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Just a part of a 5 part serial story I did. This was the only section that involved a female victim, so I figured I may as well throw it up here. General idea is 2 ninjas (a male and a female) are infiltrating an office tower for unknown reasons, disposing of inappropriately attired security guards as they go.

If there's interest, I'll put up the other 3 parts I've done (still need to write the finale). 2 of the 3 are M/M, the third is F/M (male victim). All are breathplay related



All jobs had their perks. Often unadvertised, these perks existed in a strange limbo, tucked securely between a sense of entitlement, and the courage to find them; Kaira had found hers.

The sanguine feline had grasped the challenges of a boring night-job watching a bank of flickering monochrome monitors, and had molded them into an opportunity that she now found herself exploiting. The monitors stared back indifferently as she rolled her hips against the four-wheeled office chair she sat on. They didn’t blink when she let a loud, guttural moan of pleasure trickle from between her barely parted lips. They didn’t even flinch when her slender fingers tucked themselves beneath the taut fabric of the black briefs which hung invitingly on her hips. They only hummed patiently, filling the otherwise dark closet-sized room with their loving glow.

“Mmmff…” the small stifled sound punctuated a thrust of the girl’s blue-furred chest. Her sleekly black-furred body rolled in her chair, her perky--though undersized--breasts pressing out against her tanktop with all the tenacity of a drowning man reaching upwards, as though waiting for the very hand of God to save him. The hard nubs of her excited nipples poked out against the black fabric of her shirt as though giving her own self-pleasure a standing ovation; still, the screens watched disinterestedly.

On the soundless screens, the slow patrols of her fellow security officers wound through the twisting hallways and shadowy corridors of the building. They moved with a casualness born of naivety; that at least five of their comrades were dead was the farthest thing from their thought-cluttered minds. Kaira watched them with disconnected intensity; she didn’t look at any one in particular, her eyes jumping from one to the next. Most were male, and though she’d balked when they’d shown her the uniform, she had never been more glad for it. It was hard to have much of a social life while working nights, and the sight of so many near-naked men was a hard temptation to resist for long.

Soft bellies, hard bellies, tight asses, hard cocks. All of these things were laid bare to her. Right now two guards had snuck off to a supply closet they’d thought would provide privacy--unaware that the company owners had a deep-seated mistrust when it came to office equipment--and were now unwittingly performing for her amusement. A horse leaning back into the corner of the small closet was enjoying the tender mouth of a perky young collie, the canine handling the balls of his late-night treat as he savoured the musky flavour caught between his jaws. And there! A lion sneaking a cigarette in one of the empty lobbies! The broad-shouldered, well muscled feline’s body was a display worthy of a gallery. The bulge of his cock and balls in his black briefs led seamlessly into the defined landscape of his abs and pecs.

“Those are his hands touching you…” Kaira’s mind whispered to her. Her purple eyes slid up and down his body, her pussy wet beneath her fingers as she rubbed and stroked herself tenderly to start. Her feet lifted, resting them on the control panel of the security desk. Her briefs slid down, exposing her well-formed ass as he bounced slightly against the cushioning of her chair. The thin fabric rolled down her thighs, stopping half-way as she began to explore inside the folds of her aching pussy. The pleasure built in her like an expanding balloon, teetering on the brink of simply exploding as it grew within her. She wondered briefly where that purple wolf had gotten off to, the thought of finishing to him was one which had been nagging at her thoughts all day. Now, however, she contented herself with a reclining stallion. The guard rested in one of the recliners which dotted the upper floors’ elevator lobbies. The male’s body was stretched across the tilted seat, every inch of his half-erect prick tucked behind--and yet exposed by-- the ill-fitting briefs he wore.

There! There it was! Kaira’s head lolled back as her imagination took over, leading her gently down the final few steps between her and satisfaction. Her belly tightened while her tail curled sensually around one of the wheeled arms at the base of her chair. Pleasure flooded through her thin body as she felt her inner-walls tighten and spasm gently against her probing fingers.

“AH. FUCK.” The simple cry’s brevity only served to mimic the short-lived intensity of the girl’s climax. The pleasure began to fade by the time she pulled her fingers free, thighs damp and body trembling slightly in her chair. A blush rose in the feline’s cheeks as she pulled her uniform back into place, still feeling a lustful loopiness in her gut that begged her to ignore her duties and keep going; to say she wasn’t tempted would have made a liar of the warm-cheeked girl.

Work awaited however, and time, nor her body, would harbour any further delays. Kaira made her way to the small bathroom attached to the security station. As the door clicked behind her, however, Zato wandered past several of the silent cameras. Stealth had lost its appeal, and the kill-crazed assassin wanted more. Chance, as it often did, had chosen to favour him despite his foolishness. No guards appeared, and as Kaira returned to her station, he’d already left the area. Her vigil returned to its bland, glazed staring normalcy once again.

