ty lee

  1. Jade1503

    Avatar: Wrestling Legends

    Katara, Toph & Suki vs Azula, Ty Lee & Mai Between a massive waterfall, there was a giant pool that was surrounded with bamboo trees and thick fog that it was extremely difficult to find the pool. Floating in the pool made from wood and rock was a wrestling ring with wooden logs as turnbuckles...
  2. kurt7040

    Ty Lee Acrobat Outfit 1.0

  3. D

    Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra Girls (Updated: All May 26th)

    ATLA/LOK GIRLS Right. So after a month or so since I first decided to took a look at Synon's great tutorial on how to draw up tops and pants and stuff, I've been making a few characters that I personally have always wanted to see here. (That sounded pretty bad, but you know what I mean.) So...