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attack on watcher inc.

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by unknownwatcher, Mar 30, 2015.

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    This was an RP me and baku did. The watcher is played by me and Baku plays the ringmaster and his harleyz. I hope you enjoy reading this :)


    (15:14) <the_watcher>The sun is setting as the darkness covers ryona city, there is movement around and inside watcher inc.
    (15:15) <the_watcher>Puma: I want team A waiting around the entrance. Team B, you are spread around the building. Team C, attack if you see the signal. The ringmaster will be here soon.
    (15:21) <the_watcher>A man in a black business jacket and shoes, a white shirt, and black gloves walks behind puma
    (15:22) <the_watcher>"puma, I need you to stay back. you, jackel, brain get to the secondary location. understood?"
    (15:24) <the_watcher>'Puma nods as she takes her group out of the building via helicopter
    (15:25) <the_watcher>"Alright, I made my move ringmaster. it's your turn....."
    (15:25) * the_watcher sits in his chair as he watches the camera feeds

    (15:28) * RingMaster sits on his chair petting petting an unseen cam. A woman walks behind him. She looks like the Harleyz but her voice is dry and monotone almost like Daria. "There's move on watcher inc. THey are on to us"
    (15:28) * RingMaster giggles "Is that so...
    (15:28) * RingMaster stands up
    (15:28) <RingMaster>"It doesn't matter, We are not the ones to use subtle tactics anyway"
    (15:30) <RingMaster>*The security cameras from watcher inc can detect three familiar looking vans. These are of course the black and red vans that the Harleyz use to make themselves bee seen. Two Harleyz stand on top of the vans with a mini gun each.
    (15:31) <RingMaster>*The Harleyz on the top of the vans shoot at the wall of the lower floor of Watcher inc making the place look like swiss chese. After that the vans runs over the wall and smashes it making way for the two vans to enter the building

    (15:35) <the_watcher>unfortunately for the harleyz, the windows were bullet proof so most of the shots never met thier intended target if there was one. however, the vans were successful in smashing the wall, kill two femme fatales.
    (15:36) <the_watcher>the harleyz were then met by a team of zakos dressed in leather suits shooting the vans and any harleyz they see with assault rifles, smgs, and pistols.
    (15:37) <the_watcher>one FF threw a grenade under a van

    (15:53) <RingMaster>*The van explotes and take god knows how many clowns that lied in there into a blaze. The girl on the top luckily survives and managued to leave
    (15:54) <RingMaster>*However the other van still has a crazy girl with a mini gun that glazes trough the other feme fatales. The girl on top screams as she does so. The women driven however are not so lucky as both drop death on the driving seat and co pilot seat
    (15:54) <RingMaster>*The van opens and 12 Harleyz come out and run towards the femme fatals as well. Using the mini gun one as a cover

    (15:56) <the_watcher>as the harley with the mini gun opens fire, serveral ff get ripped to shreads as they are riddled with bullets. One femme is crawling away trying to escape the carange.
    (15:57) <the_watcher>"ladies, move back into the stair well. sir, team a has be-ack!"
    (15:58) <the_watcher>Team A leader was shot in her leg by a stray bullet.
    (15:58) <the_watcher>two femmes helped her as they retreated up stairs

    [06:21.52] <RingMaster> *The Harleyz as usual are quick and dealy, Altough two of them get shoot while they chase after the femme fatals the rest of the managued to reach the Femme Fatals carring their leadler
    [06:23.59] <RingMaster> *One of the Harleyz that arrived tries to stab one of the women with a knife aiming at her chest to make quick haste of her. Along with her were two more Harleyz trying to cut off the leader's advance. Mostly to make sure they don't retreat and come back with more of their girls
    [06:24.20] <RingMaster> *Another one pulls out a walkie talkie out of her breast.
    [06:24.43] <RingMaster> "Clown one, This is happy meal over; We are in bring the special supply... Roger that"

    [06:26.54] <The_Watcher> the femme who was being attacked by the knife weilding harley dodged but was hit in her side instead which prompted her to kick the attacking harley
    [06:30.28] <The_Watcher> unfortunately, the three remaining femme fatales that didn't escape the stairwell were blocked by the two harleyz. Team A leader pulled out a gun and fired at one of the harleyz while the other ff tried to throw a knife at the other one
    [06:31.58] <The_Watcher> gunfire could be heard inside the stairwell. two femme fatales where giving covering fire for the rest of team A who retreated into the 2nd floor.

