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A story for those into beatings(mostly BP)

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by dunla, Feb 3, 2012.

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    An untitled story

    The phone rang again, and I fumbled through the navy blue blanket to find it. I hated being woken up for any reason-this included. So as I pulled the small black cordless phone from the wild mess of blanket and laundry, I turned the ringer off, and laid back down, trying to get back to sleep. Too late though-and in a matter of minutes, I was up again, groggily checking the phone's caller ID.

    Telemarketing... simply put, the legal form of harassment. I squeezed out a light yawn, as I pushed myself up and out of bed. Outside of the blanket, my pajamas were drenched in sweat, and the chill ran from my skin to my spine as I went to my old dresser, staggering through disorganized laundry. I picked out a sky blue tank top and faded black jeans. My friends always criticized me for my fashion-because I'm 'not with the times', personally, I can't be fucked with the times though. I just like what I like...

    My hair was wild as shit, and I was still pale as ever. My eyes were like emeralds under my ruby hair-which offset my paper skin in a manner I found most unpleasant...but my skin never tanned. It was always my biggest flaw, in my head. Some of my friends would argue it's that I'm so boyish...but I don't especially care if that WAS unappealing. I always figured guys liked it when they had a girl they could talk with anyway.

    As I stepped out of the shower, the phone rang again, and I quickly wrapped a towel around myself and hurried back to my room-anticipating that it was finally the call I was waiting for. It was.

    "Samantha, get your ass over here! It's 3, you slept an extra two hours?"
    "Work was rough as fuck-I only got like 4 hours with those extra two."

    Matt laughed, and I continued.

    "And you were supposed to wake me up, dick!"
    "Yeah yeah-just hurry up, David and Blaine gotta go to work in a bit-I don't want you to miss them."
    "Alright-I'm on the way."

    I hung up the phone, and went back to the bathroom, to get my clothes. As I removed the towel, I looked briefly in the mirror again. I was blushing-the only time there was color in my cheeks. My body was slender for the most-as pale as my face, and the only outstanding part of me to other girls would be my abs-though I've seen better, and the slight definition in my arms. Still, I know that I'm attractive enough to a lot of guys...I'm just not what I want of myself.

    No guy I've ever been with even thought I was the cuddly type for an instant, either they looked at me as another guy, or a piece of ass, and I hated it. For that if nothing else, I wish maybe my breasts were just a little bigger-my figure was just a little more curvy...maybe that I could be a little softer...but I'm happy with the way I live, so I'm not willing to change that. I just hate the ultimatum of boy or whore.

    Not that I AM a whore-actually I'm still a virgin, which-at 19 is a feat to most females.

    Matt was my best friend since 7th grade, and I'm 19 now. He's never seen me as a man, or some other random slutty bitch. He's the only guy to have been there when I cried, the only one to believe I really would. He never tried to get in my pants either-I don't think he ever wanted to, and he's the only guy to have ever stood up for me. When I was sad he would hold me when we were younger-we'd cuddle-he was the only person who would, and he'd listen to all of my sad stories no matter how shallow they were, and never repeated a word of them.

    That, if nothing else, is why I feel the way I do about him. I've always felt we were meant to be more than friends, I just didn't know if he felt the same-and I couldn't risk losing him to the whims of a shallow desire.

    I pushed through the double doors, out of breath from having run all the way, to avoid missing the show. A tall, thin guy in a striped red and black shirt under a dark blue vest with short black hair and unusual piercing red eyes become my priority in the poor lighting through the crowd. It wasn't long before I found him-running up behind him and jumping on his back-forcing an opening in the crowd as I pulled back, locking him in a tight choke hold-his attempt to gasp for air turned into a suffocated cough instantly.

    "The fuck's up with calling me late, dude?"
    "Goddammit Sam!"
    "Punk ass can't breathe?" Blaine laughed.

    Blaine was the biggest fucker I've ever met. He's scary as shit, but I'm sure he's never meant to be that way. His voice always booms and he towers over everyone with muscles in his God damn hair even-well, if he'd had any. He had a crush on me when we first met, even though that wouldn't work out, he's one of the nicest people I've ever met, when he's not being a dick. In my sophomore year of high school, I broke his nose for grabbing my ass-now he's 3 sizes bigger...I'm about the same size.

    "What, bitch?"
    "Aw, getting man-handled by a girl...again." Blaine continued to laugh.

    I was caught off guard and my voice jumped a bit when Matt elbowed me in the stomach, it didn't even hurt though. I pulled him back and tightened my hold on him.

    "That all you got, bitch?"
    "Sam, come ON!"

    He elbowed me harder-and I started to feel it, so I let him go.

    "A whole 3 years, and you haven't changed at ALL..." Matt stated flatly, as he turned and looked at me.

    His eyes were fixed and focused on me longer than any time they'd been before then, before he returned to his usually spaced, thoughtful look. I took it in, hoping for significant signs, but as always I could never read any signs of affection in him.

    "Kinda hurt there, asshole." I raised my top slightly, and rubbed my stomach a bit.

    My abs were firm, but not impenetrable. Matt cast a side long glance at my body, then placed his fist on my stomach, and pushed it in gently.

    "Still working your way to manhood hm?"
    "Still working your way to womanhood?"

    He kept his hand there for a second, so I pulled the top up a little more, from over his hand, showing a little more of my stomach. At that, he quickly pulled his hand back.

    "My bad, I wasn't paying attention..." He blushed, and I dropped my shirt back.
    "Whatever, you know you liked it."

    He laughed again, then Blaine interrupted.

    "Hey, I'll say it-that's pretty damn hot. Just don't start looking like a man."

    I then remembered where we were, as I heard a song end. The band on stage was in black leather-usual rocker attire...they were a pretty generic sounding local band, the kind of shit that never interests me, personally. As they begin to introduce their next song, I addressed Matt again.

    "Hey, where's David?"
    "You just missed him, but we'll see him tomorrow too, if you're on time, that is."
    "It's your birthday, I wouldn't miss it for the world...

    He started to say something, but the crowd went crazy for the band-our conversation was now totally on hold. I wished like hell they'd have just played another acoustic. But with the ear splitting silence, I wrapped myself around Matt's arm, and I felt him jump slightly, then I stood close to his ear.

    "I missed you so much..."

    I layed my head on his chest, and he wrapped his other arm around me. I then smiled as I looked at Blaine as he mouthed 'Matt and Sam sittin' in a tree', gesturing to the words as if that'd make him any more clear. I was just happy to finally have this moment back. The same place as always, the same people... something warm and familiar. After these last three years I didn't know what I was going to do without...this.

    Matt and Blaine shared an apartment, at the time, a neat, well-kept place, which was pretty surprising considering Blaine lived there. I guess Matt did all the cleaning. When we finally got back to the apartment, Blaine had already left for work, and so it was just me and Matt. The whole of the car ride home we swapped stories, talked like close friends-it was as if all the past three years never happened. Even talking about it with him, it never got awkward or depressing-the words kept flowing the entire time...

    "Hey, you still have that scar from when Pat cracked you with the bat?"
    "Why?" He was slightly surprised, but tilted his head for me.

    The scar was hidden beneath his hair-but It was still there, a long wild gash with tell-tale signs of poor stitching.