A sight caught the girl’s attention briefly as the camera feeds scrolled endlessly past her eyes. A lump behind one of the ferns? Kaira’s brow raised as she leaned slowly forward. That looked like that wol--a knock at the door interrupted her.

“Password.” Kaira called the word out almost boredly.

“Fuck the password, let me in, I need to talk to you about something.”

The answer caught Kaira off guard. The voice was muffled by the door and with her lust still waning, she allowed herself the luxury of believing it was the voice of that purple wolf she’d had her eye on. Her blush returned at the thought of their being together in such a… secluded… place, but doubt nagged at her. What bothered the girl the most, however, was the camera feed from directly outside the door was now a blowing snowstorm of static; she couldn’t see who it was, and something about it felt wrong.

She WAS still horny though.

The competing thoughts continued their fight even as Kaira’s body took charge and opened the door; security was important, but so was the need for warm flesh inside her.

A hand shot through the crack in the door before it’d even opened halfway. It clamped around her mouth, cutting off the first syllable of a scream that likely would have brought help. Kaira found herself pushed backwards easily as the owner of the arm shoved the door open, stepped through, then closed it with a gentleness uncharacteristic of such a large body.

Zato couldn’t help but smirk down at the feline struggling against his grip. The girl was tough, but the size difference was insurmountable from the position Kaira had found herself in. Hot panic raced through her veins, carried swiftly by the rapid heartbeat thumping in her chest. The feline’s small breasts pressed out against her shirt, as they had when she’d been masturbating, but with some unspoken intensity to the short jerky movements of her torso. Both hands tore at Zato’s arm, but in her panic the girl forgot about the gun holstered on her thigh; had she tried to draw it, she’d have likely found her arm broken by the tiger.

“Where do they find you guys?” The tiger’s words were heavy with scorn, a biting disappointment mingling with well hidden glee at such an easily won victory. The girl’s body straightened slightly, as though she were trying to stand taller, but he forced her head back, arching her body at the hips and forcing her to spread her legs to maintain balance. “I mean, shit, I could kill you right now, girl. You wouldn’t even put up much of a fight.” The soft coo’s of the cocky tiger’s words were enough to drive the stake of humiliation deep into Kaira’s heart.

“Mmmmf!” Feigned resolute indigence flared in Kaira’s purple eyes, shooting the look at the assassin over the edge of his beefy hand. He simply laughed and shoved her back against the desk. His hand left her mouth as she stumbled backwards, ass slamming into the control panel, but she didn’t scream. It was unlikely anyone would hear it from in here anyway. Her fear doubled as the tiger loomed, the girl trying to look capable of facing the threat, but knowing she just looked helpless. Kaira’s hands grabbed the edge of the console, her body leaning back against it as she bore her teeth at Zato. “You won’t touch me again, I promis--”

Kaira’s words were cut of by Zato’s shoulder slamming into one of her own. Surprised, the feline turned, exposing herself to a pair of crushing arms cinching around her waist.

“Tag, you’re it, bitch.” The tiger’s words were far too lighthearted, as though he were just playing. Kaira’s claws flashed, cutting into one of Zato’s bare shoulders. Blood ran, but the tiger’s grip remained fast around her, growing tighter with each second and soon exerting a terrible pressure against her spine. Slowly, the air was pushed from her and Kaira began to squirm. The girl’s feet kicked, the black flats she’d exchanged her nearby uniform boots for weren’t well designed for kicking, however, and hung loosely on her feet.

“I’ll tag you, you bastard!” In her frenzy, the girl didn’t seem to notice the paltriness of her attempted threat, and focused instead on carrying it out. Zato’s deep voice rumbled out a peal of laughter as she kicked at his knees. Finally, when he’d had enough--and she’d begun to lose feeling in her legs from the blood-constricting arms around her body--Zato threw the girl back into the chair. Kaira hit it with a muted mpfh! and immediately moved to get back out of it. A heavy foot struck her chest and sent her ass-first back into the seat. Within seconds the tiger’s heavy arms were around her from behind, paws laced almost casually against her breasts.

“Normally I’d give ya a few tweaks, you know, send you off with a bang?” The hands on her chest groped across the gentle slopes of her breasts, “Seems I got two problems though..” the tiger began. “For one thing I’m having a goddamn of a time finding your breasts, and second, you already smell like someone fucked you. Never know what kinda shit you can catch from a situation like that.” That the tiger was teasing for the sake of humiliating her now didn’t stop the humiliation building in the back of her head from asserting it presence.

“F-Fuck you, you wouldn’t know what to do with ‘em anyway.” The last smart aleck remark Kaira would ever make fell on deaf ears. The tiger’s claws appeared in an instant, tearing through the fabric of Kaira’s shirt as they pulled up suddenly. The girl’s ruined uniform fell open, exposing the delicate swell of her tits, and the hard nubs of her bare nipples. A gasp escaped Kaira, her shirt torn right to the sleeves but staying on her shoulders anyway. The female’s legs spread as her feet sought better purchase on the floor and she pushed back against her assailant. Zato was having none of it, however.

