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Been wanting a mod like this for years, finally put my pea-brain to the task and came up with a very underwhelming but satisfying result.

Essentially just a panties mod that just sticks a pair between her legs, they aren't that visible and I might try and remedy that at some point but for now this is all I got lol.

Personally I've stuck it in my moreclothing mod in the :CostumePanties area so you can just select it from the menu there. Works for me in this scuffed state :D

P.S I should add that this was originally a panties mod by Iago
that I have changed some PNGs on, so credit goes to him for the source
  • New balls img.PNG
    New balls img.PNG
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  • new balls img 2.PNG
    new balls img 2.PNG
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  • New balls seggs.PNG
    New balls seggs.PNG
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  1. Balls for her version 2 - Refining the PNG

    Just touched up the shape, placing and detail a little