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Tube Tops 1.1

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Took a bit of magic to prevent major clipping due to how the shirt is, but both shirts are fully breast slider adjustable.

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V Issue Fixed V
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RGB adjustable
-RGB slider 1 controls the shirt color.

Note: add this to moreclothing's settings if you're using moreclothing to load the shirt.
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  1. (1.1) Layer/Unloading Fix

    Moved some layers, resolving the issue depicted below. The entire top should load and unload...

Latest reviews

Absolutely love the clean look of your mods. Thanks for sharing.
Thank you for the newest update on your mods. Just a minor issue with these 2 mods: the top layer of both tops are 'ugly" the line is all raffled, not the same as presented in the thumbnail. Just a heads up. :D
Thanks for the rate, as for the clipping that you're talking about, unfortunately that's as good as it gets. The breasts layer moves separate from the shirt, although this is hidden well on shirts that don't have their entire top half missing, like this one does.

The best one can do is find a good point on the shirt where the breasts don't move much and line that up with it, this a pretty time consuming process of trial and error and sadly isn't entirely fail proof and only prevents major clipping, it can get a lot uglier...