    [06:35.13] <RingMaster> *The one that was attacked byt the team leader what lucky that aiming is one of the first things to go while you are bleeding. She grabbed her crowbar and launched herself at the two women. The other one fell down death from the attack
    [06:37.00] <RingMaster> *The Harleyz kept pushing to see how long would team A survive, Knowing watcher the good stuff what yet to come. However RIngMaster was none to save the best for last. Another van arrived, this one drove by two Harleyz one with a bride like dress and a chainsaw attacked to her hip and one in a black and red spotted bikini and aa whip

    [06:39.26] <The_Watcher> the crowbar hit team leader a which made her and the other femme fall down
    [06:40.56] <The_Watcher> blood crawled from team leader A's mouth as she screamed with pain
    [06:41.09] <The_Watcher> "screw this!"
    [06:42.48] <The_Watcher> the femme who helped out A leader before lobbed a grenade to the stairwell
    [06:43.19] <The_Watcher> the grenade exploded destroying the stairwell "heh, looks like you need to take the elevator....."
    [06:44.12] <The_Watcher> the femme that was stabbed in her side limped towards the whip weilding harley.....
    [06:45.26] <The_Watcher> as for the rest of team A, they engaged with the chasing harleyz hand to hand. one femme looked into the camera and nodded as if giving a signal......

    [06:46.39] <RingMaster> *The Harley with the Whip looked at the Femme Fatal limping towards her. She uses her whipped to chose the woman with it by catching her by the neck.
    [06:51.15] <RingMaster> *The one with the wedding dress said "Don't mind yourself with the small fries Wilde"
    [06:51.40] <RingMaster> *The woman with the Whip just growled and choke the Femme Fatal until she stopped moving
    [06:52.30] <RingMaster> *The other Harleyz armed with Crobars, Rubber chickens and cream pies with several spikes on them ranned wild with the Femme Fatals.
    [06:53.34] <RingMaster> *Another Harley popo out of the Van, This one used baggy clothes and a huge hat that coverd her hear "H-Hey...Girls what ddo I do about H..." Before she could finish speaking the one with the wedding dress shot her across the eyes
    [06:53.47] <RingMaster> "Shut up Target Practice, We don't have to reveal her yet"

    [06:55.11] <The_Watcher> "gaakkk!! Ga-...." the one being choked to death by the whip weilding harley slump on the floor dead
    [06:57.13] * The_Watcher only grinned as he watches the carnage. he turns on the speakers "this is a wonderful show. tell me, do you harleyz have anyone that breast smother thier victims? I would love to see a demostration!"
    [06:58.28] <The_Watcher> the remains of team A fight the harleyz but two shutter doors, one on each side of the hallway closed
    [06:58.57] <The_Watcher> "well, this is it. good job team A...."said on of the femmes
    [06:59.09] <The_Watcher> water starts to fill up the area.......
    [07:01.06] <The_Watcher> back on the first floor, the grenade throwing femme handed the down A leader something "use it well". she then picks up her fallen leader's gun and starts to shoot at the whip weilding harley