    "He was such a dick..."
    "He was your dad, though. He's gone now, fuck it..."

    Matt punched me softly in the stomach.

    "You still box?"
    "Nah-I got enough equipment at my place now-fuck the gym."
    "Well then, you've grown the fuck up since last I saw you on your own, didn't you? I hit my damn funny bone elbowing you...shit's not funny."
    "Nor is that shit-corny bastard."
    "Ha. I've been hitting the gym with Blaine since you left."
    "Oh REALLY now? So you DID decide you were a man?"
    "Hey dammit. I'll make my decision when you do."

    I laughed a bit.

    "So Blaine make you wrestle him yet?"
    "Do I LOOK stupid?"
    "I hate trick questions, man."
    "But I can bench at least 150 now, feeling proud."

    Already half dressed, I took in his body-he WAS gaining form. He was so damn skinny last time I'd seen him I could probably kill him blowing too hard in his direction-now though his pecs stood out-his arms looked thicker...he was coming along great.

    "Matt's a hottie now? I thought you LIKED being a geek..."
    "Now I'm a super geek!"

    He jumped up, and did a dramatic flex pose-and as quick as he did, I fired a hard right dead in the center of his stomach, and he still collapsed under the blow, doubling over-then trying to play it off.

    "More like super bitch!"
    "Hey, you'd drop if someone hit you like that. Admit it."
    "Wanna bet?"
    "Fuck yeah."
    "Then try me." I stood up, and he took a step back, raising a hand to keep me back.
    "I c-can't just.."

    We heard the door to the front unlock, and I saw Matt smirk a bit-and my heart sank.

    We raced out of his bedroom to greet Blaine as he walked in. Blaine in a purple t-shirt and black jeans was a comic image in itself I noted, as I beat Matt to him by a split second. As Matt began to speak, I cut him off.

    "WELCOME TO TACO BELL, THE TERMINATOR WILL TAKE YOUR ORDAH!" I spewed, and Blaine's face was as humored as my joke was humorous.
    "Aww...hard day at work, big guy?"

    I pushed to keep the conversation going-to keep drowning out Matt.

    "I'm just tired-closing is bullshit."
    "I get you, man. I won't hold you-night!"
    "HOLD THE FUCK UP!" Matt yelled out over me-thwarting me.
    "LALALALA" I tried to talk over him, childishly-but he continued.
    "Me and SaMAAANtha over there have a little wager. She says she's got these abs of steel and nobody-including you can drop her...him...it."

    Blaine rammed his gigantic fist towards my midsection quick, and I put my hands up and stopped the impact as best I could. I heard Matt laugh a bit, so I punched him in the shoulder, he rubbed his arm.

    "See? She thinks she's unstoppable!"
    "You said you were tired, dude!"
    "I can do this real fast, before I go to bed."

    Matt locked me into a full nelson from behind.

    "Get her, big guy!"
    "This is BULLSHIT!"

    I backed Matt into a wall-then from there he refused to budge-he held me as tight as he could-and he HAD gotten a lot stronger over the years-I couldn't get loose, and from the wall I couldn't move him, my feet were hardly even touching the carpet. Blaine was there quick-lining up how he wanted to hit me-I felt a shock through my gut just from the thought, panicked, and lifted my legs to cover my stomach. I twisted and struggled against them as Blaine struggled to get my legs down and Matt struggled to keep me up. I considered screaming rape-but I half worried someone in the apartment complex might take me seriously.

    "Goddammit Matt-I'm a girl!" I began grasping for straws.
    "When'd THAT start?"
    "I didn't hit you as hard as this fucker! Blaine, I thought you didn't hit girls!?"

    Blaine pressed his fist against my stomach, then pushed it in deep, starting a deep, slow ache and keeping me from breathing in. Desperately, I wrapped my legs around his arm tighter-keeping him from pulling back-just the thought of the impact had me shuttering.

    "You're just one of the guys."
    "Yeah, cept...with boobs. Dick."

    He twisted his fist upwards, and I felt the air seeping out of me-despite trying to brace my stomach as hard as I could.

    "Come on Sam, unless you like this as much as I do, you'll just get it over with."

    I let my legs drop the same time as Blaine decided to give a rest, fortunately.

    "Seriously? You like this?"
    "Yeah, sure..." He let out a half assed laugh.
    "He means Riding YOU like a bitch from behind, for once!" Joked Blaine, suddenly full of life, despite wanting to just 'sleep'.
    "You're fuckin' weird...let me go."
    "So you can bitch out of it?"
    "So I can get it over with, and go to bed."

    He slowly loosened his grip, so I ripped free of him to speed up his slow process. He walked around me- behind, and slightly to the side of the taconator. I raised my arms over my head, with my back against the wall, then took a deep breath, and exhaled, and closed my eyes.

    "Fuck, I wasn't serious-"
    "UUUUGHH!" I cried out louder than I meant to, and my legs buckled.
    "Oh shit..." I barely even heard Matt...

    I caught myself without dropping-without doubling over, like I said I wouldn't earlier-but all I could see was the grey rug beneath me and everything under my chest down to my waist wanted to fold-and I wanted my kneel for a moment at least-he'd hit me dead in the center-and I could feel waves of ache radiating from around my bellybutton, as I forced myself upright again. This time, I released a deeper cry as his gigantic fist connected under my ribs, with a strong, sickening impact.

    I collapsed. There was no thinking about it or resisting it, until I was there and trying to pull in air-I couldn't even gasp-and I was sure I looked stupid curled up there in the fetal position. I felt Matt's hand on my back, and heard Blaine laughing-which pissed me the fuck off. But I couldn't say anything. I felt so helpless locked there...

    "I'm SO fucking sorry-I didn't think he'd do it! I was kidding! Are you okay?"
    "Well I got my laugh for the night...I'm going to bed." Blaine muttered.
    "A-Ass" I tried to get out, but no air was coming, it was hardly more than mouthed.
    "You're an ass, man." Matt said it for me.
    "She broke my nose a month into knowing her. She's acting like she's never been winded before."

    Fucking asshole. I tried to scream it, without thinking-I managed to weakly utter 'asshole' which was an accomplishment to itself to me. Blaine walked out of sight, casually, while Matt continued to try and console me.

    "I think I'm gonna throw up..." I sounded like such a little bitch...
    "Come on, lets at least get you off the floor..."

    Matt grabbed me by my arm, and guided me to the couch, and I forced myself to lay flat on my back, resting on hand on my aching gut. I could breathe well enough to speak at this point, but my voice wasn't steady. I'd calmed down a bit-but I still felt pathetic...I guess that couldn't be helped.

    Matt sat on the arm of the couch, near my head.

    "I already said I didn't know he'd do it. The hell do you wanna hear?"

    We sat in silence for a moment.

    "Doesn't matter. You seriously like crap like that?"
    "...Yeah, why?"

    I didn't respond.

    "I know it's weird. I don't like... go around hitting people or anything, and I'd never hit a girl, you know? Unless she actually liked it too or something, I mean. I don't know why I like it-I know it's not remotely normal-"
    "You like what you like, right? Everyone has their quirks. I was just asking, don't worry about it."

