1. Bad7

    Witch Killer Quest

    I have been a big fan of all of the 'Interactive Zako Fantasy' threads and I thought that since none are active now I might try my own. I'll post the situation and you tell me what our hero should do, and how he should handle these distressing damsels. Warning though, I tend to be a fan of...
  2. Dorumeka

    [W.I.P.] Ryona Assassins (Zako/Guro/Ryona)

    Hi! I’m Dorumeka, the creator of Ryona Assassins, an ecchi game in development where you fight against sexy ninja girls that seek to destroy you! As a private investigator, you are contracted by a big organization that wants you to get some dangerous intel for them, at any cost. You will have to...
  3. Cobra02

    Team Z: New ZAKO animated serie project SUGGESTION!!!

    Hi everybody, We are working on a zako animation story, we just started to make this happens, Our main goal is to make more zako series on the web if it was possible. The idea was just new, we want to be more professional and improve uour works, and make it better and better. The animation...
  4. KeiBree

    The Zako Roleplay Thread

    Hopefully this isn't too similar to other threads, but I thought a Zako specific RP thread might be helpful on here. Feel free to post a profile, chat about possible RP ideas, post logs etc etc. Zako Profile: Username: Language(s): Role (Attacker or zako?): Zako Skill Level: Preferred...
  5. Juggernaut

    Combatant Game - Battleroyale Deathmatch based on TMZF (Futanari warning)

    Hi all, I made a top down shooter game based on TMZF's futanari combatant comics and would like to introduce it here. You are a clone who participates in a battleroyale style tournament to select the finest soldiers. Your sex powered laser cannon bodysuit is your only weapon. If you take too...
  6. Idoro

    Petal Pruning

    The following video arrived inside a bloodstained crate, addressed to Bai Bi of the Bai Bi Company. "........This thing on? *ahem* -ahem- Greetings ladies and gentlemen... and little girls who may be watching this. Some of you may know who I am, but I'm willing to bet most of you do not...
  7. Z

    DC Universe Online Zako RP

    I like to do female zako rps on DC Universe, so if you want to join just add these 2 characters to your friends list. Vibe Girl. Kendall Shafer.
  8. L

    Queen of Fighters: Petal Vs. Mai Shiranui

    Location: Manazuru Peninsula, near the Kanagawa Prefecture. Tokyo, Japan. Outside a luxurious mansion, the Petals surveyed the scene, eyeing various mobster rivals as they exited their limousines. A week ago, a truce had been called between the Hong Kong based Red Dragon Triads, the Japanese...
  9. carl_fennin

    [PC] Gravity Fighter - Developed by Digital Dimension

    Released: January 29th, 2015 Last Updated Patch: February 2nd, 2015 Rated: 18+/R18++ Genre: 3DCG, Action, Beat'em Up Developed By: Digital Dimension Language/Text Language: Japanese Only (No English translations) Game Engine: Unity Operating System Platforms: Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7...
  10. dinomoneyman

    *Petal Contest* -Petal Vs. Lilies-

    Petal Lang scoped out her target from a safe distance. It was an abandoned warehouse filled with black market weapons. These weapons were guarded by a new upstart gang that called themselves the Night Lilies. They all seem to wear black thong leotards, though the rest of their outfit varies...
  11. W

    Creation Engine [Skyrim & Fallout] - Zako

    Hello everyone, This thread will be for the Creation Engine mostly, but this tutorial is applicable on previous bethesda games like Fallout 3/NV, Oblivion and even Morrowind with some trial and error probably. I'm gonna copy past my two previous posts for now and later on include other...
  12. Idoro

    [Zako Stories - A Place for Screenshots]

    Hey all. I've been into modding games like TES: Oblivion and Skyrim for quite some time now, and one of the features that always keeps me coming back is the variety of clothing and weapons that we can provide for our characters, which in turn makes them look however we want. Some people dress...
  13. H

    Violent FPS with zakos (moddable games too)

    Hiya guys! i know this kind of games are hard to find, but since this is my absolute favorite kind of ryona im consulting with the experts (you, of course). Im looking for games in which you can gun down a lot of hot girls. It could be in a single player story mode with mostly female enemies...
  14. K

    Live Action Zako

    Howdy all, I'm posting this in the hope that we can spread out from our one main thread a bit. There are plenty of instances of zako in games, and a decent number in animated media, but zako in live action situations seem quite rare. In movies and television, there will often be large squads...
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