Studded Chokers and Bands

Studded Chokers and Bands 2.1.2

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Comes in four versions, "StuddedRGB" has color adjustable Studs. "StuddedSilver" and "StuddedGold" have non-color adjustable Studs. The Studs can be made to look better when not color adjustable since the lines don't have to just be basic transparent black in order to fit with any color.

MEGA Archive

TightChoker Standard Preview.PNG

TightChoker StuddedSilver Preview.PNG

TightChoker StuddedGold Preview.PNG

TightChoker StuddedRGB Preview.PNG

V2 Choker, Cuffs, and Anklets come in all variants.
Standard Preview.png

NubsSilver Preview.png

NubsGold Preview.png

NubsRGB Preview.png

TightChoker Pendant Silver Preview.png

TightChoker Pendant Gold Preview.png

TightChoker Pendant RGB Preview.png

RGB Adjustable
-RGB Slider 1 for Collars controls the color of the Choker/Cuff/Anklet itself.
-RGB Slider 2 for Collars controls the color of the Studs for "StuddedRGB"/"NubsRGB/ Pendant RGB".
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Latest updates

  1. (2.1.2) Hotfix

    Actually fixed EM issue.
  2. (2.1.1) EM Compatibility

    Updated with EM 1.0+ compatibility.
  3. (2.1) V2 Pendant Choker

    Added the Pendant Choker for the V2 chokers. The pendant comes in Silver, Gold and RGB.

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exelent design, good history, but whats the hair tho

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