1. V

    Canine Tail Fix 2019-08-17

    This is a fix of RajasGrime's Canine Tail It wouldn't unload when switching characters in my game so I remade it. All credit goes to RajasGrime ofc.
  2. yiggityyo

    "him" replacer for canine and horse penises

    i found horse and canine dick replacers but no furry or animal replacers for him, i think this is a lil weird.. just having a perfectly normal him with a dog penis. if anybody had the time to make a replacer that is a dog/horse that would be appreciated. anybody else interested in this?
  3. dantethedarkprince

    Werewolf 1.0

  4. lemurian-seed

    Real Canine Cock 1.01

    Loader is required for this mod. sby's loader pack is recommended (especially for the penis range ext. & animtools) { without these, you are more limited in proportions and size, } { and cannot take advantage of extended/alternative sexual positions } Instructions are in the readme file inside...
  5. lemurian-seed

    Real Horse Cock v1.01

    Greetings! Welcome to my loader import thread! This is where you will find my first mod, Real Horse Cock. (Update is Live! Happy Holidays <3) and now introducing, Real Canine Cock! with RGBA Shift-able Shaft ~ many many many credits to @stuntcock, couldn't have done all of this whatsoever...
  6. lemurian-seed

    LemSeed's Cock Dialogue (Horse & Canine)

    *Update 5-04-16: This thread will only be used for reference & study purposes. Please Click here to get at my penis mods on my Loader Mod thread :) *Updated 4-29-16 with new FLA.... Basically all the scripting still needs to be done to get it in-game, and I'm hoping a brave soul out there...
  7. RajasGrime

    Canine Tail 1.0

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