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A prelude to a tournament

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by unknownwatcher, May 18, 2014.

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    Hello, thank you all for taking the time to read my piece of fiction. Before you start reading, please understand that I haven't done much fiction writing and I'm not that great. well, with that out of the way, let me thank TCR and Raden for letting me use their OCs and Idoro for giving me permission to use a character on his BoK RP(btw, goes without saying, this isn't canon to his RP game). Also, thanks to TCR again for giving me pointers to the fic. here's what this fic contains

    *mild ryona

    *mild gyaku ryona

    *one man's huge ego

    Without any more delay, here's the fic which is a prologue to the tournament series that I'm going to commission.


    A man in a business suit is seen in a dark room with several monitors. On each monitor are women from different dimensions going about their day to day business. Some were heroes, some villains, and some that don't quite fit either role. The man takes a sip of his drink and smiles. A seemingly timid girl with hair that is pink on one side and purple on the other walks in the room. The man asks " I trust the device is complete, Alisa?"

    While the woman smiles and nods to her boss. "Yes, the device has been completed and it has tested. No rabbits were harmed in this experiment".

    The man jumps out of his chair and leaves the room in excitement. "this is great, I can now travel to other dimensions instead of just watching them. I should thank the Mishima Zaibatzu for their "donations" to my cause even though it made me lose a part of myself". saying that, the man lifts up is sleeve to reveal that his left arm is a cybernetic. "I would have lost more if it wasn't for jack and his noble sacrifice hahahaha" said the man who really didn't seem remorseful of his loss.

    "Alisa, I can travel at any timeframe in these dimensions correct? then, I why can't I travel to a different time in my own dimension?" The man ask wondering why he couldn't be pragmatic about his problem.

    "Changes to our past could do more harm to us than good. In fact, we could lose the device trying to change it" Alisa stated.

    "Well..... shit" the man said with disappointment.

    "I must also point out that we cannot travel to the future either. Ours or the futures of other dimensions. This is because of each dimension running parallel to each other. It's weird but our present is happening at the same time their present is. as for why we can't go to the future, it simpl-"

    Before Alisa finished, the man stopped her. "I think I get the idea, Alisa."

    This man was known to people as "The Watcher", a terrorist that would continually terrorize the Mishima Zaibatsu and anyone participating in their tournaments. After attacking one of their tournaments, The Watcher stolen blueprints for a device that would allow it's user to travel dimensions. As he did that, he was nearly beaten to death by a being only known as unknown. It was to her that he lost his arm and it would have been his life if it wasn't for jack latching on to unknown and blowing himself up to stop her. It took two years but the device to travel dimensions was completed and with it he was going to have a little fun.

    "I'm going to have one huge tournament filled with female fighters from different dimensions but I will need something to motivate them into participating, a prize" Watcher said to himself pondering what to offer then he had an idea. "There is a dimension that has these objects called dragonballs. If I can collect both sets then it would be more than enough incentive to join. I'm going to have to steal them though so I'll have to make sure that it's during a timeframe when they are the least protected. Also, I'll have to capture their creators or they wouldn't work in my dimension". With a plan ready to go, Watcher and Alisa set their course to the dragonball dimension to steal the dragonballs.

    "alisa, you have to find and subdue Kami. He may be old but he has some fight in him so be careful. I'll head to the location of the woman named Bulma and steal the dragonballs from her" Watcher stated as they arrived in the DB dimension. During this timeframe, Goku was dead and Piccolo was busy training Gohan so it would be the best time to steal the dragonballs. However, Watcher had forgotten that kami was training the warriors known as the Z fighters. With them in the picture, Alisa would have trouble capturing kami.

    "I believe this is kami's lookout" Alisa stated as she landed on the floating platform. Alisa scanned the area but kami was nowhere to be found outside. "He must be indoors but something isn't right, I'll have to be careful" Alisa said quietly. Alisa creeped inside the building which was dark with the only light source being the entrance way. "There is definitely something wrong here but I have my missi-" Alisa was suddenly interrupted by a sneak attack from behind. A bald man with a third eye on his forehead kicked Alisa from behind. Alisa was soon surrounded by others as quickly as she hit the ground.

