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New gag and cough sounds for vanilla SWF vanilla 1.21.1b

I open the vanilla SWF with FFdec and extract the 15 gag sounds, found them not sexy enough.
So I extracted 15 sound clip from deep throat with vomit/puke video. and replace them with FFdec.

Now the gagging sound is wonderful.
I have also replaced 7 cough sounds (cock in mouth couth, not free cough).
Please download and try.
Gag sound and in-mouth cough sound will only be triggered when dick is between 70%~100% in her mouth, that means you will have to make dick pass through her throat first.
If you have any other idea, post here to let me know.

Please open the SWF directly instead of using Loader.

For any other information, Please check the post here, including a sound comparison.
15 gag sounds replaced with more intense one.Vanilla SWF(no need to use load)
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