    He shifted uncomfortably, and I felt the couch move a bit. I still felt a little nauseous, but I went on and sat up-it didn't hurt, but it still kind of felt like Blaine's fist was still in my stomach. Matt sat beside me once I gave him the room.

    "You feel okay?"
    "A little sick, but fine."

    Matt put his hand flat against my stomach.

    "So did you like that just now?"
    "I was a LITTLE more focused on rather you were okay."
    "So is that a no?"
    He sighed, "I did...sorry. It's not like I'm attracted to you though. We have an amazing friendship, I wouldn't wanna risk ruining that-and I'm not your type, I know-plus the newest discovery..."
    "If you had a chance to hit me then, would you?"
    "Sam-I JUST said-"
    "I'm just asking. I'm not into being beaten."
    "...I dunno, shit..."
    "Okay, where the hell's the shower?"

    They had a shower/bath-so I opted for a bath. I stood in the mirror first, and removed my top, staring at my body-my stomach in particular. I could see the defined red marks where Blaine made impact, one just on my belly button, and one just under my ribs, exactly. That one was significantly more pronounced-though both stood out against my natural pale tone. They'd be gone by the morning-Blaine was right; this wasn't the first time I've been hit. I've been into MMA for 5 years, and before that I was boxing since I was 9. I was good enough to move on and spar with-then fight guys since I was 12.

    None, however- were as big as him.

    I sat in the warm water, and just thought to myself-reflecting on the past few years, again. Good ol' pa was a drinking man, and a very physical one. I hardly had friends growing up with him for a father-he scared most of them away. He actually broke a bat attacking Matt for simply being there when he got home from work. Good ol' ma always stayed with the drunk shit though-I guess she was a dumb shit. On my sixteenth birthday he got really drunk, and my mother decided then that she'd leave, that night. This story ends with him shooting her in the face, and trying to shoot me-I manage to get away, and I'm homeless.

    There wasn't a moment of living like that I didn't wish I could talk to Matt-or anyone I knew, for that matter. I believe it was then though, that I accepted just how strongly I felt for him. I was a wreck of self pity and I had turned into a reclusive brat. I was too proud to be a bum-I managed to steal instead.

    Eventually the police would catch up with me, but not to arrest me-but to tell me my dad had committed suicide-and I was heir to everything. I sold the old house. The instant I got my own place-my own phone, I called Matt...

    I'm financially secure now-but I work anyway-because I don't like to think that it's related to my father. Matt's the only person who knows this all, of course. Recalling this all just reminded me how important it was to try-I had to at least try to be with him-and make the most of the time we had. I'm too used to thinking I could die any second to worry about every little repercussion-I'd rather live life, and the only thing left losing I give a rat's ass about losing anymore is him.

    I slept in a white camisole and shorts-the same thing I'd run away in, ironically-I had just been woken up by my mom then, had no time to get dressed. I guess I'd gotten used to it-still was getting out of the habit. I used to sleep in the same bed as Matt in his room-tonight I decided I'd stick with the couch. I didn't want to make things more awkward for him than they already were.

    "Change of plans tonight?"

    The light flipped on, and I groaned loudly, I was just getting to sleep.

    "What the fuck, dude?"
    "Sorry, if you were sleep. I just wanted to talk, really fast."
    "About what?" I didn't bother to sit up.

    I saw him standing near the light switch on the wall, so I sat up a bit-still slouched against one arm of the couch so that he could sit down. He complied without instruction.

    "I just wanted to apologize, if something I said earlier might've offended you..."
    "Matt, I gotta say...you're acting like a real pussy right about now."

    First we sat in silence for a moment, then slowly he started to laugh to himself.

    "Sounds like you. I just don't want you to get the wrong idea...you're amazing-and I'm...weird, but I don't wanna do anything to endanger our friendship."

    I went on and sat up, then laid across his lap, opposite to how I was. I stretched my arms up, over my head-and with my back propped up in his lap, I revealed my stomach in a way that might normally be out of character for me, and I felt him tremble ever so slightly beneath me.

    "So...those are the bruises, huh?" He tried to distract himself.
    "Hit me."
    "You said you like it right? Then I want you to do it."

    He rubbed his hand on my stomach again-a habit he's always done I was beginning to understand.

    "Are you sure? This doesn't feel right..."

    I didn't budge, until I felt his body jerk, and anticipated the punches-he threw three. One hit me in my left side, the other two didn't sink in, though the pressure of the impact on my plexus on the third punch sent a slight familiar ache through me again-and my voice trembled momentarily as I spoke.


    He was throbbing beneath me-I could feel it-and it was nice to know, but uncomfortable digging into my back. In any event, it was enough to distract me when he threw his next punch, connecting just above my belly button as I was breathing in-he locked my lungs. The next punch, landing directly in my plexus with considerable more force pushed the air out of me in a muted cry as I forced my mouth to stay shut. My body jumped in response, so I wrapped around his shoulders while he fired off 4 more punches, all landing generally in the middle-though none of them doing significant damage.

    "I thought you said you didn't like this kinda thing?"
    "For you, I think I could learn to like it."

    I rested my head on his shoulder as I sat up in his lap-and he pushed his fist in and out of my stomach, playing with it.

    "Your stomach's pretty firm, and perfe-"
    "Sounds like you're talking about boobs."

    He laughed, then tried to get up-I moved so he could.

    "I just don't know if this is right..."
    "You're just supposed to be a friend..."
    "We both want more. Don't be such a picky bitch on me."
    "If it didn't work out-who knows how it could affect our friendship?"

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    When I awoke in the morning, I was covered by a blanket, and Blaine was in the recliner across from me, watching some or other reality show on a medium sized TV.
    When I awoke in the morning, I was covered by a blanket, and Blaine was in the recliner adjacent from me, watching some or other reality show on a medium sized TV. He wore a biker jacket with a red muscle shirt beneath, and black jeans...something you usually only see in movies. I assumed the blanket was a parting gift from Matt, since he had work and likely left before now.

    "Hey, last night I didn't hurt you too bad, did I?"
    "Huh? Why?"

    Blaine looked away from the TV, and he locked his eyes on mine-looking for a reaction to his next words.

    "Matt flipped shit this morning on me-he's NEVER flipped out like that before-I guess I hurt you more than I thought."
    "Just bruises-I let you do it, so don't worry about it."
    "I know you did. Since when do I hit people based on hearsay?"
    "Yeah, I know..."
    "I kinda thought Matt would stop me anyway, you know. I guess not though-he put me up to it..."

    I rubbed my stomach under the blanket, feeling the superficial soreness from the bruises, Blaine left his mark-Matt however had not, which was just fine.

    "I just wanted to apologize, though. My bad..."
    "Dude...it's cool."

    I've always been comfortable around Matt-we've been friends since I hardly had anything WORTH hiding...Blaine was a different story, however. I sat there in an uncomfortable silence, as he watched TV for a moment, before deciding to just go get my stuff from Matt's room, at least-wrapped in the blanket.

    "Hey, what the hell do we do until 6?"
    "Are you fuckin' serious?"
    "Getting stuck here was your own damn fault."