    "are...are you a sayian?" asked a small pale person who was floating beside the thrid eye man.

    Alisa got back up ready to fight, "I heard of the sayians but I am not one of them. I must ask you to step aside, I need him for my master". Alisa points at Kami, an old namekian who is the guardian of the earth and the creator of the earth's dragonballs.

    "you won't take him that easily!" one said with defiance. The other assumed their battle stances ready to take on Alisa.

    "Please forgive me then....." Alisa said as she charged right into the group.

    Meanwhile, The Watcher arrives at Bulma's house. Watcher then knocks on the door to which a young woman answers the door.

    "hello. You are Bluma correct?" watcher asks with calm yet sinister tone.

    "yes, do I know yo-" Bulma said just as Watcher busted through the door. Scanning the room, Watcher immedietly spotted all 7 dragonballs.

    "ah, that's I needed. I'll be taking those, thank you." Bulma steps in between the intruder and the dragonballs.

    "you can't take those we ne-" before Bulma could finish Watcher attacked bulma with a punch in the gut. Bulma fell on the ground hurdled up like a ball to handle the pain. Watcher then grabbed the dragonballs and headed out the door.

    "my task is complete, I'll wait for Alisa now, hopefully she'll be done soon."

    Alisa was far from finished in reality. While the Watcher's task was simple, Alisa is currently fighting some of the best fighters the world has to offer.

    "Tien, use the solar flare!" shouted the bald midget of the group. Tien, the one with three eyes, did just that. With that move, Alisa was blinded. With a nod, Tien and two others ganged up on Alisa and attacked with a flury of punches and kicks. The short bald one tried to destroy Alisa with two destructo discs but kept on missing.

    "dammit Krillin, stop missing her!" shouted the long haired one. Dodging and avoiding their attacks, Alisa asset the situation.

    "there are too many, need to activate my secret weapon." Alisa then removed her head and threw it to the group.

    "Sh-she took her head off!" shouted one of them. While they were too busy looking at her head, her headless body rushed towards kami and grabbed him in a reverse bearhug.

    "goodbye" Alisa said as her head exploded. sans head, Alisa flew to the meeting point.

    Alisa arrived an hour latter with the Watcher already waiting. "ah, I see you lost another head. I guess there was trouble." Watcher then looks up and sees the z warriors in pursuit. "shit, let's go!" Alisa and the Watcher teleport out of that dimension and back to their own. The Watcher looks at Kami, who remains silent yet defiant even in Alisa's tight grip, and spots a pouch on his right hip. "what's this? ah, are these are the fabled senzu beans I have heard about? I'll take them for I may need to make my own in the future. Do not worry, I will not hurt you, I just need you for the dragonballs to work." After securing Kami and the dragonballs, The Watcher sets his sights on the namekian dragonballs.

    "alright, now we just need the namek dragonballs. I got an idea to gain those without raising a fist." Knowing that a being called frieza will attack the planet before years end, The Watcher used that info to convince the namekians to give the dragonballs to the Watcher and to move guru, the guardian of the namek dragonballs, and his bodyguard, nail, to the Watcher's dimension. With both sets of dragonballs, The Watcher was ready to find contestants for his tournament.

    The Watcher had a clear plan for the dragonballs as he did his research. The earth dragonballs would be used to resurrect the people who had died in the tournament and the Namekian Dragonballs would be used for the prize itself. However, The Watcher planned to win out on this event no matter who won as he overlooks a machine being built in the arena's infirmary. "It's almost finished......I could wish for immortality and be done with it but I'm not a guy who wants to live forever. Besides, from where we are located, I can't age it seems."

