1. BamonSwanqueen

    Tit BlowJob 2018-09-06

    I made a titjob where you can make the girl suck the cock! Let me know if you like it! - BamonSQ.
  2. BamonSwanqueen

    Missionary With open legs 2018-08-30

    Hello everyone! This position made by me is a missionary with open legs. Have fun, let me know if you like it ;)
  3. tickles

    tickles' Animtools Sex Positions Pack 1.8

    This pack contains over 300+ sex positions created using Animtools (As well as a few background images) 1.80 Update Preview If you don't have Animtools or know exactly what it is then a link to it is over here. A prepackaged loader bundle that includes Animtools and more can be found...
  4. BamonSwanqueen

    Footjob 2018-08-17

    Well not excatly a footjob fan, but this is for who is a footjob fan!
  5. BamonSwanqueen

    Standing Missionary (More or less) 2018-08-17

    Hello everyone, once agheen. I was trying to do a sex postion like in porns with the two bodies hugged or something. Well this was the best i could do... I took some time. Let me know if you like it. Bye. - Bamon
  6. BamonSwanqueen

    Face to face ( on knees) 2018-08-17

    Hello, here a mod of mine. (I'm new here) So, lemme know if you like it. bye (i don't know if the name of the sex position is correct, but...enjoy! )
  7. tickles

    tickles' Animtools Sex Positions [UNDER RENOVATIONS - MOVING TO RESOURCES]

    <======= tickles' Animtools Sex Positions =======> Hello everyone, Welcome to my Animtools Thread!:grin: I've been working with Animtools for some time now, and... I think I've got the hang of it. Not sure if these are any "good" but... here they are. Enjoy. -===UPDATES===- THIS PAGE IS...
  8. Deltavoid

    DAPRA - Pregnancy Dialogue Minigame Package V1.1.0a

    Welcome to the Delta Adoption and Pregnancy Research Agency (DAPRA) Glad to have you on our research team. Department:Research Division:Pregnancy Subdivision:Intimacy Assignment:PROJECT MOTHERMAKER PROJECT MOTHERMAKER Fuck the subject vaginally until she gets pregnant then continue to fuck her...
  9. khalifa

    Animtools Mod

    Hi, i've been playing this game for a while and seen pretty good mods and wanted to try that myself. So this is my first attempt. Enjoy. Here's a preview for the first one: And the second:
  10. Antimatter42

    Animtools Position Issue

    There's probably a really obvious solution to this issue, but I am somewhat still new to animtools and all of the other advanced mods created for this game. So how do I fix this? It's in her mouth, but it just seems to disappear. And here is the name of the animtools position...
  11. M

    How to change voices in Animtools?

    So, reading the documents in animtools, it says you have multiple voice options for the female character when using sex positions, I can also see the MP3 files for each character under 'dirty audio' but I don't know where to find the option to change between voices. Any help?
  12. A

    How can I move/rotate his torso in animtools editmode?

    I'd like to do a cowgirl pose. I succeeded to make her move correctly, but he is just sitting there and it looks very stupid. How could I rotate or move his torso so he looks like he would be lying on the floor?
  13. A

    Animtools Doesn't Show Girl in Edit Mode

    The title pretty much says it all: whenever I open animtools in edit mode, the only character present is the male. Obviously, this is problematic for editing and creating new positions, and I'm at a loss as to what I can do to troubleshoot this. If it helps, here's a screenshot:
  14. Deltavoid

    [Poll] DAPRA - Pregnancy Minigame Dialogue (alpha v1.1.0a resource bugfix)

    V1.1.0 - resource pack release (Approved August 2, 2018) now split up into 3 Dialogue "modules" Dialogue.txt: (the main module) contains the main portion of the dialogue DAPRA_Settings.txt: (the settings module) I moved the settings from the top of the main module to its own file. it gets...
  15. D

    Moving the MoreTriggers 'Loader Hacked Arm'

    Hi everyone. I was recently messing with MoreTriggers and AnimTools and I realized that there's a trigger ([TOGGLE_LOADER_ARM_ON]) that enables an additional Left arm for the male character that holds the girl's head, kind of like the default right arm does. But for what I've seen, this arm...
  16. W

    3 New Positions I wanted and couldn't find

    There are a couple positions and after screwing with Animtools for a bit I think I got them figured out enough to accomplish the goals. One is a frustration factor, girl on knees teasing and stroking with minimal/no mouth contact. HUGE turn on psychologically when the girl realizes her level...
  17. edgelord 3000

    animtools ignores torsostartdistance value

    I'm using animtools V21, and when I load any position file with the torsostartdistance value set to anything other than the default 130, it gets ignored and shows as 130 anyway, with the position in game reflecting that. In my current case, giving her a giraffe neck. If I change the value...
  18. edgelord 3000

    Edgelord 3000's dialogues

    WARNING Most of these dialogs features underage girls (exceptions will be noted with the "not lolicon" tag). Their ages are never stated, but from the way they talk or act, there's no denying that they're very much underage (or, at best, adults engaging in ageplay). If that's not your thing, you...
  19. S

    Animtools Lower Body Penis Contact Help

    A little bored so I thought I could pass the time and create a dialogue with multiple positions. Feet/ leg stuff isn't really supported much but hey, why not try and include it. I made a position, but I can't get original_footjob.txt to register penis contact. Was wondering if someone could help...
  20. sorrowww

    Chair Tit Job 2017-12-20

    A Tittyfuck from Use: 1.Download file 2. Press F2 in game and select file 3. Profit Requires animtools
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