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  • Rika Outfit
    Rika Outfit
    Shoes, pants, t-shirt, and accessories worn by Rika Nonaka (Makino Ruki) of Digimon
  • Zoe Outfit
    Zoe Outfit
    Shoes, stockings, skirt, shirt, and vest worn by Zoe Orimoto (Orimoto Izumi) of Digimon Frontier
  • Kitty Pryde Casual Outfit
    Kitty Pryde Casual Outfit
    Sandals, shirt, cardigan, and capri pants worn by Kitty Pryde in X-Men Evolution
  • Jean Grey Casual Outfit
    Jean Grey Casual Outfit
    Sandals, shirt, and loose cargo pants worn by Jean Grey in X-Men Evolution
  • Ino Costume
    Ino Costume
    Bandages, sandals, sleeves, and loose top worn by Ino Yamanaka (pre-timeskip) of Naruto
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