    I sighed, exasperated, and stuck in front of a TV as cheesiest shit aired. We'd been sitting for two hours watching old reruns of fucking Power Rangers-returning to your youth is one thing-but Blaine was way too into this...which is priceless in its own light, he could swallow any of the characters on screen whole. It's rather priceless that he would somehow find a marathon of this shit...he had a knack for being a consistently odd asshole.

    "Fuck this, man, I'm hungry."
    "Bitch, the kitchen's RIGHT there." Blaine gestured to the area without carpet, a stove, and a fridge.
    "I can't cook for shit-lets go get something."
    "Can't, broke."

    I heard the theme song start again, and felt slightly nauseated.

    "I'll pay. Just drive."

    We went to a 'Hardees' a few blocks away-a bit further than Blaine wanted to go, but there was no TV on there. I don't recall my order, I wasn't especially hungry. We sat across from eachother, so I could lie in the booth as I waited to hear our order.

    "This is fuckin' boring..." Blaine whined-slouching in his seat, "I'm missing my marathon for THIS?"
    "For free food? Yes. I'm sorry. Ass. I don't MEAN to feed you."
    "Such a bitch..." Blaine put his head down.

    I saw David as he walked in, in a green Jersey and shorts-he'd let himself go, had a bit of a gut...and he wasn't exactly cleanly shaven anymore. He looked JUST like one of those guys who never grows up-jewfro and all...ever since I met him though, that's all he ever was. I never really liked him-just tolerated his presence since he came with Matt and Blaine. When he came in, I stayed as I was, filling my side of the table in the hopes he would sit by Blaine instead.

    "DUUUDE am I gonna GET to sit down?" He stopped right over my feet-I pointed at Blaine's booth.
    "Blaine I gotta say, this is one rude ass bitch..."

    I sighed-and sat up reluctantly-slouching now with my back angled between the wall and seat, and he let himself drop almost as fast as I move into the seat. Part of me wanted to kick my leg back up-and hit him dead in the face-but I dropped it on to the floor anyway. Blaine laughed to himself-he had no clue how irritating this fat fuck was.

    "You don't recognize Sam, man?"
    "Sam. Samantha, dumbass!"

    He looked at my face-then his eyes drifted down, which was a tad repulsive-but he found his way back to my face-then eyes.

    "Oh HOLY SHIT! NO FUCKIN WAY!" He punched me in the shoulder.
    "You filled OUT girl, goddamn! I hardly recognized you at ALL."

    He snatched me forward and trapped me in a hug-I wanted to bite a chunk out of his neck, but he might actually have liked it. Plus he smelled like shit-I might've gotten an infection...

    "It's been like 5 years-can't show your bro no love? He grabbed my ass suddenly-I pushed him off of me.

    David laughed as loud, and obnoxiously as ever and I choked back the growing urge to punch him in the face.

    "I'm just messin with you girl, chill-we're cool right?"

    He made a fist and slow motion punched me in the face, before I pushed his hand away.

    "Hey, you still do that boxin' shit?"

    I didn't respond, Blaine decided to cut in.

    "That's a damn good question."
    "I swear you used to be like a man, waaaay back when."

    I sighed-then pushed past him to check on our order. Our food had been there and gotten cold-the worker simply shook her head as I got there.

    "Can't hear anything over him, can you?"
    "Not a damn thing..."

    She laughed, and I took our tray back to the table-I sat it down in front of Blaine-then went back to take my seat-David blocked me. I sighed for a moment-just tired of his utterly obnoxious nature, and figured I'd go sit on Blaine's side. Naturally, I neglected to think it'd be that simple to deal with David's simple ass-as I turned, I moved directly into a hard punch which almost instantly collapsed my lungs. The only immediate sound competing with the impact of the blow was my voice as it drug out for a bit-I caught my balance with my back against a table-and it took me a second to pull some air back in. Even if only for a few seconds though, it hurt-and I realized there was a crowd on me now. I was gonna fucking hurt David, at this point-my patience was totally done.

    "I'm not as much of a wimp as I used to be, right? I got a mean ass right now...right?" He laughed.

    Blaine put his head down and covered his face-at least he knew better...

    "So how about it?" David started, "quick friendly round?"

    He jumped up, and threw some half assed punches around in the air-showing off his ridiculously pitiful form, and I took a tight southpaw stance-my guard tight, as he moved in, smiling to himself. He threw in a straight left, I swayed further left, just under it and threw a light left to his ribs-buckling his body-then I came up with a hard right hook, hitting him in the face and flatlining him, in one fluid motion. He banged his head on the corner of a booth on his way down-and I briefly considered kicking him-I decided not to make it an issue worth reporting to the police. Everyone was silent now, just being in the restaurant was likely to cause a call to the cops, so I walked out. On the way, I heard people asking David and Blaine if they should call the cops.

    "FUCK! You're still a goddamn man-I swear..."

    David held a Ziploc bag of ice on his immensely reddened cheek-courtesy of the restaurant.

    "You don't wanna get hit don't hit."
    "Hey, remember when we used to go to the gym?" Blaine cut in.
    "You used to love boxing people didn't you? You were an unofficial champion of the ring."
    "Nah, that one dude beat me...well...like a fuckin' man."
    "He was a man, and you were 14." He laughed, "but seriously...we oughtta go back, got nothing better to do anyway right? I can watch you win a few, unless you wanna go back to the apartment-my marathon ain't over yet."

    The gym still smelled of piss. The blue-gray boxing ring trembled under the weight of two bulky guys laying into eachother inside, and the walls were still peeling beige messes. It's all I saw the instant I stepped in really...the arena, and the walls surrounding it. The work out equipment didn't matter, not the people talking or anything. I was...not to sound dramatic, but BURNING to be in the ring. It was my favorite place to be really-and I had forgotten just how much I loved it until I was there again-looking at it. The thick ropes I used to back my foes against-that I would use to support myself when my knees buckled...even the pain I felt in that fucking square was passion for me. Total piss and passion...

    "David, look at her-tell me that ain't one happy lookin chick!" They both laughed.

    I was fucking daydreaming...damn. I hurriedly walked to the ring, and away from them, and watched the guys in the ring go at it. They were obviously friends-pulling punches...it was boring...actually kinda painful to watch. Upon closer inspection, they weren't friends...father and son. The boy was about my age-defined face...pretty damn toned-I'm sure most girls would think he was a babe...

    They stopped after a while.

    "Hey, look at that." The greying dad pointed at me, "We got a fan."
    "Heeeeyyy I think we DO!" The 'babe' sounded like he never hit puberty.
    "That actually looks like you guys were having fun-I was just wandering if I could have a go."

    They looked at eachother-both obviously amused at the idea.

    "Now I don't pull punches, little lady." The old man spoke.
    "Actually you were pulling them the whole time just now. I can name like 3 occasions for the last 30 seconds..."
    "Wow, you know your stuff, huh?" The boy spoke again-I simply nodded.
    "You try her, I'm gonna hit the bench for a bit-then maybe do some squats. REMEMBER: you already have a girlfriend."

    They laughed to eachother again-and the old man handed me his gloves, after grabbing his shirt and a towel, and going to the bathroom. As I put the gloves on, the 'babe' continued to mock me.

    "Sure you can move in that?"