    [07:02.25] <RingMaster> "Woaah!" The WHip Wilding Harleyz barely evades the shoot by jumpin. The other Harleyz whimper and scream as they see the place felling up. The one with a Wedding Dress runs towards the base of the stairs
    [07:03.58] <RingMaster> "Have you clowns forgetten who you are? Come on! Hop on!"
    [07:14.57] <RingMaster> "Dammit....Wilde! Realise her quckly and made her go to the elevator"
    [07:15.28] <RingMaster> "YOu! On the Mini gun make a gate way for the water so we don't drow, Well use the elevator after her"
    [07:24.10] <RingMaster> *The four Harleyz on the second floor look in horror as they see that the water is raising up, They look around the place to look for an exit. Two of them shoot at the glass tryin to make a brake for it.
    [07:24.29] <RingMaster> *The other two try to force open the door
    [07:26.18] <RingMaster> *The three Harleyz on the first floor try to find a way to enter, Wilde the one with the whip enters the elevator "This is clearly a trap, Yet we don't have any ensureance that we can space"
    [07:26.53] <RingMaster> *The one in a wedding dress drags the body of Target Practice "We'll use her as human shield, It's all what her regeneration is good for"
    [07:27.00] <RingMaster> "Bring the cage along!"
    [07:27.33] <RingMaster> *Intead of having more Harleyz on the van they have a person chained up on a cage covered in rags from head to toe not reavealing it's face
    [07:27.54] <RingMaster> *One of the generic Harleyz turns to the camera "See this watcher! She is going to get you!"

    [07:30.29] <The_Watcher> the rest of team A is trapped with the harleyz inside the water trap "hehe, it's no use. every window of this place is bulletproof and those doors are too heavy to lift."
    [07:31.28] <The_Watcher> one of the ladies tries to push one harley under the water "come on, let's have some fun!"
    [07:32.21] * The_Watcher smiles as he watches the fight inside the trap then he notices the generic harley calling to him "oh, is that so?"
    [07:32.44] <The_Watcher> "team B, get ready...."
    [07:34.02] <The_Watcher> the elevator stops on the third floor and awaiting the harleyz is team B and thier team leader who orders them to open fire

    [07:35.39] <RingMaster> Second FLoor:
    [07:36.23] <RingMaster> *The three remaning Haerleyz out of spite mostly shoot at the women that remain on the second floor along with them "We ain't going alone!" scream both of them.
    [07:38.21] <RingMaster> *The one being pushed into the water screams and tries to fight the Femme Fatal off "Graah...G-Get off! Get off!" screams the woman trying to kick her attacker out
    [07:38.26] <RingMaster> Third Floor:
    [07:39.30] <RingMaster> *As the Femme Fatal fire the one with a whip jumped into a corner of the elveator and kneeled down like a panther to ecade the bullets. The one in a wedding dress uses Target Practice as cover
    [07:39.43] <RingMaster> *Targer Practice wakes up "Uhh...Who shot Meeeeeaaaargh!!!!"
    [07:39.55] <RingMaster> *Target Practice whimpers as she is penetrated by bullets

    [07:40.16] <The_Watcher> second floor:
    [07:41.22] <The_Watcher> the three women were shot dead and fell on the floor. blood is now spreading inside the water making it crimson instead of the bluish clear color.
    [07:42.20] <The_Watcher> the fourth one was knocked back by the harley as she laughed at her opponent
    [07:42.30] <The_Watcher> third floor:
    [07:43.59] <The_Watcher> leader B: "damn, they brought her into the battle. expected but annoying..." B leader pulls out her flame thrower and fires it at the harleyz direction
    [07:45.36] * The_Watcher looks at the cameras one last time "I'll be waiting on the roof.....meet me there if you survive"

    [07:46.56] <RingMaster> Second Floor:
    [07:48.19] <RingMaster> *The other three Harleyz look at each other and laugh outloud as the enminece of the situation has dawned on them. The fourth wall jumps at her oponent and pushes her down into the water while grabbing her by the neck to drown her faster. Her eyes full of Anger
    [07:48.24] <RingMaster> "Laugh of this bitch..."
    [07:49.01] <RingMaster> Third Floor the one with the wedding dress eyes widen as they pull the flametrhower. She screams "WILDe!!!"
    [07:49.53] <RingMaster> *On the order the woman with the whip jumped out of the elevator like a geecko on steoid and tried to land a kick on the team leader with the flame Trhower
    [07:49.56] <RingMaster> "Gyaaah!"