    The Watcher started gathering combatants from all walks of life. The first one he went to pick up was called crush, a former super-heroine who went to jail for unknowingly killing an undercover cop. Unfortunately, the Watcher's sudden appearance in her cell did not please her. The hulking blonde in prison garb quickly grabbed the man in a bearhug and insured his arms were trapped in the hold as well.

    "Another criminal dares to interrupt my atonement? Who are you and why shouldn't I ensure you become a cripple!?" the woman asked in a soft yet angry tone.

    "ack! I'm--I'm the Watcher and I'm here to to offer you a chance to undo the mistakes of your past." This only angered the woman who then grew in size and increased the holds pressure.

    "NO ONE CAN CHANGE WHAT I DID!" the woman yelled angry not believing the Watcher. "HNNNNGH!" The Watcher now had trouble breathing, his ribs felt like they were about to break and yet, the Watcher couldn't help but enjoy himself. However, he knew that he had a job to do and he's not powerful enough to withstand the pressure for long.

    "I--I'm a dimensional traveler and I saw your predicament. I have...... the power to grant you any wish you desire. all you have to.....to do is win my tournament". Crush then let go of the Watcher, letting him say his piece but prepared to rip him a new one if she didn't believe him. "I'm looking for able fighters to fight in my tournament. Beat all other fighters to get one wish and defeat me to get three."

    Crush pondered his words, she wanted to believe this man but it sounded to good to be true. "Show me how you grant these wishes" crush demanded.

    "alright but you have to come with me." The Watcher said holding out his hand. Crush took the Watcher's hand and they arrived at the tournament spot. The Watcher showed crush he was being truthful to which she simply nodded and was escorted to her room.

    The Watcher went on to recruit a few more fighters. Some, like the skilled assassin known as like lady Sheva, didn't really need convincing. However, not everyone was ready to give up their fighters. A fact the Watcher found out when heading to Outworld.

    "Why should I lend three of my fighters to your measly tournament?" a barbarian looking man with a skull helmet asked the Watcher in a mocking yet angry tone.

    The Watcher, who was kneeling out of respect, replied "Because my emperor, if they win my tournament, then they can make a wish for Earthrealm to become a part of Outworld."

    Shao Kahn stood up, walked towards The Watcher and said "What makes you think I won't beat the wish out of you right here and now."

    The Watcher smirk and said "You could beat me up but I can't simply make the wish without the dragonballs with me. Also, you would lose your best chance to gain Earthrealm cleanly. How many tournaments do you need to win again to claim it? I also know of your plan to use Sindel to simply invade it but it doesn't work. My way is the the ONLY way for you to win." Kahn was about to attack the Watcher but stopped and went back to his chair.

    "You made your point mortal." Shao Kahn then calls for the three warriors know was Kitana, Mileena, and Sheeva.

    Kitana, who was secretly listening to the Watcher and Kahn, was shocked to hear her mother was possibly still alive. Not giving away that she knows, Kitana answers her adopted father summoning and step out of the shadows. "Yes, my emperor?"

    Kahn looks at the three fighters before him. "Kitana, you will take Mileena and Sheeva to the tournament and win it. That is an order from your emperor. Now, leave me......"

    The Watcher then took the three to the tournament grounds and gave them the tour. The recruitment of fighters then resumed and most were happy to jump on the bandwagon. Some wanted the wish and others just wanted to test their skills. There was one fighter however that the Watcher had to force to participate in the tournament. The Watcher teleported into a lab that was doing research on reforestation. There, a woman wearing a lab jacket was looking at a viewing screen.

    "dammit, the results are even close to what I had originally. If only I had that......" The woman turned around and saw the Watcher staring at her. "you......" The woman then rushed to punch the Watcher in the face but Watcher countered with a kick in the belly. The Woman reeled back from the pain.

