1. S

    Muscular Futa Him

    Hello, I just landed on your forum and I hope not to derogate from a particular rule by putting my first message here. I know a little SDT as a simple user, but I am completely ignorant about technical side. I searched for a moment the resources part for some modifications on the Futa Him...
  2. ds14048

    Asuka Him Nude 1.0

    Asuka Him Nude Asuka nude male replacer Replace him with Asuka Langley nude More pics here. Loader Imports ds14048
  3. ds14048

    Asuka Him 1.0

    Asuka Him 1.0 Asuka male replacer Replace him with Asuka Langley She is breast slider adjustable More pics can be found here Loader Imports ds14048
  4. S

    Lewd Maze (rpg/dungeon crawler, futa, pixel animation. v0.02a is out)

    MEGA new update, still public~ Developer/Publisher: Shanbahak (Shanbahak is creating Adult dungeon crawler, Lewd Maze | Patreon) Censorship: No Version: 0.02a OS: Windows (Needs Java) Language: English Hello guys. After almost 2 years of development, we're finally out with demo~ Our small team...
  5. P

    Hitbox for him

    So I recently started using the "Make Her Cum" mod. It's great but there is one thing: her cum just flies by his body. Is there any way to change this? Like a hitbox for his body on witch cum can actually land? I have no experience in flash but a lot of people here do so i am searching for help...
  6. T

    ThatFutaGirl's Dialogues (Slutty Sissy Girl + Secret Futa Alyssa + More!)

    Slutty Sissy Girl dialogue: This is my first dialogue, and I am probably going to make a lot more. I know that someone had already made a sissy dialogue, but I thought I'd give it a go myself. It should be noted that this dialogue is based on sissy roleplay, so there is no underage here. And I...