    [07:50.31] <The_Watcher> Third floor:
    [07:50.40] <The_Watcher> "GAHHH!"
    [07:51.48] <The_Watcher> B leader fell backwards as the kick landed "shoot her now!"
    [07:52.23] <The_Watcher> B team then pointed thier guns at wilde and opened fired trying to shoot the whip weilding woman
    [07:52.31] <The_Watcher> second floor:
    [07:53.31] <The_Watcher> "gurlglrlgirr......"as the last of a team slahsed around, she eventually drowned inside the water which was now nearing the harleyz head level

    [07:57.50] <RingMaster> Second FLoor:
    [07:59.01] <RingMaster> *The Harley that survived swims around looking for a way out. Her desperation is clear and her eyes widen as the air becomes tight. She looks at her companios. Most of them are death
    [07:59.11] <RingMaster> "No..No! No! Gils come on..."
    [07:59.54] <RingMaster> *The first one that gave up flooated up drownging. The other two giggled at tears on thier eyes broke. They Harley that wants to survie breathes heavily
    [08:00.04] <RingMaster> Third Floor:
    [08:01.20] <RingMaster> *Like a Panther Wilde Harleyz jumped out of the way, Unlucky for her their only advatnage was the other 4 Harleyz that got killed to open fire. However the one on a wedding dress use this small chance to run after them with her chain saw on hand and slash at the Femme Fatales shooting

    [08:04.02] <The_Watcher> "GAHH-!!" heads and other body parts were flying as the wedding dress harley hunted them with a chainsaw.
    [08:04.46] <The_Watcher> B leader: I'm still here bitch! Team b, continue to fire at that whip weilding lady!
    [08:05.43] <The_Watcher> B leader gets to a kneeling position and fire her flame thrower at the wedding dress harley while team b tries to dodge her as they fire on wilde

    [08:11.48] <RingMaster> Second Floor:
    [08:14.12] <RingMaster> *The last Harley Kissed the others as to keep her breath while she tired to scape
    [08:14.12] <RingMaster> "N-Not like this..."
    [08:14.21] <RingMaster> "Not now... Noooo..."
    [08:14.59] <RingMaster> *She whimpers as the water covers her. Her eyes slowly lose live as her kicking around withc was slow due to the lack of air terminate as her sexy body floats up
    [08:15.04] <RingMaster> Third Floor:
    [08:17.10] <RingMaster> Wilde keeps running around and jumps at her attacks using her whip to disarm them while in the air
    [08:17.22] <RingMaster> *Wilde uses this chance to try and whip at Leader B
    [08:18.04] <RingMaster> *THe bride can't evade long enough. She doesn't have much to cover heself with and she is busy cutting bodies up and down. If Wilde fails she is going to get burned

    [08:20.13] <The_Watcher> the whip nearly hit the team leader but a femme fatale member jumped and block the hit which caused the whip to wrap around her neck "urrk...."
    [08:20.25] <The_Watcher> team leader B: "Burn!"

    [08:20.42] <RingMaster> *Wilde screams "No!!"
    [08:21.09] <RingMaster> *Wilde flings her whip to pull her victim up and flail her towards the Team Leader B.
    [08:21.56] <RingMaster> *The bride is not able to move herself and is pushed down due to the flames "Aaaarg!!!"
    [08:22.12] <RingMaster> *THe bride falls to her knees as the force blast of the fire pushes her

    [08:22.27] <The_Watcher> "whaaaaa!"
    [08:23.35] <The_Watcher> B leader was knocked down by her subordionate who she shoves away like trash "get your gun and kill her you moron!"
    [08:23.44] <The_Watcher> "ye-yes ma'am!"
    [08:25.09] <The_Watcher> the underling grabs one of the guns that where knocked down by wilde and fires at a fire extinglisher next to wilde
    [08:26.31] <The_Watcher> team leader b gets back up and prepares another attack on the bride

    [08:27.54] <RingMaster> *The bride Harley takes off her wedding gown and dress to dicard most of the fires, Out of pure will power or out of rage she get's up and launches herself towards the team elader B. Most of her face burned down. As she attack the blood loss is clear as day
    [08:28.49] <RingMaster> "Graaaaaarrgh!!"
    [08:29.49] <RingMaster> *Wilde gasp as she is hit by an exploting fire extinguisher. She is knocked down to the side "Uuhh..."
    [08:30.07] <RingMaster> *The Bride uses her chainsay to impale the team leader B

