audio mod

  1. A

    Requiring assistance with Audio Files

    Hey there! I've been trying to learn how to add audio files, and I understand that audio's have to be converted from .Mp3 to .SWF and load them through SWF in order to use them. My question is: how does one put together all the converted audio files in a single file and have them activate? so...
  2. fulcrum

    New gag and cough sounds for vanilla SWF vanilla 1.21.1b

    I open the vanilla SWF with FFdec and extract the 15 gag sounds, found them not sexy enough. So I extracted 15 sound clip from deep throat with vomit/puke video. and replace them with FFdec. Now the gagging sound is wonderful. I have also replaced 7 cough sounds (cock in mouth couth, not free...
  3. Gameboy739

    Cum Sounds

    Is there a way to change the cum sounds?
  4. anonymous

    Audio Dialogue Request

    Edit from @stuntcock (Nov 29 2015): Anonymous isn't around at the moment. I'm willing to create audio dialogue mods until he returns. If you meet the criteria specified by Anonymous below, then reply to this thread (or PM me) with the zip file and I'll create a SWF file for you. Don't...