Billy's Hair Edits

Billy's Hair Edits 3.0

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Original hairs by Dantethedarkprince, tweaked by Billy.

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LongDynamicHair Preview.png

Kitana Dynamic Hair Preview.png

Use hue shifting to make the hair black, might make a blonde version some time later on if it looks good.

Silverfish Hair Black Preview.png

Silverfish Hair Blonde Preview.png

Silverfish Hair Brown Preview.png

Trish Dynamic Hair Brown Preview.png

V Brown hair versions and their previews are in the download V
Celtica Dire Preview.png

Celtica Dire Short.png
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  • Strap Heels
    Strap Heels
    [RGB Adjustable] Hm, yes. Very strappy.
  • Cropped Hoodies
    Cropped Hoodies
    [RGB Adjustable] Hey uh, the bottom half of your jacket is missing.
  • Split String Dress
    Split String Dress
    [RGB Adjustable] Give me leg, or give me death! (4+ Dresses)
  • Tube Tops
    Tube Tops
    [RGB Adjustable] Hollow cloth cylinder.
  • Skimpy Micro Shorts
    Skimpy Micro Shorts
    [RGB Adjustable] Extremely short pants, or fairly short shorts, or regular sized micro shorts.

Latest updates

  1. (3.0) Celtica Dire Regular and Short Ponytail & Trish Hair in Brown

    More crappy edits by yours truly, four variations of the Celtica Dire hair without the bangs, as...
  2. (2.0) Minecraft Silverfish Hair

    Another edit of Dante's hair mods. This hair goes well with my Bodycon Dresses mod, but you...

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the dynamic works great. Would love to see it in a full on RGB sliders version. Still, good work.
This is just what i was needing, thanks for everything.
It's always nice to have more (generic) dynamic hair!