    [08:32.26] <The_Watcher> "whaaaaIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" the bride was too fast for the team leader as she was impaled in her chest. the chainsaw was grinding through her ribs, then her organs, and then the tank of the flame thrower which caused it to alight and explode
    [08:33.37] <The_Watcher> the fire extnglisher's destruction caused part of the hallway to be filled with smoke blocking everyone's view with in it
    [08:34.15] <The_Watcher> one of the fatales accidentally shot another thinking she was a harley "lisa.....what the hell....."
    [08:34.30] <The_Watcher> the shot fatale falls dead
    [08:36.43] <The_Watcher> the one who shot the exinguisher ran past the cloud and talked on her walkie talkie "we are ready for phase three...."

    [08:37.37] <RingMaster> *The adrenaline filled Harley heard the gun shoot. Wilde jumps out of the place and uses the smoke to cover herself and managued to sneak onto the girl with the Walkie Talki
    [08:38.23] <RingMaster> *She grabs the femme Fatal with her whip and chokes her "Talk and I won't kill you, What's phase 3"

    [08:40.39] <The_Watcher> "gak!" the fatale flails around "I'm not going to tell ya..ah.... anything!"

    [08:41.34] <RingMaster> "Listen...I can make this as pleasureble.." Wilde gently rubs Lisa's hip
    [08:41.54] <RingMaster> "Or painfull as I want" Wilde tightens Lisa's grip
    [08:42.01] <RingMaster> "NOW! TELL ME!"

    [08:42.12] <The_Watcher> "accckkk........fuck you!~"
    [08:42.36] <The_Watcher> the femme tries to kick at wilde

    [08:44.15] <RingMaster> "Fine, YOu asked for it..."
    [08:45.03] <RingMaster> *Wilde tightes her grip to make sure the lack of oxygen makes Lisa more numb and her brain dumb enough to not lie. She tightes the grip and gives a few steps back to prevent her victim from doing more

    [08:45.26] <The_Watcher> "gah..ahh!...wahhhhh!"
    [08:46.42] <The_Watcher> the femme grabs the rope and tries to pull it away "alright........I'll talk.... the watcher is phase three.....he knew you would come this far.....he was hoping to fight the ringmaster himself...."

    [08:47.18] <RingMaster> "Good girl..."
    [08:47.47] <RingMaster> *The Harley is fatefull to her word and realises Lisa. "But I can't let you go unharmed..."
    [08:48.09] <RingMaster> *Wilde harley kicks Lisa on the face, Hopefully that's enough to knock her out for a long while
    [08:48.34] <RingMaster> "And now...Time to gain my name again...To face the watcher..."
    [08:49.22] <RingMaster> *Wilde thinks she should be careful, She has heard aweful things about watcher but then again she knows that RingMaster plays dirty
    [08:50.36] <RingMaster> *Wilde jumpes into the vent and climbs towards the roof
    [08:50.42] * RingMaster sighs outloud
    [08:51.28] <RingMaster> "In time watcher...Not yet"
    [08:51.38] <RingMaster> "I wanna see how good you are with my girls first"

    [08:51.43] <The_Watcher> the femme falls to the ground uncouncious letting a low pain filled groan
    [08:52.56] <The_Watcher> waiting on the roof is the watcher who is alone and drinking some wine from a wine glass
    [08:53.29] <The_Watcher> "I wish they would hurry up. what did they do, take the scenic route?"