    I was in a red tank top and black tripp pants-all the chains and spikes removed. The kind of thing you build an insane sweat in-I was looking forward to that feel though.

    "We'll find out, right?" He laughed at my response.
    "Hey, babe!"

    A fairly thick girl on the punching bags came over to the ring-in a sports top and trunks-obviously into boxing as well. She had a helmet on, and black gloves suiting the rest of her outfit.

    "I got a fight for ya! But take it easy on her, kay? She's pretty small..."

    The girl didn't say a thing, just climbed into the ring-so I did the same thing. Her boy-toy started the fight-and just like that the world fell away. I had no mouthpiece, helmet or any protective equipment on whatsoever-but I was GOING to do this. My opponent looked just as determined as me.

    She thrusted her arm out in a quick, light jab-and I met her fist with my own, a quick test of my reflexes-she repeated two more times, before she stepped in hard and swung a hard right hook that I swayed out of. She was solid-but her legs were weak, she had to throw her whole body into anything she did-her arms were fast, but her body was sluggish. She couldn't keep up with me. THIS...was why I hated fighting girls. Totally tactless with their physical ability.

    She threw a hard straight left that I swayed right from-then she swung an awkward uppercut-almost making me eat my previous thought. In stepping back I felt my back against the ropes-and she saw her opportunity to rush in and slammed a hard uppercut into my stomach. It didn't even hurt, but I let myself clinch to her anyway, my arms wrapped high on her shoulders as if embraced to her-and I let her fire more shots into my midsection.

    "Harder." I whispered in her ear-and I felt her body jump in response.

    She slammed another as hard as she could into my stomach, one that I felt, as I staggered back to the ropes-and my stomach ached and pulsed with the feeling.

    I only briefly savored the feel before she swung a haymaker with her all for my face-and against the rope-I ducked-and came up with a hard uppercut-she wasn't as solid as she looked-and I felt my fist slide deep inside of her and spittle all over my face. Her jaw was limp and her defenses dropped as she curled around my fist-and disgusted now, I swung my own haymaker a hard right which sent her spiraling straight to the mat.

    "HOLY SHIT!" The boy-toy's outcry woke me out of my daze.
    "So maybe now I can try you on for size?"

    Time passed for a bit without his response-his girl helped herself out of the ring, eventually. He offered her no help-he was more busy sizing me up, if that was even what he was doing...

    "Heh...alriiiight-but I'm not about to pull any punches..."

    He took his shirt off to show off-he was a big guy, but nothing to Blaine-and from what I saw earlier his form was total shit. He was something impressive to his woman, and that was fine-I personally was taken neither with his appearance, or his nature. I leaned casually against the ropes, waiting for him to get in. Once in, he began stretching his arms and working his shoulders-like he was about to do a lot of hard work. He didn't put wear a helmet OR put in a mouthpiece-he still wasn't taking me too seriously. I waited for him to beckon with his glove-holding it out for me, and so when he did, I immediately made contact with his glove.

    I threw a straight left in the instant he began pulling his glove away, and he staggered, caught off guard. He laughed a little to himself-but he was visibly annoyed-which was what I wanted.

    As he stepped up again, point blank range from me-he threw a lazy straight back at my face-and I turned my neck a little-moving out of it, before hitting him with another hard, straight left right in the mouth-he gritted his teeth and threw another, with the same results.

    He swung a hard right almost as quick as I hit him, and I ducked it just barely-then quickly dashed to his side as he tried to throw a straight where he thought he'd pinned me. As he turned, I hit him with another straight left-and jumped back as he swung a right with all he had-the instant his arm passed I leaned forward and hit him with a left jab again, and it felt almost as if he were looking at me in hatred...but I know that meant he was starting to take me seriously. He was too big not to take seriously at the same though.

    He backed me into a corner-and swung a hard right-most of his arm catching the turnbuckle itself as I straightened myself right behind him. As he swung his body back around at me, growling-I ducked as I weaved forward, and slammed a hard right into his right side-he threw a left straight back down at me, and I weaved far left, his momentum ripped him forward, and I slammed another shot directly into his kidneys-I raised my arms, without much moving room to just take the next shot. His backhand sent me to the ropes to the right of me, not behind me-and before I had my balance back-I leaned out of a straight punch, and continued the backing motion as he swung another predictable backhand-I did NOT however, predict running again into the turnbuckle-and as soon as my back met that he flattened me against it-his fist digging upwards in my stomach and through any muscle-my feet potentially having left the ground. In the impact I heard my initial cry-the air being pushed through my vocal cords-then I heard the sigh when your lungs do the last emptying themselves-this was my fault, for not taking him seriously...

    As I tried to double over-he came up with an uppercut throwing my body straight again-then a hook sent me staggering across the ropes-the instant I caught myself on the turnbuckle across from me, his glove slammed again dead center in my mid-section-but there was still no air to push out-just a whimper. He did it again-and I felt myself heave, quickly growing more nauseated-and for a moment my momentum was cut. He swung his right hand this time at the back of my head-and I used the moment to dodge out heading towards, and behind him. There's no room to savor the match with him trying to kill me, so I guess I'd have to wrap it up.

    He turned towards me, and prepared to resume his rampage-and as he swung his right, I moved to the left, and forward as his momentum came towards me-then I sent a straight right into his face-as he staggered where I was. Upon swinging back again I swayed hard to the left-as he arm went over my head my fist went into the side of his, throwing him with his momentum to the floor.

    With his body, his temper collapsed as well, and he slowly started laughing to himself, while I pressed into my upper belly, breathing slowly. My jaw felt unhinged and my head was spinning slightly-but that would pass as I adjusted to the slowing of my adrenaline. As my adrenaline died down, I began to feel the chill of being saturated in sweat. The 'boy toy' rolled over, flat on his back, and I kinda laughed to myself at this point, as well.

    "Chick's not bad then, I take it?" The old man's voice rang clear as he came into view, a towel draped over his shoulder."
    "She's somethin' else, pops." Who TALKS like that anymore?

    The old man scrambled into the ring, and smacked his son upside the head.

    "Lemme see your gloves, I gotta see this."
    "Actually...can I get a few minutes? He got a few good ones in, I feel a bit sick..."
    "So I know what's weak now-just keep working the body, huh?"

    Truth be told, I wasn't interested in boxing the old fucker before he said that-not that I thought he'd suck, I just would rather...not box someone when I'd started to feel taxed from prior matches. But just the thought he was going to take this as seriously as I would made it seem so much more worth it, for me.

    Gloves touched, then he raised his arm again, in the slow gesture of a punch-I met gloves with him quickly again. He threw a faint-leaving his arm lingering-and met his glove again, undaunted or swayed by his bluff.

    Then I was totally caught off guard when he threw another bluff the same way, instead carrying his fist all the way around and catching me with a right hook-I staggered a few steps backward, then returned fire with a hook of my own, he swayed backwards on me, and I watched my own fist sail just before his nose without making contact-the old man simply pulls back in with a right straight, and I lean towards it, pulling to the right at the last moment-and pulling my whole body to the left as I bring my right straight for his face-with his momentum going, I was sure I had him-so my body was completely unbraced as I heard myself cry out when his left hand rammed the air from me again-and I fell on him to keep myself from collapsing for a moment.

