1. Elyann

    Archeage nude mod for dwarf females ( shaved )

    Hi, I recently picked up this game and happened to look for adult mods related to it but sadly all I could find were either outdated mods or non complete mods ( as they left out some of the races or did not provide shaved / unshaved textures for all of them ) . I'd obviously rather have a full...
  2. Quaren

    ArcheAge Texturer Requested

    Greetings! I am the current maintainer of a Nude Mod for ArcheAge. Unfortunately, my skills are almost entirely technical and I have about as much artistic talent as a vacuum desiccated corpse. I'm looking for an artist willing to update/work on the textures for use in the mod. I can provide...
  3. Quaren

    ArcheAge Nude Mod: Age of Naturalism

    ArcheAge Nude Mod Age of Naturalism MOD STATUS: ADVANCED DEVELOPMENT ONGOING Version Information Mod Version: 1.2 Compatibility: All known ArcheAge versions Last Update: 7-28-2018 Notices There are currently no shaved textures for Dwarf. I am seeking artists for this task. Please DM me if...
  4. Quaren

    ArcheAge: Age of Naturalism v1.2b

    ArcheAge Nude Mod v1.2 by Quaren This mod turns all female characters of the Nuian, Elf, Dwarf, Harrini, Firran, and Warborn races nude and provides the user with the option to select either shaved, or unshaved. Note: Currently does not have shaved versions of the Dwarves. If an artist wishes...
  5. P

    ArcheAge 3.0 nude mod?

    any1 know if someone is or if someone would be willing to make a nude mod for the new races (Dwarf & Warborn) for ArcheAge 3.0 ? I, as well as many others would love to see the devil girls nude, and . . . I'm sure theres a couple loli lovers wanting the dwarfs done also.
  6. James Gillett

    Nude mod for Archeage

    Just wondering if there is a nude mod for Archeage that includes all playable female races. Human, Elf, Dwarf, Harani, Firran and Warborn. EDIT: There's a download at Nude mod for Archeage
  7. G

    Help updating Archeage Nudemod for Revelations races.

    Hey, I'm pretty nooby at this stuff, but I've managed to extract the folder system from the Game_pak by using a program called quick BMS and a script I found being passed around on some forum. I used gimp to edit the .dds normal maps to something resembling nudity, but now I'm having trouble...