    [08:55.04] <RingMaster> "He is not comming, You'll have to deal with me first!" screamed Wilde across the roof
    [08:56.24] <RingMaster> "Prepare youself!"
    [08:56.48] <RingMaster> *Wilde Jumped at the wather her whip out trying to slash the Watcher

    [08:58.35] * The_Watcher jumped out of the way of the attack "actually, I was expecting one of you to arrive. I figured the ring master would be the final boss for tonight but instead....it's just you..."
    [08:59.04] * The_Watcher launches a kick at wilde

    [09:00.19] <RingMaster> *Wilde due to her momentum that she is launching herself she managues to cover herself from the kick. She tries to use her volicity to counter attack the watcher

    [09:02.07] <The_Watcher> "ooof!"
    [09:02.43] * The_Watcher reels back and tries to punch wilde "tell me, why are you working for the ringmaster? What ever he has, I can give you more!"

    [10:22.34] <RingMaster> *Wilde jumped at the_watcher once again trying to slash him with her whip, he might have a good defense but a slashing arm is permanet damague during the battle she can take advantage on

    [10:24.57] * The_Watcher held up his left arm to block the whip. the whip shreads bits of his attire but there is no blood. the watcher looked at her amused.

    [10:26.23] <RingMaster> "W-What...But it slashed clean trough your suit! Y-You don't have any armor under there!"
    [10:26.31] <RingMaster> *Wilde walks back a bit

    [10:29.20] <The_Watcher> "you are kind of right. unfortunately, I lost my left arm in an accident so.....I got a new one!"
    [10:30.14] * The_Watcher fires an energy blast from his left arm at wilde

    [10:31.21] <RingMaster> *Wilde was already retreading, She couldn't belive herself as the blast came trough her. She whimpered as she couldn't move. Her arms and legs trembling
    [10:31.39] <RingMaster> "Aa..Aah...I-I..."

    [10:33.02] <The_Watcher> "that was a stun blast.....would you like to see a killer one? I'll let you live but you must give a message for me...."

    [10:34.57] <RingMaster> "N-No....I..."
    [10:35.07] <RingMaster> *Wilde get's up. She breather heavily
    [10:35.23] <RingMaster> "I won this n-name...As you won yours"
    [10:35.52] <RingMaster> "I..I...I'll still fight!"

    [10:37.23] <The_Watcher> "won? do you think this is a game? very well, I'll send the message that the ring master will understand completely...."
    [10:38.33] * The_Watcher walks towards wilde in a menacing way "you have once chance to kill me, make it count...."

    [10:41.32] <RingMaster> *Wild slashes her whip at The_Watcher's neck aiming to choke him. If this worked with this she would choke him and gain an advantague from there. She only had a shoot at this

    [10:46.12] * The_Watcher leaned to his right and grabbed the whip with his left hand "really? that's all you have? get over here!"
    [10:46.18] * The_Watcher tries to pull her with her own whip. if suuccessful, he punches her with his right hand.

    (20:46) <RingMaster>"W-What...It can't be!"
    (20:47) <RingMaster>*Wilde is pulled and is punches on the yaw, Due to the pure momentum she falls back
    (20:47) <RingMaster>"Uaaaggh!"
    (20:47) <RingMaster>*Wilde tries to get up

    (20:50) * The_Watcher points his left arm at wilde. electrcity is sparking around his gloved covered fingertips "Ring master, I know somehow you are watching this. I just want you to know that we will be meeting someday and this will be a preview of your death!"
    (20:50) * The_Watcher fires a blast of lighting at wilde

    (20:52) <RingMaster>*Wilde can't get up fast enough and get's blasted by the energy explotion of the watcher blast
    (20:52) <RingMaster>"Aaaaaaiiiieee!!!!!!!!"
    (20:55) <RingMaster2>*Wilde fals almost in slow-mo, Her eyes are completly white as she falls backwards towards the ground. her entire skin is burned and she can't belive herself
    (20:56) <RingMaster2>*Wilde falls to the ground, she bounces twice and lies liveless on the floor twitching
    (20:56) <RingMaster2>"Uuh..Uhh..Uuuhhhh..."
    (20:57) <RingMaster2>*Wilde's life flows out of her

    (20:58) <The_Watcher>"hmmmmm, maybe I should have captured her instead? oh well....."
    (20:59) * The_Watcher picks up wilde's lifeless body and throws it off the roof!
    (21:00) * The_Watcher gets his phone and calls a number "yes, I believe it's over. you may call the police now." he gets in an elevator and heads to the third floor to survey the carnage