    "You're good...but two things-never forget your opponent's arms are longer than yours-and never assume they're right handed."

    I'd just fallen against some of the most obvious principles in boxing...suffice to say I was disappointed in myself-but I didn't have room to be hard on myself, because I'd left myself open to anything he might do to stop my thoughts from flowing-and as he slammed into me again, my legs quit, and I collapsed to my knees and the fetal position, gasping. All of my adrenaline was shot, and I was sure I was close to puking-I couldn't even swallow the lump in my throat. I felt more scared of throwing up than embarrassed for the situation, and this was the first time this had ever happened to me.

    This was just not my day-I've never had this kind of trouble dealing with people-I guess my time out of practice had made me rusty...

    "Sorry, maybe we should call it a quits."

    I didn't want that. It's about all I could say-not even on a reasonable level-but I didn't want it to end with me gasping on the floor like a little bitch-and somehow those words alone gave me the will to stand again. I still couldn't breathe-I still felt sick...

    The old bastard fired a light jab at my gut again-and I shielded myself with both hands, irrationally petrified-he brought a straight left up and punched me right in the nose-then again with a right, sending me staggering-I was feeling lightheaded, but I hated the way it was going-I had to make an attempt. As he approached I threw a hard left he leaned out of-I made a quick dash for the right-anticipating his punch, which came as I expected-a hard left much like a clothesline that I went under-and swung a hard right, knocking the old man off balance-sending him staggering.
    I still couldn't feel myself breathing-my waist was tight and the only thing I had going for me was a really warped sense of adrenaline.

    Taking advantage of the momentum being on my side- I rushed in with another punch-one he ducked-and I pulled my body away as he shot his left towards it, throwing myself off balance as I realized it was another feint-and his uppercut connected-and I staggered back against the ropes-and held on. I wanted to know that I COULD touch him-in this condition I couldn't have beat him-but at my best, maybe...

    He slammed a hard right in my stomach as I sat there against the ropes-and brought the world momentarily back into focus for me, and I fell forward-unable to stop myself. He caught me, and pushed me back against the ropes and fired two more shots off, the latter must've been with his all-it felt like my insides caught fire and I turned my body away. My legs buckled in the process, and I collapsed against the turnbuckle, realizing I had yet to breathe. My vision was shot, but I could hear the old man, thought he sounded distant.

    "Damn, I really overdid it...sorry..."

    His voice started to blur out, and I began to black out. The pain started going numb, and the last thing from the moment I recalled was a sharp inhale before losing consciousness. I had forgotten I'd even been with David and Blaine until I came to in the apartment, on the couch again.

    It was cold-I was still in sweaty ass clothes. Trying to push aside thoughts of my new experiences, I immediately searched Matt's room where I left my bag-digging through my clothes for something to change into after I showered-it was almost 5, so in about two hours I'd be seeing Matt-I've never been so nervous to see him ever before-I'd almost entirely forgotten now that I had been beaten to the point of unconsciousness...
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    In hearing the faint laughter through the wall-I figured Blaine and David were in his room-the thought of David around with me showering made my skin crawl-and killed the enthusiasm in this process-I hurriedly just grabbed a black tank and jeans. If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m…slightly fond of the American goth/emo fashion-not the nature…but some of the clothing.

    I decided to take a bath this time with a locked door, more time from David, and relax for a while in the pleasant warm water…just relax for a while. My stomach growled-the only ache I had now was hunger…some soreness in my abdominal muscles, but nothing serious. No bruises except the now slightly reddened mark of Blaine’s previous work, and that no longer hurt.

    Since I was hungry, when I was done with my shower, I fixed myself a fairly fast snack-ham and cheese-I ate two plain sandwiches-before David smelled the meat and came out of his room-then I decided to go on a walk. Matt got off work in about an hour-and it was maybe a thirty minute walk to the Corner Pantry he worked at. It was nippy outside-I wished I’d worn something that covered more skin shortly after walking out-but I’d rather not have gone back in to see David. My arms were cold though-and if not for my bra, my nipples might’ve cut through my shirt(pardon the expression). My midriff was chilled-my shirt fit me loosely enough to be comparable to a camisole…

    The Bi-Lo was even more rag tag than last I’d seen it-the walls had massive cracks, roof was covered with water stains and most of the lights didn’t even work…obviously, this was a failing business. The stink of rotten meat permeated the air at first-just strong enough to make me feel slightly sick. So of course, the lack of people didn’t throw me off-last time I was here, the checkout counter was in the back…I only assumed it’d be the same.

    It was warm in the store-and despite the smell, I was more content inside rather than out. Above all else though, I was anticipating seeing Matt-we had to finish our discussion, I had to know where things stood between the two of us, and where they could go-as stupid as I normally find that style of thinking, It felt like that was what would make or break me and my future.

    As I arrived to the back of the store, I saw the register there, active…but abandoned. I waited for a bit near the chipped beige counter, first bored, then increasingly anxious-eager to see Matt. After several extensive moments of waiting in almost absolute silence, I became even more impatient, and it was then that I noticed the blood stain on the counter, from the cashier’s side.

    A million thoughts raced through my head-all at once, and then I felt sick and crushed almost all at once. I told myself to relax-the blood was probably just someone buying poorly packed meat-but it just didn’t feel likely. Maybe it was something from an accident-but then the register would’ve been closed…

    Something was wrong-and my heart sank into the pit of my stomach at just the thought of it. Following suit to panic-it was then that I noticed an employee’s only door flung wide open, something else Matt would never do. I rushed through the door without a moment’s hesitation, as fast as I could, and as loud as I could. I had no clue what to expect, but like the genius I am-I was driven by fear.

    “Who the fuck?”

    I heard voices as I thudded heavily between shelves and massive loads of boxes and a dusty dark green floor-and I was a moment too late in considering stopping-slamming arms first into a brick wall, I turned and saw Matt chained to a particularly loaded shelf, and I understood what was going on almost instantly-and I turned right just in time to see brass knuckles.

    The world went white for a moment, then I felt my back against something-I wasn’t sure if I was floored or to a wall. As my vision came in slowly- I saw my assailant through a blur walking towards me on the same plane as me-a sign my back was against the wall-he was looking to see if I was conscious. As he zeroed in, I held for a moment-then when he got close, I kicked off of the wall, and slammed my elbow straight upwards into his nose-or tried to. Just from the simple disorientation I was suffering, I managed to hit the top of his nose-likely breaking it instead-and as he fell backwards I knew he was still alive.

    No sooner than he hit the floor, I felt myself being ripped backwards by my hair-how many of these fuckers were there? I kicked my leg straight back, and then hooked it hard right-ramming my body weight backwards and flatlining the other assailant-I caught my balance again on the wall-then quickly moved back-out of his arm’s reach-then felt some pressure in my left shoulder-as my left arm went totally numb-and I staggered helplessly into a shelf. Catching myself with my right arm-I turned and saw the first assailant clearly, his right fist with brass knuckle-his left now holding a thick old fashioned pipe, bent near the tip.

    “Bitch can move…”
    My left arm felt broken, I couldn’t move it at all-so I’d have to be precise with the next few moves-the longer this drew out the less likely I could be of coming out on top.

