This pack contains the earrings I've made over the course of about a two or three weeks, all different, and a few with some variations. All of the earrings, with one exception, are RGB adjustable and most have a secondary color that is adjusted by the secondary RGB slider.

Making earrings is pretty entertaining for me, and also allows me to hone my skills in Adobe Animate. They're quick to make, and I can easily add changes to them with a smaller risk of screwing something else up in the process, they also add a little personality to whoever wears whichever one, hence over 10 20 earrings in this pack.

Here's a few previews of what the pack contains.





Note: These are the new earrings, remaining variant previews are in the download.

Diamond Anchor.PNG

Hanging Bar Long.PNG

Thick Cross RGB Gem.PNG

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  1. (2.0) New Earrings & Variants

    Used some of the extra spare time I've had to make about 3 earrings with variations that differ...
  2. Earrings, tweaks, fixes

    Two (three) "New" Earrings: MediumCross: Same as small cross, just a bit bigger...

Latest reviews

Been thrilled with these since I first downloaded them. I really like that virtually all of them have a dynamic swinging feature. Just adds that little bit of extra "pizazz" to the game. GREAT STUFF BB! Ready to see more as you have time!
Thanks, and glad you like their design. Although, I should mention that the swinging is just a part of the template that the original creator of SDT added to make implementing mods of other people into SDT much quicker and easier. I could just put a big ass line anywhere on the template and it would swing like you see with all of the other earrings, so the credit for the swinging would go to Konashion, but I'm sure he'd appreciate the compliment, wherever he is...
love these. especially the row one and the animation on the others
This is a spectacular pack! They're all detailed without getting messy when zoomed out. Really, really crisp!

My one criticism is that EncasedGemEarrings really shouldn't be animated imo given how small they are. I know they're animated by default but you managed to make RingEarringsRow stationary and I'd recommend you do the same with the Encased... if you ever do an update.

That's not gonna knock a star off of you rating though. Easy 5, and an automatic inclusion in any well stocked Loader.

PS. It's really nice to see a new modder doing such high quality mods. Keep it up!
Thanks for the words of encouragement, and the rating! That is a good point about the EG earrings though, they were the first ones I'd made after discovering the all other templates in the .fla so I hadn't really thought of doing that; I'll get around to fixing it later on.
Very enjoyable, thank you! Would you consider making one or two custom earrings? I would really like to have an earring that was just the word "SLUT" in thick, block letters. RGB of course.
Thanks again for what you've made!
Very nice work, glad to see that they're RGB adjustable.