    "I'm glad you remember me Julia. I'm here to give you a chance to regain your reforestation data. All you have to do-" Watcher was then interrupted with a quick suplex from Julia. "so, we're doing this now........okay." The Watcher got up and retaliated with a sweep kick to which Julia jumped to avoid. The two fought all around the lab with The Watcher gaining an upper hand by throwing a chemical found on a table into Julia's eyes.

    "Bastard" Julia shouted as she covered her eyes. The chemical wasn't really dangerous but it did cause Julia to be temporary blind. It didn't stop her though from trying to hit the Watcher anyway she could but it was futile. Taking advantage, The Watcher held Julia in a sleeperhold.

    "If you would stop fighting me for a sec-" Watcher tried to reason with Julia but she kept resisting by hitting her elbows on the Watcher's stomach. The Watcher, however, hanged on and applied pressure to the hold. "I believe we did this before, right before I had you under my control" The Watcher taunted her as he wrapped his legs around her arms and body causing both to fall on the ground. With her under his control, he took the opportunity to make a deal with her. He offered to give her the forestation data in exchange for her involvement of the tournament and told her of the benefits of winning.

    "How do i know I can trust you?" Julia asked defiantly to which the Watcher smirked.

    "you don't but you have little choice do ya?" With that, the Watcher released Julia and offered his hand. Julia was confused by the Watcher's gesture.

    "The tournament site is not in this realm. In fact, it's in between realms. It's.....for security measures in truth. you have to hang on to me so I can transport you there." Julia reluctantly held on to his hand and both arrived at the site. Julia was then placed under guarded watch due to insure that Julia doesn't sneak off.

    With most of the slots filled up, Watcher had only two more left. With that in mind, he headed to the Kreigmar dimension. The first fighter he was looking for was a magic user named Tylissa. unfortunately, Tylissa was dead in the current Kreigmar timeline so he had to travel to a point in Kreigmar's timeline where she is alive and more ruthless. Arriving at Kreigmar, Watcher saw a brown haired elf woman walking down a dirt path wearing what looks like sorceress garb.

    "that must be her, time to introduce myself" The Watcher said as he stepped out of the shadows.

    "greetings, I've been watching you for a while now Tylissa. I'm here to invite you to a tournament" The Watcher said as he made a little bow at Tylissa.

    "what-you were watching me!? what tournament?" Tylissa asked surprised at the man's sudden appearance and remarks.

    The Watcher made his little song and dance to Tylissa. He explained to Tylissa about the tournament and it's prize.

    "I don't know what these... dragon-balls... are, but anything I want.... Well... coming here took all my power... it's only slowly coming back. I know what I want already. This silly tarted up would-be warrior in the loud yellow doesn't have a clue. I'll show her - and everyone - what a fighter is! Consider me in! You're looking at the winner of your little gathering of misfits, right here." Tylissa, not really questioning if the man was telling the truth, jumped at the chance to prove herself in combat.

    The Watcher smirked at Tylissa's eagerness and replied: "heh, I should warn you though. these battle can be a fight to the death but not to worry. I have another set of dragonballs to bring those who died back to life. would you like to see a few of the fighters that have accepted my invitation?"

    Tylissa, unphased by the possibility of dying in the tournament, knew if she could gather more information about this tournament, she could better gauge how to partake in it. Looking for the information, she agrees to his proposal. "Sounds good to me."

    The Watcher smiles and hands her a handheld video player. "alright, first let me introduce Sheeva. a shokan warrior who is driven by fierce loyalty to shao kahn." The handheld plays a clip of Sheeva killing three earth warriors in one fight with little effort. "Next contestant is crush. She was a superhero until she unknowingly killed an undercover cop out of rage. She has denied every parole hearing for her own reasons." On the video player, crush is seen growing in mass, kicking a car, and breaking a guy's neck. She is then shown sitting in jail, waiting. "Then we have Miranda Lawson. She's what we call a biotic, a powerful one at that." The Watcher then shows a video of Miranda of lifting and blowing a few guys off a building with her powers.

