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Cutie Unmark 1.0 by AdrianMcClean

Cutie mark substitute for ponies in Starlight Glimmer's village, from MLP:FIM S05E01

  1. AdrianMcClean

    Free yourself from your cutie mark. Embrace sameness. Diversity is disharmony.

    Now you can, of your own free choice, reject your unique butt tattoo and import this equals-sign symbol in its place. Be exactly the same as the many fortunate ponies in our community who Starlight Glimmer has generously unmarked!
    This symbol of our placid and unexceptional future is in perfect monochrome, so it isn't affected by the Her Skin HSL sliders. This means that this one mod won't work any better for you whether you use skin tints or not. Because special treatment leads to pain. Because difference leads to frustration.