An audio cable that had been laying nearby suddenly became the single-most important thing in Kaira’s ever-shrinking lifetime. As it looped around her neck from behind, cold plastic biting into hot flesh, the girl let out a shriek that was cut off almost immediately along with the air which fueled it. The sound died out into a raspy HRRRRK!! as Kaira’s tongue darted from between her lips and fenced in the air with an invisible opponent. Purple eyes rolling back into her head as she tried to see the man killing her from behind, she only saw his shadow falling across her.

The feline pleaded with every movement of her body, her hips rolling with an intensity far greater than her earlier lust. Both hands tried to worm themselves under the cable, but not even a single finger could breach the severity of the Tiger’s grip on her. Slowly Kaira’s mind rolled through her possibilities; struggle and die, submit and die, or find some elusive third option and, likely, die anyway. None of them sounded appealing. The negotiations of her thrusting hips, arching chest and sliding legs soon became an all-out battle. The girl’s lungs burned, emptier than a life lived poorly and just as demanding. Saliva rolling down her chin was the only thing Kaira was coherently cognisant of, the rest of it just reflexes now.

“No wonder they had you in here. Sure as shit aren’t good for much, are you?” Zato’s words fought their way into Kaira’s ears, which were already filled with the sound of the blood trapped in her head. It purpled her cheeks even as her eyes grew bloodshot. Her feet were kicking violently now, and even as she spasmed and struggled, her flats flew off, one hopping off to land on the floor while the other hung off of a single toe. Barefooted, the girl spent her final few seconds of life hoping they wouldn’t fire her for breaking uniform protocol by wearing them. As her vision darkened, Kaira’s body began to slump in the chair. Through dim eyes she saw Zato standing above her, staring down with a smirk on his face and an overjoyed glint in his eye. Kaira could feel her swollen tongue laying against her cheek.

Zato just considered the half-conscious lump of feline sitting in the chair in front of him. The muscles in Kaira’s body refused to respond, and even if he’d released her throat she wasn’t sure she had the strength to fight back. His grip shifted, and for the first time in nearly two minutes the girl’s lungs tasted air. She sucked in half a mouthful before the tiger’s hands tightened once more. There was something different this time, however. Though they cut off her air--a state the girl was growing increasingly accustomed to--there was something off about their position.

Realization struck Kaira like a thunderbolt. The tiger’s body shifted upwards and he lifted the feline a matter of inches from her chair. Kaira’s hands gripped for the handle as she fought against the inevitable. Zato twisted the cat’s body gently to the side, her neck now held more by his forearm as his other hand moved to the side of her head. “Please Please Please Please Please!” the single word ran a marathon through her head again and again as she was helplessly put into position. Her chest was pushed forward, her legs spread, and her hands clutching the chair-arms uselessly. Her eyes pleaded, but Zato wasn’t looking. Not like this! Not like this!!! Though all of the confusion, dizziness, pain, and shameful desire the girl felt, she was mostly aware of the heat running down one of her cheeks as tears spilled from her bloodshot eyes.

“Good night, princess.” Zato’s words followed the girl into death.

The tiger’s arms jolted suddenly, twisting as the hand on the side of her head roughly forced it to snap to the opposite side. Surprise marked Kaira’s features as a loud *SNAP* filled the otherwise silent air. There was no time for her to wonder what had happened, she was dead before her head had fully turned, empty eyes staring into nothing as her tongue fell between her parted lips.

Zato considered his 4th kill of the evening. She was pretty! The blue hair spilling around her head hung limply now, her neck braced atop the back of the chair where he’d placed it, and her spread legs making the growing dark patch in her briefs impossible to miss. A gentle sniff of the air brought a broad smile to Zato’s lips. “An orgasm? For me? Well thanks, doll.” His paw came down to pat her face, his features reflected perfectly in the dilated eyes of his victim’s pupils. Kaira’s final orgasm trickled down her crotch, soaking into her panties and glistening against her fur. Zato was many things, but a well restrained young man was not one of them. Even as Kaira’s body began the slow process of cooling into a slab of meat, he leaned in and planted a soft kiss on her invitingly parted lips. It lasted only a second, as though the tiger were just stealing a taste of what could have been; it ended abruptly and the tiger didn’t spare the dead girl a second glance.

It was a shame to waste a corpse, but this bitch wasn’t worth his time. He left her sitting in the chair, staring at the ceiling as the cord--still deeply embedded in her neck--dangled off of her right shoulder. Ichi was close; he’d smelled her perfume earlier, and now without anyone monitoring the cameras it would be easier to catch up. Zato vanished from the room, not even bothering to close the door behind him. If the body of the girl was discovered now, it would still be too late to stop him from completing his mission.

Soon it would be over.

Kaira was awash with wide-legged anticipation, her bare heels digging into the floor as she patiently awaited discovery.