    "Finally, the last one I'm willing to show you is Mileena. the less said about her, the better." The last video shows a woman wearing nothing but wraps biting off another earth warrior's head.

    "what do you think of the competition so far?" The Watcher asked Tylissa trying to gauge her reaction

    Tylissa Is unimpressed with most of them but Miranda seemed to perk her interest "Well, that Miranda looks like she might be a threat, but for the others, they'd have to catch me to do any of that to me. And I'd turn their skulls into pots that boiled their brains by the time they got within twenty paces. Four arms or not, lots of teeth or not, their brains are all vulnerable. That Miranda looks like she might have some impressive power though..."

    "yeah, she is impressive but do not underestimate the others. believe me, they are dangerous and they too will see your capabilities. It's only fair right?" The Watcher chuckles "oh, you mentioned a woman in yellow correct? Her name isn't Linara by any chance is it?"

    "Yeah, I think so... I keep calling her banana butt or something. Seems more apt. Wait a second, how do you know that?"

    "well, as fate would have it, she's on my list. I haven't asked her yet but I do have a feeling that she will say yes, especially after I save her from a rather nasty fate " The Watcher tried to laugh it off but the laughter was used to mask The Watcher's anger. Catching himself, the anger went away and his calm demeanor returned.

    Tylissa's confident attitude went away when she heard that Linara was going to be entered in the tournament. "Wait, what?? Um... She, um.. isn't that good. I don't think you'd do very well having her there. It would be almost pointless compared to the powerful warriors you've shown off here! Really, all she has is a pointy metal stick..."

    " This isn't the Linara you remember she's a...nah, I won't spoil it. It would be amusing when you meet at the tournament. She'll be a better fighter than you remember, believe me" Watcher replied.

    Tylissa tried to come up with a reason to why Linara shouldn't be in the tournament. Anything from getting lost to getting hurt during teleportation but the Watcher countered each of Tylissa's reasons.Tylissa is at a loss trying to make a reason for Linara to not be in the tournament. The tournament does have competitors that kill their opponents. Tylissa makes one last ditch excuse "Well, I, ah.... she... might have plans?"

    The Watcher knew Tylissa cared for Linara even if she didn't want to admit it. He smiled at Tylissa and said "Don't worry about Linara, if she dies then I'll wish her back to life with the dragonballs."

    "What?? No way!" Tylissa tries to look indignant. "I.. she's... she's a big girl! And I certainly don't need to look after her stupid ass...."

    "Excellent! Linara shall be in the contest then. well, shall we head off?" the Watcher holds out his hand. Tylissa reassures herself that everyone will be fine at the end and that she needs to shove all doubt out of her head if she is to win this tournament. After arriving, Watcher had Alisa escort Tylissa to her room but before the pair left the Watcher had one more surprise for Tylissa.

    "Miss Tylissa, to boost your performance, there is a pill in your room. Take one before each fight and your abilities will be increased."
    y to pick up the final fighter.

    "A pill to increase my powers? what is the catch?" Tylissa thought to herself wondering why this guy was evening the odds for her.

    "All I want you to do is put on a good show for me." The Watcher replied as he gets ready to recruit the final fighter in his tournament.

    A woman wearing a pink leotard outfit was in a cell with an imposing elf brute. Her name was Linara, a swordswoman from Kriegmar and right now she was facing her darkest hour. She lost a friend, her friends are captured and being tortured, and the same was about to happen to her by her less than friendly cellmate. The elf was about to lunge at her but The Watcher busted through the door which gave the elf pause.

    "Not today you son of bitch!" The Watcher shouted as he blasted the elf with his arm cannon. Unfortunately, the cannon did nothing but anger the hulking brute. The Watcher could have killed him with a lethal blast but he wanted to have some fun with the brute. With a roar, the elf charged at Watcher and tried to grab him by the throat. The Watcher rolled out of the way and punched the elf in the kidney. Again, that only served to anger the brute who knocked the Watcher down to the ground with his elbow.