    (21:01) <RIngMaster>*Wilde's body falls off the roof. Her eyes white and her limbs flail as she falls trough the roof.
    (21:01) <RIngMaster>*Traget practice wakes up as her regeneration finally kicks in
    (21:01) <RIngMaster>"aah!..Ahh..No..Not again..."
    (21:02) <RIngMaster>"Wilde? Bride..."
    (21:02) <RIngMaster>"Anyone?"
    (21:02) <RIngMaster>*Target Practice sees watcher comming in, "Umm..Hello"

    (21:04) * The_Watcher looks in the hallway and sees dead bodies of both femme fatales and of a harley. his eyes then spot a harley getting up "your friends are dead. One got the shock of her life and decided to take the express way down"
    (21:05) * The_Watcher lets out a creepy laugh "hahahahahahahahaha........sorry"
    (21:06) * The_Watcher walks towards the lone harley

    (21:07) <RIngMaster>"Ooh...Ok"
    (21:07) <RIngMaster>"D-Do you do body cleaning? I'm just asking since Acid hurst a lot"
    (21:08) <RIngMaster>*Target's practice eyes are full of tears "P-Please don't hurt me" She covers her head with her hands as if that's going to do something

    (21:09) <The_Watcher>"a--acid?" the watcher backs up "what do you mean acid?"

    (21:09) <RIngMaster>"People pour acid on the bodies to make them disolve"
    (21:10) <RIngMaster>"YOu dress like the usual cleaning girl, She makes the bodies dissapear"
    (21:11) <RIngMaster>"Did I talked too much? I didn't mean you dress like a girl, Rather that I.."
    (21:11) <RIngMaster>"Well...I.."
    (21:11) <RIngMaster>"YOu kinda looks like one...Are you one of those people that does that?"
    (21:11) <RIngMaster>"I don't judge or anything, I'm just wondering out loud
    (21:11) <RIngMaster>"I mean....."
    (21:12) <RIngMaster>*Target Practice keepss talking and talking on and on

    (21:12) * The_Watcher sighs
    (21:14) <The_Watcher>"no, we do not use acid here. in fact we bury our dead."
    (21:16) <The_Watcher>an elevator chimes and another group of femmes pour out into the hallway pointing thier guns at the surviving harley "you alright boss?"
    (21:17) * The_Watcher chuckles "not a hair on me was harmed.....although I will need a new suit. put cuffs on that harley and place her in our holding cell."
    (21:17) <The_Watcher>the femmes attempt to cuff target practice

    (21:18) <RIngMaster>"Aaaiiee! I sweat I didn't do it! Not with him! Or to him! I am the victim here!!!" *She covers herself before her left eye twitches and she stands up
    (21:19) <RIngMaster>"Oh! Please, Don't use that with her it'll only make talk more nonsense"
    (21:19) <RIngMaster>"Ugh! I hate possesing her, It's all to...Empty in here"
    (21:19) <RIngMaster>"ANYWAY! Mr Watcher so nice that you treated my girls well"
    (21:20) <RIngMaster>"I would have never guest that long sleeves were not a fashoin choise, Pitty! It really suit you"

    (21:22) <The_Watcher>"ring master I presume? I'm dissappointed, I wanted to meet face to face."
    (21:22) * The_Watcher crossed his arms and leaned on the wall

    (21:23) <RIngMaster>"I'm afriad I am not much of a hand to ahnd guy myself"
    (21:25) <RIngMaster>"Then again..."
    (21:25) <RIngMaster>"It would be nice to see you"
    (21:25) <RIngMaster>"Now, I regret having to lose of my Harleyz but may I request the same tretment that you did to poor old Wilde as to this one?"
    (21:25) <RIngMaster>"She is kind of special"
    (21:26) <RIngMaster>"Kind of"

    (21:26) <The_Watcher>"fuck you, take this one into custody"
    (21:27) <The_Watcher>the femmes then attempted to cuff the surviving harley

