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A review of "Girls Can't Fight" 1 and 2.

Discussion in 'Ryona' started by Drizzt78, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. Drizzt78

    Drizzt78 Avid Affiliate

    Mar 13, 2011
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    Girls Can't Fight!

    Brought up before, this review was requested and sponsored by presenting the relevant materials to your truly.

    GCF is a part of the Combat Fetish series, which generally has hot girls and great combat choreography, which(combined with the promise of bad girls getting their just desserts) really made me look forward to reviewing these clips.

    Each volume features two different fights, so let's review them one at a time:

    The first fight is between a spoiled pop star played by Emily Addison and her bodyguard. It's pretty much everything I've wanted from this series. Emily is really hot and a great actress, her bitchy character perfectly deserving what happens to her. The fight is well directed, with Emily being obviously weaker than her bodyguard, but using her sexy body and dirty shots she manages to put up a fight that goes back and forth in an interesting manner.

    Sadly, this is the best fight in the series and the only one to both utilize a proper bad girl and have the fight go back and forth.

    The next fight in the first volume is Nicole Oring challenging a douchebag in her gym to get out of her holds. He does so a few times by grabbing her sensitive bits, then she tries to get into a real fight - which he uses as an opportunity to strip and molest her. This is a far less interesting fight - it's very repetitive and one-sided. Also, while Addison's fight was an actual fight, this is a "wrestling" fight, focusing on boring holds and with little interesting action. Furthermore, the male fighter is SUCH a huge douche. The bodyguard in the Emily Addison segment has the douche uniform goatee and spiked hair, but he actually comes off as fairly sympathetic. The guy in Oring's segment, however, has such a punchable face and such annoying behavior, that I would much rather see Nicole pound his face in.

    Overall, I'd recommend volume one, if only for Emily's section. Volume two, however...

    The second volume opens with Capri Cavalli trying to physically throw out a roommate who won't pay his rent, which doesn't go well for her. The douchebag duties are more evenly spread this time around, with both participants being extremely annoying. More importantly, though Capri is a very beautiful woman, she apparently has absolutely no stage fighting skills, which make the fight very lacking in action. Capri takes one shot at the guy, he grabs her and holds her for a while, he let's her go and try to talk things over only for her to take another shot. I generally present Combat Fetish videos as examples of custom productions that don't rely on endless repetition to pad out their videos, but this is an exception to that rule.

    In the next segment Paris Kennedy is facing of with the douchebag wrestler from segment two of the first volume. He's a repairman who refuses to believe girls can fight, so she decides to demonstrate. I know that Paris is great at stage fighting, and she does her best to enliven the proceedings here, but apparently the non-actiony nature of the last segment this guy appeared in was due to his lack of skills - the best he can do is grab Paris a bit in shoddy looking holds and laugh in his best impression of a parody of a saturday morning cartoon villain.

    Overall, I'd give the second volume a pass, and recommend to the creators to tailor the third volume (if there will be one) to the first fight in the first volume.
  2. TheCrimsonRisk

    TheCrimsonRisk Ryonani Teamster

    Jun 10, 2010
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    Great review, Drizzt78, thanks for sharing that with us.

    I've only seen the first volume and I actually wouldn't recommend it for most people. The premise that these bad girls are being punished for their bitchy behaviour isn't appealing for me, but I do agree that the actors do a good job with their parts. I also agree that the second feature of Vol. 1 was disappointing. I like Nicole Oring and the idea of an MMA session getting out of hand had a lot of potential, but it was definitely too repetitive and worst of all, just not sexy. That said, I did enjoy the wrestling aspect of it though I can see how that might not be for everyone. I also kind of liked the fact that the bad guy was a douche.

    I was happy to see a different perspective on these videos. I prefer my heroines to be tough and virtuous, which may be why these videos weren't for me. Anyone out there who's a big fan of this series?
  3. Black Lion

    Black Lion Ryonani Teamster

    Nov 25, 2009
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    I enjoyed the first part of the first episode, to an extent. I guess I don't like the back and forth power struggle of these videos. I think I would have preferred a more definite domination.
  4. meepmeep

    meepmeep Ryonani Teamster

    Feb 26, 2011
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    For my money they simply aren't as good as the company's XCW/SHW features, but then again they only really seem to be "stopgap" releases likely shot at the convenience of the producer. He does similar work to much greater effect in his other releases, where there's actually some semblance of narrative and a real opportunity for pathos. One of the reasons I fell so hard for Kymberly Jane as G.I. Jewell was because this was something of a fully realized character, and it made her continual downfall that much more appealing to me because you're able to connect with her as a protagonist instead of some faceless conduit like the 'characters' GCF videos.
  5. randomguy

    randomguy Ryonani Teamster

    Feb 5, 2010
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    I only saw the first volume and have to agree the where simply just ok
  6. nonniemouse

    nonniemouse Vivacious Visitor

    Dec 12, 2010
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    Great review! Having seen the first one only, my thoughts are similar. I really dig the back-and-forth-ness, especially when it comes to low blows, so the first part of the first vid really appeals to me. These qualities tend to be quite rare in the community, so it's a treat to find a vid that cater to them!
  7. ryonafan

    ryonafan Guest

    Where can I see the first video, the one with Emily Addison? You guys buyed the video or downloaded from internet? Thanks for the informations!
  8. Pyrrha

    Pyrrha Vivacious Visitor

    Feb 8, 2012
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    Slayer paris site, i seen the trailer from the first episode with emily. Saw she recived a face punch that looked amazing :)
  9. Dragonforce

    Dragonforce Potential Patron

    Feb 20, 2012
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    I thought about ordering this at one point, not too sure anymore based on the mixed reviews though
  10. DTG

    DTG Potential Patron

    Jul 10, 2011
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    I bought the first episode and I couldn't agree more with this review. The first part with Emily Addison was very nice, the second with Nicole Oring not that much.
    I haven't purchased the second one, but I was thinking about it. According to the trailer: Capri Cavalli looks gorgeous despite the lack of her fighting skills and Paris Kennedy is both sexy and a good stage fighter. Was there anybody else who did buy this episode? I would gladly hear some other opinions.