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Death Note: How it Should Have Ended

Death Note: How it Should Have Ended ver. 1.0

This is my take on an alternate ending to Death Note. Please don't mind the slightly dark ending to the dialogue, as I wasn't sure how else to end it. If anyone has any other ideas, let me know.

Mods Required:
-The loader.
-the alley background by Kuroyuu.
-breastexpansion plus.
-Faceless's tentacles mod.

-Near hair mod (I don't remember who made this, or where I found it, but if anyone can tell me, thanks in advance. If not, I'll be more than happy to upload my copy of it on my thread).
-overshirt my by Iago.

P.S.: Load the brestexpansionplus mod and the tentacles mod before loading the dialogue. Also, when playing the dialogue, you will see a restart_dialogue button. Use this button to restart the dialogue so you can select SD Chan, or any other default character before exiting the game altogether, as the overshirt mod kind of messes up the loading of the game altogether once you start it up again.

Overall this is all I have to say for now. I hope you all enjoy. Happy Halloween.
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