futamasturbateV1 V1

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A mod to make her jerk off herself.

UPDATE: turns out I'm a dingdong and made a custom patch for MakeHerCum to work. Updated the installation steps and added info at the bottom.

It's compatible with MakeHerCum, but for integrations (not required) you need to download the patch and load it BEFORE the mod.


(I don't know how to upload a video/gif but trust me she thrusts)

  1. Download the futamasturbateV1.zip archive and extract it in the Mods/$INIT$ folder
  2. Edit Mods/$INIT$/Mods.txt and add the line futamasturbateV1/futamasturbateV1.swf
  3. Copy the futamasturbateV1settings.txt file into the Settings folder
  4. (Optional) Download the patched MakeHerCum
  5. (Optional) Extract it and replace your version. Load it BEFORE the mod in the Mods.txt file.
  6. You're done
  • Use the key L (default) to toggle the mod between LEFT HAND, RIGHT HAND, BOTH HANDS and OFF mode.
  • Use the key G (default) to adjust her hands rotation if they're misalined with her penis (happens with many animtools positions). Keep it down to advance faster (might take a while, advances slowly). Messages on the right side of the screen will echo back the current setting value if you want to store it later as a default.
Review the settings file to customize the mod. Here are the features:
  • idle/minimum masturbation speed (changes with action) (option: minSpeed, default 0.4). increase to have her masturbate faster always
  • auto-cum after a set amount of frames (option: cumAmount, default 0 - disabled)
  • slow down masturbation whilst ejaculating (option: slowOnCum, default 1 - enabled)
  • be faster/slower when sliding up or down (option: roundTripMultiplier, if 1 same speed, if >1 faster while going down from the tip, <1 slower
  • distance between left and right hand when in both hands mode (option: rightHandOffset)
  • travel percentage of penis (option: centerDistance, default 80. 0-100 where 100 is the full penis length)
  • hands offsets (x and y): Y is the offset perpendicular to the penis, X parallel. (options: Yoffset default 0, Xoffset default -20 more towards the tip)
  • default hands rotation (option: centerDistance, tuned to default STD position by default, you can change it to your starting position to avoid fixing it manually in-game everytime).
  • keys: togglekey (default L = 76) and rotationkey (default G = 71)
  • her hands' rotation gets messed up on position changes and even in the same position sometimes follows the wrong container, you'll know what I mean when you experience it
  • her left hand sometimes gets behind her left leg, but not her fingers
  • her left hand fingers sometimes just fly off into the distance. use the other hand on such occasions
You can find the source code of the mod in the directory. I used a decompiler to hack it together from femalemasturbateV1, and there are some hacks that seem like errors but are left there on purpose. For example, I know the trigonometric functions expect radians, but the old mod passed degrees and it works with that so I've left it that way too.
Some magic numbers are there to make things line up on penis scaling. If you can figure out what should be passed to (left)rightArmIK.setEndRotationTarget as target(s) to handle hands rotation better let me know, I've tried everything I could find on the decompiled SDT.swf.

That's it. Have fun weirdos.

Update: MakeHerCum
(To use the auto-cum and slow down on cum features)

I've made a custom patched version of the dialoguetrigger one. You can download it and replace just the SWF if you have it already installed.
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The MakeHerCum functionality does not work. Yes, I am using the linked file from here and loaded MakeHerCum_V1.0.swf BEFORE futamasturbateV1.swf. I have tried everything, and am being driven insane. I keep getting this message:
futamasturbate: cannot make her cum. make sure to install a recent version of MakeHerCum or set cumArousal=0 to disable this warning.
This mod is actually amazing, a new default mod in my loader, it works flawlessly almost every time i've used it, I have noticed the fingers bug but thats really not a big deal to me honestly

The only gripe I have with the mod isnt even tied to the mod itself and its that when I use the hspri (Futa Penis Extender) mod and extending her penis beyond the normal size she seems to just be rubbing her wrist on her penis but I'm not sure if this is something you can fix and tbh isnt even really a big deal, plus the integration with the Make Her Cum mod is a nice touch
Not into futa, but this is a perfect mod for anybody who does, great work!