    "I have to end this early or I'm going to draw some unwanted attention" Watcher thought to himself as he dodged the brute who tried to stomp him in the ground with a roll to standing position. The Watcher then ducked down from the creature by doing the splits and then punching the creature right in his genitals. the creature fell down and howled in pain as he covered his groin area with his hands. The Watcher took the opportunity ire another heat blast at the elf brute which knocked him unconscious. The Watcher then turned to Linara and in an unnerving voice asks "Hi, how are you?"

    the swordswoman stands with her back to the wall, unsure what to think. That elf definitely had bad intentions, but where did this man come from? She was happy to be rescued, but kept her guard. "What...who...who are you?" Linara asked her rescuer.

    "I am The Watcher and I'm here to invite you to a tournament. This Tournament can change your life if you win. a wish if all opponents are defeated and three if you defeat me after you beaten the opponents. As a side bonus, I decided to beat up a asshole."

    "A wish....." Linara pondered. She saw what the Watcher could do but she wondered if he really had the power to grant wishes. She knew that she could do a lot of good if such a thing was possible.

    The Watcher examined her from where he was, "Since you got captured, I'm thinking I was wrong about you. Are you a strong enough fighter for my tournament?"

    Linara recovered and stood, making a fist for emphasis. "A strong fighter! Ha! What a question...with a blade in my hand, I am unbeatable."

    Watcher smiled, "Alright, let's see you prove it!" Just as he said that, The Watcher held on to Linara and teleported them to an isolated location.

    "we shouldn't be bothered here" the Watcher stated holding a sword in his hands. The Watcher then tosses the sword to Linara who waves the sword testing it's weight and balance. Feeling confident she could win, she was ready to prove herself to this man.

    "Okay, just remember...you brought this upon yourself." Just as Linara had said that, she dashed at Watcher preparing a low slash at his legs to slow his movement. The Watcher counters by jumping to the air and he tries to kick her but Linara dodges by rolling under the kick. "Whoa! You're fast. Not fast enough though!" just as Linara says this she makes at slash at The Watcher which connects making a cut on his suit and his skin. The Watcher reels from the hit and takes a moment to feel the cut. it broke skin but it wasn't a deep cut.

    "impressive but you need to do better than that!" The Watcher then charges at her hoping she will make a counter.

    "hehehehe, This guy isn't so tough" Linara says to herself after making the first strike. "Now to put you away!" said the swordswoman who charges forward with an overhead slash, the flat of her blade aimed at the top of the man's skull. A successful blow from this attack would knock out any normal man.

    The Watcher smiled and yelled "Gotcha!" as he dives low to grab Linara's legs. The Watcher tried to place Linara in a boston crab but Linara's quick swing of the sword prevented that. "Not bad Linara, but do you even have a finisher?"

    Linara, unsure what the Watcher was planning, was tired of his casual attitude. "You want a finish? Very well..." Linara then struck a dancer's pose and proceeded to spin very fast. "Twirling Blade!" She shouted, turning into a human whirlwind with her sword extended.

    "That's more like it but..." The Watcher held up his left hand which had an orange light emitting from it".....take this!" Watcher shot a blast at Linara's body which stopped her move in mid attack. After Linara was hit, the Watcher proceeded to kick her sword away and then kicks her to which Linara tries to block but most of the kick still hits her in the face and knocks her down. The Watcher then placed Linara in a bearhug. The Watcher was found of these, he loved placing women in these holds and he loved being placed in these holds by women. The hold that he placed on Linara was tight but it wasn't really painful. The Watcher egged her on to find a way out of the hold but when he saw she wasn't going to break free, he increased the holds pressure to motivate Linara into trying harder to break free.

    "I'm supposed to be testing her skill, not seriously fight her" The Watcher thought to himself as he let go of Linara and swung her around the area. Luckily for her, the swing landed her right next to her sword.

