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Apolline Allura: Short Story I

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by dyne9, Dec 20, 2010.

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    Aug 8, 2010
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    She jolted upright immediately, shaking off the last vestiges of sleep mixed with jetlag. Painful, disorienting, vision blurring jetlag that made the freezing room spin. She got out of bed and walked up to the massive window that sat next to her bedside. Fascinated by the absolute emptiness of space - despite having living next to it all ten years of her life - Apolline could only wonder when she would leave this accursed ship and find a planet to live on. She welcomed the idea of an inhabited surface like Planet Hope, but without the dangerous amoeba that could take over your body in a moment's notice.
    The soft slap of her bare feet echoed throughout the hallways as she exited her room, bypassing every facet of a morning routine that she normally made sure to follow after waking up. When she found the door that she was looking for, she took a minute to study her appearance in the mirrored surface of it. She honestly had seen worse mornings judging by what she saw in front of her.
    Her silver-white ponytail hadn't come apart in her sleep, but both bladelike bangs that hung in front of her face were a bit tousled. A pair of large, bright pink eyes stared back at her from the lenses of her favorite wire glasses which were crooked. Apparently she hadn't thought to take them off before bed. Nor had she taken off her clothes from yesterday. A pair of black slacks, a black dress blouse and a pink tie...not exactly bedtime attire.
    "TR-9, open." said Apolline.
    "Identification." replied the cool feminine tone of the ship's AI, Mona Lisa.
    "It's me Mona."
    "Me who?" said the AI playfully.
    The girl sighed, "Let's not play this game, Mona."
    Mona chuckled softly in her disembodied voice, "Ship protocol demands-"
    "-that you open this door before I order you to perform maintenance cycles for the rest of the day."
    A few seconds passed before the door slid open revealing a rather dark room, lit dimly only by the three lamps that sat on each wall.

    "Thank you, Mona." said Apolline sweetly.
    "Don't give me that...you're just covering up the fact that either I capitulate to whatever you want, or you force me to perform some incredibly boring task that isn't worth my time and energy." Mona huffed.
    A voice issued from the dark room, and though Apolline could barely make out the figure in the darkness, she knew who it was already.
    "You should lighten up Polly, there's a reason we have security measures. No need to take it out on poor Mona."
    The lamps went out and the entire room itself lit up in a flash of fluorescent white light, now displaying its true appearance. An abundance of space and one other occupant were all that were in there.
    "Bonjour, Zaelia. Comment allez-vous?"
    Apolline's best friend Zaelia Zenight who was of the same age, same dislike of footwear and proper code of dress - she wore an orange turtleneck and a flowery white skirt - straightened up from her spot right beside the door.
    "Je sais ne quoi, I felt a little bit restless I guess. That's why I came down here." She said as she walked over to the dark-skinned girl and hugged her tightly.
    Apolline smiled, "Mona hasn't been playing her games with you though, has she?"
    "That's because I ask nicely for things I want. It's called being a good girl." said Zaelia, brushing one of her bangs of her azure buzz saw-in-the-back hairdo from her face.
    The two walked to the center of the room and turned away from one another to take ten steps forward as if they were about to have a high noon duel.
    "Them's fightin' words." Apolline mimicked a southern belle's accent before she spun around to throw a roundhouse kick to counter Zaelia's.
    Their legs hit one another with powerful force before speeding up and kicking fast enough to turn their legs in to a blur of incredible movements. The two girls were only standing on one leg, kicking and countering each other with amazing speed. Despite their seemingly superhuman movements, Apolline and Zaelia stared at one another with unflinching concentration. Pink irises gazed into back into midnight blue; they had already predicted the victor of their spar.
    Breaking from the fruitless effort of trying to wear her opponent's resistance down, Apolline dropped to the ground and spun with her other leg to sweep Zaelia's legs out from under her. Zaelia acted at the same time and spun before leaping into a back flip to avoid her friend's attack and countering with an axe kick aimed at her shoulder. Apolline held herself up one hand and shot her foot up to kick away Zaelia's heel with hers, throwing the other girl off balance. The momentum caused some shock on her end and a red bruise began to develop on the pale skin of the blunette's foot.
    Zaelia leaned back and caught herself with her hands and pushed her body back into a standing position; Apolline followed suit. The combatants spared no second look as they ran at each other.
    Apolline tried to bait Zaelia in with a series of alternating sidekicks that were easily blocked and jumped up to throw a diagonally upwards kick. She avoided by spinning to duck, and then uncoiling like a snake, Zaelia jumped up to throw a spin kick that instead of taking Apolline's head off, merely brushed her toes over her opponent's forehead as she jerked her head backwards. The blunette did not pause, using her momentum to spin around and continue her assault. Apolline was unaware that she was being forced into a corner until she realized space to maneuver was getting limited. Zaelia smirked as she threw a push kick aimed at the girl's sternum.
    Her pink eyes widened in surprise, but thinking quickly, the silver-haired girl jumped high and spread her arms and legs to hold her in place in the corner. Zaelia's missed attack blew out the bit of corner she struck, leaving a large hole there. Apolline took a leap from her position on the wall and threw a kick with both feet; unfortunately, Zaelia had moved fast enough to jump back only inches from where her kick would have hit and leaned on her hands to shoot her legs up around Apolline's neck and swing her body backwards, slamming her to the ground.
    After some few minutes of panting and trying to keep her blurred vision from getting any worse by blinking repeatedly, Apolline noticed that her friend hadn't relinquished her straddling position above her.
    "Your glasses are crooked." She said, wiping sweat from her brow.
    "Would you fix them for me?"
    Zaelia obliged, and even cleaned them with the sleeve of her sweater before putting them back on.
    Apolline nodded and said, "Thanks."
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