1. SDTHorse Custom Character and Files for editing

    SDTHorse Custom Character and Files for editing 2023-08-21

    SDTHorse Char file and PNGs for editing
  2. Real Horsedicks

    Real Horsedicks 2019-10-03

    Photo horse penis replacers for HIM
  3. Rastafoo

    Rastafoo's game reviews/recommendations

    Prostitute of Magmell has ten sex scenes in total, each with a unique CG. The sex positions are very typical, all the standard positions from doggystyle, to blowjob to Claire riding on top. There are no exotic positions or particularly perverted niche kinks. Because of the story premise, the...
  4. VulpineScream

    (WIP) Counter.culT - Modern Day Supernatural Depravity

    Hey everyone, I'm Riley, long time lurker, first time poster. Also a long time amateur game developer and artist, and semi-professional writer and porn star. I've never put my game dev stuff out for anyone to see before (besides friends), but I've been in a rut in life recently and really need...
  5. Real Canine Cock

    Real Canine Cock 1.01

    Dog-like Canine penis replacer for Him/Futa +RGBA Shaft (Requires Loader)
  6. A

    Legal Questions - hentai content (loli, incest, bestiality…)

    Hello, my name is Alex and i would want to start doing hentai game development (possibly with loli, maybe incest aswell) I've heard a lot of things about 'Loli' genre being illegal, or something close to it, so i'd appreciate some details on this topic. Additionally, how does this affect the...
  7. Real Horse Cock

    Real Horse Cock 1.01

    Horse-like penis replacer for Him/Futa +RGBA Shaft (Requires Loader)
  8. lemurian-seed

    Real Horse Cock v1.01

    Greetings! Welcome to my loader import thread! This is where you will find my first mod, Real Horse Cock. (Update is Live! Happy Holidays <3) and now introducing, Real Canine Cock! with RGBA Shift-able Shaft ~ many many many credits to @stuntcock, couldn't have done all of this whatsoever...
  9. lemurian-seed

    LemSeed's Cock Dialogue (Horse & Canine)

    *Update 5-04-16: This thread will only be used for reference & study purposes. Please Click here to get at my penis mods on my Loader Mod thread :) *Updated 4-29-16 with new FLA.... Basically all the scripting still needs to be done to get it in-game, and I'm hoping a brave soul out there...
  10. Ziza

    [2015.12.12 UPDATE] Chaosrise, a hentai danmaku game Current public demo Support us on Patreon! The public demo is now available on Kimochi! Your browser may not like the .exe but you can trust me, it's safe and we are working on this issue too. I will be regularly updating this thread and I am also more than...

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