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Unzipped Hoodie (white) 2016-02-26 by AdrianMcClean

Vanilla long sleeve hoodie with skin tint support

  1. AdrianMcClean
    Vanilla SDT hoodie with the hood down, unzipped.

    I was unsatisfied the unzipped pack's lack of greyscale variations when dressing my Technicolor pony people in comfy hoodies, so this is my trivial colour mod of @BrokenToaster's unzipped vanilla hoodie design. Full credit goes to the real author! Since this mod's main colour is a pure greyscale (S=0), it supports skin tinting using the "Her Skin" HSL sliders.

    Other colours are available in BrokenToaster's clothing thread under "Tops". They won't support tinted skin though.

    Tops - Hoodie Unzipped - White.swf.png