    Both men edged towards me, being equally careful.

    With only a right arm functioning, I dashed a hard right, and as the hair pulling son of a bitch moved for me, I spun with a haymaker, slamming his own momentum plus mine into him-sending him facefirst into the shelf-collapsing it and burying him briefly in boxes. Just as quickly-the man with the pipe overtook me-and by reflex I bowed my head-then rammed it forward-slamming straight into his jaw line-upon staggering backwards I swept his left leg to the right-landing him flat on his left shoulder-and before he had time to react, I ripped the arm up as hard as I could, twisting it as fast as I slammed my foot into his ribs-and I felt it disconnect at the joints-popping loose as he screamed at the top of his lungs.

    I felt arms wrap around my waist-and then I was in the air, thrown backwards-the other man was strong. I landed first on my right hand-and the friction brought my feet to the ground-where I staggered to a stop-then rushed the hair puller-he put his right arm up-ready to back hand me-and I dropped beneath it as he swung-flat on my back-kicking my right leg back up into his balls from beneath, then pushing my weight on my right leg to his right thigh and my left to his left foot-I kicked his legs wide open, landing facefirst and pushing myself quickly to my feet with my right arm. I slammed my knee hard into his jawline-and in a mist of blood sprayed he was totally flatlined and still. Then I felt the heat of a punch I just barely dodged-though the brass knuckles grazed me-I should’ve taken both fucking arms.

    I returned fire with a knee in the gut of my quarry-then slammed my right foot down on his-holding him in place for a moment, and punched a downward right into the side of his head-he held his ground, wrapping his functioning arm around my right leg and ripping-he then lost his balance and took me down with him-his body landing in a T on mine, slamming the wind out of me quickly. Fortunately-I was directly under his bad arm-now, and I used my good arm to pull myself towards that arm, and from under him, and without a moment’s hesitation I was over him as he tried to stand-ready to place a foot in his nose-indifferent to rather he lived or died.

    “Hold the fuck up bitch!”

    The voice rang out near Matt-and then I realized there was fucking three of them, and my blood boiled, seeing a knife to Matt’s throat. The man holding him had deep sunken eyes, and a poorly shaven face-if not for knowing who it was, I might’ve assumed he was older-but I definitely knew him from high school. He was a dick then too-him and his little posse of pussies.

    “Like goddamn NINJA man!” He laughed at the other two.

    And to my dismay, I realized that the big one was to his feet now, holding onto a wall for support.

    “I really fucking wish you would’ve just stayed at the front counter. I didn’t wanna be seen like this.”

    Matt spoke with his voice low, and despite a calm demeanor, he looked like he had seen death.

    “You’re a lucky motherfucker, Matty,” Jared spoke, exhasperated, “I REEEAAALLY wanted to just slit your fuckin’ throat-but this bitch had to make it a hostage situation.”
    “Why don’t you just slit my fuckin’ throat?”
    “Sam…if a man with a pipe got fucked up-what the fuck do I look like coming at you with a knife?”
    “A bitch with a hostage.” I muttered to myself.

    I didn’t respond.

    “You still got the hots for this bitch ass, hmm?”
    “I don’t wanna see anyone get killed.”
    “THAT explains why you bolted into an employee’s only room knowing he worked here.”
    “Be a man-my throat ain’t slit-killing a tied up man is just a pussy ass way to go.”
    “You don’t want that-just get the fuck outta here.”
    “If I leave I fuckin’ swear I’ll just call the police-if you kill Matt you WON’T get off with it.”
    “You really don’t want me to fucking deal with you right now!” He was now visibly upset.
    “Yes I do. Just me. If you can deal with me at least you’ll have a redeeming quality-you didn’t get your ass handed to you by a girl, before you killed a helpless man.”

    He sighed loudly, unamused-then waved the two men with his knife towards me.

    “Jason, Jeromy…take care of this bitch for me. If you so much as touch them, I WILL cut your boy toy’s throat.”
    “Then I’ll cut yours with that fucking knife, I swear.” The men stood to both my sides.

    Jared pulled up his jacket slightly with his free arm, showing me a glock tucked away in his pants-and in the instant I understood I wished like hell he’d just blow his own dick off by accident.

    “Hold her, I wanna go first.” The man with the brass knuckles spoke-and honestly I preferred him first.
    “Fuck that-bitch tried to break my jaw.” The big man slurred-spitting blood.
    “She tried to break my arm-and my nose feels pretty fuckin’ broke man. I go first.”

    They were really about to take turns beating me to death. I thought of running-but Matt’s life was on the line…and Jared could shoot faster than I could run. I would have to think of another way out of this.

    Knuckles got dibs-though instead of holding me-the big guy sat to the side, grumbling to himself. Towering over me, knuckles raises his fist, and prepared to punch me in the face-I gritted my teeth, and closed my eyes, then realized he hesitated.

    “Man, you’re a fuckin’ pussy…”
    “Shut the fuck up. I just don’t like fighting girls like that.”
    “Man you fucked up her arm-shut that shit up. Want me to go?”
    “Raise your arms up.”

    I raised my right arm-I could now feel my left arm-but I couldn’t get it up-he helped me with that-and the big man brought him a rope-and tied my arms to the top beam of a shelf. Again, I closed my eyes-I would find a way out of this-but first I’d have to endure a little hell.

    I felt his hands roam over my body first-and I was uncomfortable. He felt my chest-squeezing a tad too hard, and I bit my lip, which I suppose he mistook for a sign of pleasure. His hand went down, and he pushed against my stomach for a second-gradually harder as my stomach muscles neglected to yield to him at first, even when limp-then Lower. I felt his hands caress my crotch, and I pulled my body away instinctively-he then massaged uncomfortably close inside of my thighs. He put his hand behind my back, pulling my body forward-and I complained-thrusting my body towards him. I then felt something large slam into my stomach, dead center-and even as he pulled it out there was now a log of a pain rippling through me, as my leg buckled and the ropes held me up.

    “She’s got a REALLY…good body, man. There are a lot of other ways to wear her out.”
    “JUST FUCKING HIT HER, DUMBASS! At least until you don’t have to worry about her being the man in shit! Why do you keep fucking hesitating-you were SUURE you were gonna do this a moment ago. I’m waiting.”

    Awesome. I was gonna get raped.

    I heard him take a step backwards-then he kicked me in the stomach a side kick-and the shelf buckled as hard as I cried out-had the shelf not been against the wall I’d probably have gone through it. He pulled my hair back up hard-held it up, and kneed me again in the stomach-and I drew quick breaths to keep myself relaxed…it almost felt like it balanced the pain in me. He let go of my hair, and threw a hook at my face-my body was almost thrown in that direction, before I was ripped back again by the ropes.

    “Alright, let me do it…”

    They switched out-the man with one arm obviously reluctant. I considered asking how it felt to beat up a 19 year old girl-but I didn’t want to rush my deadline to come up with something.

    “Let’s get this shit off you…”
    “But you said—“
    “I’m not doing shit to her, shut the fuck up.”