    "big mistake Watcher", Linara said grabbing the sword and preparing for the attack. Linara raised her sword high in the air, then ran toward her foe. "POWER STRIIIIIKE!" she yelled before launching herself into the air for a flying sword attack! The Watcher grinned as he raised his left arm ready to block the attack. Linara grits her teeth as the sword connects, looking to drive the blade past The Watcher's defenses but the Watcher simply smiled and told Linara that was enough.

    "you passed, barely, but you passed and so you qualify for my tournament."

    "What...*huff, puff*...enough? I was just about to finish you off and you know it!" Linara said believing that she did more than simply "passed". The Watcher laughed at her remark and went on to describe the tournament.

    "you will join over 40 fighters in this tournament including a woman you once knew".

    "40 fighters...wow...wait, a woman I once knew? But who...?" Linara asked sounding confused.

    With a knowing smile, the Watcher replies "does Tylissa ring a bell?"

    Linara's sword dropped by her side not knowing what to think. "But...no...I saw her die."

    "you are correct Linara, she is dead but I have recruited her from an earlier time frame. I believe it was when you guys first met. She isn't as powerful but she is more ruthless."

    Linara remembered how Tylissa was when they first met. Rude, selfish, almost evil at times. Who knows what she would do with a wish at her disposal?

    "Linara, I know your friends are in trouble but unfortunately I can not save them." The Watcher stated interrupting Linara's train of thought. " I maybe a badass but I'm no superman. This Jaira....lady is way to powerful for me. There is good news though, the tournament location is in a different dimension than this and thanks to my travel device we can arrive back here at any point of time to save your friends."

    Linara looked distressed, she was hoping that the man before her could save her friends like he did her. "If I win this tournament then I can make sure none of this happens. My friends being tortured.....killed......" Linara fell silent for a few moments then looked to The Watcher and nodded. The pair then traveled to the tournament location where Linara was given her original sword, nerofos.

    The tournament was one day away and each fighter was ready to fight like their lives depended on it. during the three days, each fighter trained hard and tried to scoop out the competition. The Watcher, true to his name, watched them carefully from his monitors. The watcher then heads down to the infirmary to talk to alisa.

    "The device is finished and working correct? the tournament starts tomorrow."

    "Yes Watcher, anyone defeated, dead or alive, will be hooked to this machine. all of their powers, skills, and abilities will be then copied to your arm. I must warn you though, your arm most likely can't take more than five powers at a time and you won't be able to effectively use powers with magic properties in them unless you decide to study in the arts of magic".

    Watcher let out a sigh of disappointment but composed himself. "I'll take what I can. she has to be stopped Alisa. she must pay for what she has done!" The Watcher walked back to his room and decided to sleep til the next day.

    The next day came, and all the fighters were gathered around the arena. "welcome fighters to my tournament. you know what the prize is and you know what the consequences might be if you lose. during the next 5 days, each of you will fight to win a chance to gain a wish or possibly three wishes. Enough of that, let's draw the first two numbers. Alisa?"

    Alisa stood right next to a giant ball that had the numbers of each fighter in there. Alisa spins the ball and takes out two numbers. "The first fight of today will be Cassandra Cain and Reina! Fighters to your stations and let this tournament begin!" A short haired blonde woman donning armor that reveals her ample cleavage and a woman wearing a bat costume that also shows off her toned body walk into the arena ready to fight.

    to be continued


    once gain, thank you for reading my fic. sorry it wasn't ryona heavy but I just wanted to set the background for the tournament.
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    Ooh! This sounds interesting. I can't wait to see what's next or who's gonna fight next.
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    Interesting :) This should prove quite entertaining
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    That was awesome! Any idea when this is going to be continued?
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    it will continue if the form of artwork I'm commissioning from theinsanedarkone on deviantart. I will post them on the image section. thanks for reading :)
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    wow, cool. I know theinsanedarkone. but can you post a link or tell me where to find "the image section", I'm kinda new here.
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    it will be here when he posts them: