage when someone opened it,she lost balance and fell over, before she could thank anyone or even know who it was,her face met with a yellow hard fist.she spun to the corner of the dressing booth. That punch made her dizzy for a bit but bart was not concerned about her as he followed her into the booth and gave another kick to her face.meg screamed with pain.lois heard this and she started hitting her door faster.bart pulled meg to her legs and threw her to the other dressing booth's door she hit it with a sickening thump sound, half of the hinge in lois' door came off.bart didnot know this but he still followed meg. He grabbed her by her hair and started pummeling her belly with punches."you fucking bitch i know what your dad and brother did to my sister i am going to do the same to you."
Meg finally knew why she was getting punched but she was helpless as bart has all the momentum each of his punch took her breath and made her cough out "cough cough"but luckily bart was kicked from behind by a leg and he was pushed aside by the surprise attack.
Meg finally got a chance to breathe she heard her mom saying "meg you useless garbage hit back atleast".she retorted "he sneak attacked me you dumb slut".lois was already not listening and was mounting and punching bart "meg come and help me kick his ass "she shouted.
Meg was about to go and kick him when another strong yellown hand pulled her by her collar and punched her.meg was where she started again as homer started attacking her. Homer punched her in the belly meg started barfing her stomach out from the collective attacks to her stomach but she didn't have the time to even do that as a punch to her jaws whipped her head back up.she groggily looked to the front and threw a weak punch but her hand was caught in a vice like grip before she could even say ''no'' a kick came between her legs destroying her pussy.she exploded in orgasm as cum came flowing out of her.
Lois was punching bart in the face when she heard a weak cry from her daughter she tried to look back but before she could see what was happening a fist came rising towards her, not to her face but her big round boobs."aaah you little bastard" lois screamed but bart was not done he caught her face between his hands and pulled it fast.Her face collided with the ground lois rolled on the ground with her brocken nose.Bart stood up with an evil glint in his eyes.he kicked lois right in the pussy causing her to wrythe in agony but bart was far from done as he turned her over her stomach faced ground took both of her legs and leaned back bending lois in the shape of a bow."noooooooo"she cried as she felt she was being broken.bart let go of one leg but still with the other legs in his hand he elbowed her in the pussy one, two three, several times lois screamed aloud in each hit as she felt orgasms hit her.pain and pleasure hit her like waves finally she was broken as just drool came out with incomprehensible muttering.
Homer held meg in his arms and just threw her upwards she hit the false ceiling and fell back to the ground with a groan.he pulled apart her legs and started kneeing meg in her crotch.all meg could do was cry in agony and pleasure as waves of orgasm hit her.she too was reduced to a drooling mess when home picked her up and brought her to her mom he ripped away her dress and underwear she could see bart doing the same to her mother.she wanted to protest but she was afraid as homer brought his thick member to her. A gasp left her mouth as he started fucking her,, "ah ah ah harder keep going..... "the mother and daughter lost themselves in pleasure as father son duo took them apart. finally after having their fill bart and homer left the scene through the ways bart found in his school days to outside then to make the alibi at moe's.
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