    I opened my eyes and watched him put a knife to my throat-and I froze for a moment, before he ripped it downward, cutting my shirt a good part-then ripping it off of me. I became increasingly aware of the cold-but I couldn’t care less about being exposed-even as Jared whistled…the knife caught my attention more. Even the cold against the black bra I wore didn’t feel as bad as the cold metal of the knife against my throat a moment ago.

    “Damn, you could’ve modeled…need a lil’ bit of a boob job though... but damn…”

    I shut my eyes again-and relaxed my body to whatever might come. He pulled my body forward-almost enough so that I considered stepping forward to release the strain on my back-then he rammed his fist-probably as hard as he could straight beneath my ribs-and I heard myself cry out as every inch of breath in me dispersed spontaneously, and my jaw hung trying to gasp, but there was nothing coming for me, except the deep slow set in of agony as he pushed my legs back down.

    He grabbed me by my throat-pushing my head back, and trying to lock whatever air that may have been there in place-then punched me in the face several times, straight punches-until my senses dulled and the world spun for a moment. He waited for a moment-then kneed me dead center of my gut-and in my panic I felt myself heave-and then spew an unappealing colorful array of chunks. My stomach was on fire-I half worried if there was internal bleeding, as I coughed-breathing in air after a moment of the break.

    When he returned to me, he had the pipe in his hand.

    “That little gut of yours is pretty fuckin’ fun…” He said in a whimsical way.

    He swung the pipe jokingly at my face-and I turned my head-afraid of the impact-he had me where he wanted me and at this point I didn’t care that he knew. I don’t know how much more I could take-and at this point I wondered to myself if I was really gonna find a way out of this. Part of me wanted to blame Matt for being such a pussy-had he manned the fuck up at any point in his life, we wouldn’t have this problem.

    This SAME guy used to always bully him in school-and I stuck up for him then, as well. It was never as serious as this now though. I could never imagine just what the fuck he did to piss Jared off to the point of murder…but all I know is I got dragged into his stupid shit, and everything I endured was his fault.

    In truth though, I knew I made my choice-and everything I was enduring was my fault.

    “Not man enough to just kill me?” My voice was broken-almost a whisper.
    “I think I broke the bitch!” He threw the pipe down, and laughed.
    “Untie her, Jason.” Jared said dryly.
    “Are you serious?”

    The instant the rope wasn’t supporting me- I staggered, then fell to my hands and knees-I could move my left arm now-but it did me no good. I had chosen to suffer and die, consensually-willingly. I tried to stand again-my legs this time supporting me, though the simple act of straightening my body sent waves through my stomach.

    “Kay go.”

    As I looked to Jared, I saw the big bastard move towards me in my peripheral-as he got close, I brought the whole up my leg up between his genitals as hard as I could-then bending my knee, brought it to his face, smashing his nose through the hand he tried to shield himself with. I ran to grab the pipe-but then I heard Matt scream out-as I looked up, I saw Jared pulling the knife out of his shoulder-placing it back against his throat.

    I sat up away from the pipe-and Jason’s fist connected point blank in my face-and I hit the ground rolling, on my side before I could catch myself-and as I did-Jason’s gigantic foot hit dead center of my stomach, toppling me again another few rolls, before I curled into the fetal position with my back to it.

    I straightened my posture enough to turn and see him-limping and holding his groin with one hand-shouting profanities towards me.

    “Get the fuck up you fucking cunt!”

    So I stood straight up as per request-and he hit me with a right hook as soon as I did-and I ended up facedown-and kicked again, rolling, and gasping-until I stopped against a wall-with him still heading towards me.

    “You stupid STUPID bitch!”

    He kicked me in the face-and my head slammed backwards-against the wall-and my vision blurred. I shielded my face-and his foot buried itself in my stomach-it felt like he met no resistant-and I tried to suck air back in as soon as it left-and curled into the fetal position, so he then stomped on my side-the angle sliding my body back against the wall again-and I straightened my back-and the front of his foot dug deep directly in my plexus again.

    I stopped panicking-stopped fearing-I didn’t even move to shield myself-and another shot to my face and blood was running in my eyes. I was going to die-he was going to beat me to death. Matt still had a chance to escape at least, so maybe it wasn’t a total loss. It was just so fucking hard to swallow and accept that I was gonna die NOW of all times, after everything. I had someone finally in my life-I was able to make sense of shit…I had hope for tomorrow-the thought that I could be with Matt at last, that he could hold me again, maybe we could even kiss…

    It was too much, and I found myself wanting to cry-just…I knew how pointless it was.

    I heard a gunshot-and the blows stopped coming.

    “Oh SHIT!” Jeromy’s voice shrieked out-and I saw him running-then a huge hulk of a man came in-at this point a silhouette in my eyes.

    Jason picked me up-and I’m sure he put the knife to my throat again.

    “Fuck this shit, let me the fuck outta here!”

    I quickly raised my hand-grabbing the blade of the knife at the same time as using my opposite leg to stomp his foot-then grabbing his arm at his elbow, I pulled him forward. I ripped the knife from him and elbowed him in the stomach, then as he staggered back, he found the blade now to his own throat. Matt put his hand on my shoulder, reassuringly-and it was THEN of all times, the tears started flowing.

    “You didn’t have to be here for this, but the cops should be on their way-courtesy of Blaine. Ambulance too.”

    Matt lowered my hand-putting the gun to Jason’s head, and pulling me close, and I buried my head in his chest. Blaine was totally silent, and I appreciated that now of all times, as I continued to sob heavily, and Matt just reiterated for me ‘it’s alright, now’, over and over softly-and I found myself even less in control of the tears-and I couldn’t understand why again. The tears just couldn’t stop.
    I apologize for the 'excess' in the story. If if's off putting I understand. I do hope that you guys would enjoy the story for the most though.
  3. Raden

    Raden Ryonani Teamster

    Sep 24, 2011
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    Very well written, I liked it. I have to ask, this is just a story, right? I just wanna make sure this isn't some kind of recanting of a real life situation.
  4. dunla

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    Mar 14, 2010
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    Thank you! And yes-it's just a story, definitely just a story. Though I'm glad it could pass for something true to life.
    And I'm sure I will-thanks for the link. :)
  5. blitzrunner

    blitzrunner Guest

    helluva story!... good details and background info for a story that has OCs that I'm not familiar with! LONG TOO!
    where'd the motivation for this one come from btw?
  6. dunla

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    Mar 14, 2010
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    Thank you! It's just something I came up with some time ago-Writing was pretty much my life when I was younger and kinda still is now(so I overdo(or think) everything I write I suppose), but I really just made it up-I was only inspired by the fact I've never written anything sexual and wanted to contribute to some of the sites I typically lurk on-though I know my fetish isn't the most commonly loved. Regardless, I hope anyone who finishes the extensive read enjoys it on SOME level at least.
  7. Unrelated

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    I really liked the early parts, but got fairly negative quickly as the negative experiences piled up on a character that was getting more and more developed, so the reader has far more reason to be concerned for the character's safety than aroused by her situation in the end. It does make for an interesting overall story, though.
  8. dunla

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    Thank you-I had never ever thought of it like that-but you're entirely right. This was my first attempt at writing anything erotic-but that is definitely something I need to keep in mind for any further eroticism I attempt. I definitely appreciate your feedback!