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February 15th Update: I feel as though I'm reaching the limits of my imagination with the mod now that it's mainly feature-complete. I've set up a thread for you to share your feedback and ideas for us to hopefully take the project to the next level. Please let me know if you have any thoughts.

Huge thanks to Samoth for their crucial help and guidance on this project, Slingerbult for their excellent Dialogue Guide, and to Pim_gd for their indispensable work on Dialogue Checker. Without them (and of course CGma) this mod wouldn't exist.

As of 4.1 the dialogue makes use of Dialogue Actions and MoreMoods, making it Loader-only. I recommend using Sby's Loader Pack if you aren't already. I also recommend setting resistances to high to get the most out of the resistance lines.

For those unfamiliar with the controls and nuances of Dynamic Girlfriend (which I have made much less obvious within the dialogue for the sake of immersion), pull her up to your chest to activate handjob mode, which is one way to improve her mood and try to make nice. I have added the ability to end handjob mode by pulling down.

You should experiment with what other actions can change her mood and the impacts of treating her differently in every mood; you might find some hidden surprises. Or, y'know, cheat and read the txt. (But seriously, I strongly recommend not doing that. It'll ruin the magic). Ultimately; she's your daughter, she doesn't quite know what she wants and she's never going to stop loving you.


Like some of you, CGma's Dynamic Girlfriend dialogue has brought me a decade's worth of fascination and enjoyment with it's rich behaviour, simulation and replayability. It's stood as a masterwork within our community that I'm sure has inspired countless others and formed our ideas of what was possible within SDT.

But with that said, I doubt I'm the only one that found some of CGma's writing, grammar and sentence structure to not be at a level to fully immerse me in the fantasy they created. For several years I've been changing bits and pieces of the script to feel more realistic, consistent, and seductive.

At some point I made the decision to fully rework the dialogue line by line, keeping the original logic and triggers but editing and enhancing the spoken language and dialogue actions. At nearly 1,400 lines this was fairly time consuming, and in the meantime I've developed a Daddy fetish thanks to my wonderful partner sharing hers with me.

With THAT said, I present: Dynamic Daughter. It is exactly what it sounds like. All characters are of legal age and all action is consensual. I'll leave it to you to explore and decide if it's right for you. I am considering working to refine it back into a vanilla girlfriend dialogue, and potentially a teacher/student dynamic as well. If that's something you want, let me know with a review.

Feedback is appreciated, but for now, happy wanking!

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Latest updates

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  2. Horniness Nerf + Added lines for Lick_Balls + More dialogue & triggers rework

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Latest reviews

Incredible dialogue. I've been using the dynamic girlfriend myself and reformatted the dialogue to fit my deranged and sick fetishes. However, this is one is dope.

10/10 would beat sausages to again.
I appreciate anything that adds a sense of challenge to this blank slate of a "game." Dialogues like this are sorely needed.
Nice dialogue, do you plan to include intros lines for the start or real pregnancy ending in the future ?
I don't have any real long term plans for the dialogue, I've been building off Dynamic Girlfriend and seeing how I can expand on it. It's been a learning process, but now I've got the basics I'll be thinking of where it can go next. I'd love more feedback for ideas about what people might want.

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