1. W

    Creation Engine [Skyrim & Fallout] - Zako

    Hello everyone, This thread will be for the Creation Engine mostly, but this tutorial is applicable on previous bethesda games like Fallout 3/NV, Oblivion and even Morrowind with some trial and error probably. I'm gonna copy past my two previous posts for now and later on include other...
  2. Idoro

    [Zako Stories - A Place for Screenshots]

    Hey all. I've been into modding games like TES: Oblivion and Skyrim for quite some time now, and one of the features that always keeps me coming back is the variety of clothing and weapons that we can provide for our characters, which in turn makes them look however we want. Some people dress...
  3. H

    Violent FPS with zakos (moddable games too)

    Hiya guys! i know this kind of games are hard to find, but since this is my absolute favorite kind of ryona im consulting with the experts (you, of course). Im looking for games in which you can gun down a lot of hot girls. It could be in a single player story mode with mostly female enemies...
  4. K

    Live Action Zako

    Howdy all, I'm posting this in the hope that we can spread out from our one main thread a bit. There are plenty of instances of zako in games, and a decent number in animated media, but zako in live action situations seem quite rare. In movies and television, there will often be large squads...