    (21:28) <RIngMaster>*Target Practice evaded the women and ranned like Wilde did a second ago. She runs as if the wind was on her back and climbs into the elevator like a tarantula and dissapears from sight
    (21:30) <RIngMaster>*She jumps from the rooftop as well. Smahing herself into the paviment. Next to her there is the RingMaster with a van ner him. A group of Harleyz pulls what's left of Wilde's body off the street as well as Target Practice

    (21:32) * The_Watcher looks out the window to see target practice fall off the roof "oooohhh, she went splat!"
    (21:34) <The_Watcher>seeing the van roll up and the ringmaster on the ground floor soured the watcher a bit. "don't worry, we'll meet face to face asshole....."
    (21:35) <The_Watcher>a femme ran up to watcher "sir, we have a few survivors here!"
    (21:36) <The_Watcher>"mmmm, that's good. get them to our med bay"

    (21:37) * RIngMaster sighs
    (21:38) <RIngMaster>"Well, That went pretty much as expected"
    (21:39) <RIngMaster>"We fough them in thier turf and loss as you predicted"
    (21:40) <RIngMaster>"Wait...Did we forgott something.."
    (21:40) <RIngMaster>"Didn't we left one of our specials on the van? HEY! TARGET, What happened?"
    (21:40) <RIngMaster>*Target slowly rose, Part of her mouth moving "uuh...Killed...Elevator.."
    (21:40) <RIngMaster>"SHIT!"

    (21:42) * The_Watcher looks around and sees a cage in the elevator "what is this?"
    (21:42) * The_Watcher checks the cage out

    (21:43) <RIngMaster>*On the cage a female like form lies on the floor twtiching, Recovering from its's wounds...Is large too about 7.10 feet tall.
    (21:45) <RIngMaster>*A tiget like fur comes out ffrom it's feet and it sloly rises up
    (21:45) <RIngMaster>*It wasn't that big before
    (21:45) <RIngMaster>"Grrrr...."

    (21:48) <The_Watcher>"can you understand me? you "friends" left you here for dead. I do not know who you are but you are injured. work for me and I will help you recover. deal?"
    (21:49) <The_Watcher>the femmes look confused and scared "what is he doing?"

    (21:50) <RIngMaster>*The thing twitches "They...Chains...YOU BULLETS! DIE!"
    (21:50) <RIngMaster>*The thng finally reavealing itself. A half tiger Half woman similar to Baku. This one jumps onto Watcher and tries to slash him

    (21:52) <The_Watcher>as the creature gets on top of him, she manages to slash at his chest. "auuugghhhh!"
    (21:53) * The_Watcher kicks her backwards towards the window and tries to fire an electricity blast at it

    (21:54) <RIngMaster>*THe beast is heavy but the watcher is strong, As it get's kicked back it growls and tried to jump at watcher ones again only to be shoot.
    (21:54) <RIngMaster>*However it seems to be resistent to the attack and rises up again. Altough slowerd she tries to slash watcher once again

    (21:57) * The_Watcher jumped backwards when she tried to attack again and fired a second blast at the creature "don't just stand there, shoot her!"
    (21:57) <The_Watcher>the femmes then opened fire on the creature

    (21:59) <RIngMaster>*The creature is pushed back into the elevator via pure force of the blast and the bullets perforing it. After all it's said and done the creature falls defeated and slowly reverts back to the form it ussed to haave
    (21:59) <RIngMaster>*The femme Fatal that got kidnapped by RingMaster
    (22:00) <RIngMaster>*The little good slided out of her ear as the blood loss made her draw her last breath. It was painful for her. Yet preacefull after being sbjected to so much torture to finally sleep

    (22:01) <The_Watcher>one femme looked at the fallen woman "god....that was lucy!"
    (22:01) <The_Watcher>"asshole......so this is his power? he can't fight himself so he creates his soldier by magic."
    (22:02) * The_Watcher looked at the group "we will bury her and the others. clean up here and we'll take time to mourn our losses...."
    (22:03) * The_Watcher walks to the elevator and heads back to his office. With a taste of the ringmaster's might, the watcher plans his next move..........
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