I was in the mood to create a bunch of doggy style poses with her (mostly) on all four. This is one of them with him just using her while she's holding still as she was porbably told to. Good girl! ;)

This is the anal version of this sex position, the vaginal version will probably follow soon. I'm also planning a bunch of partial position files so it will be easier and smoother to change between them in dialogues.

For those who don't know how to make such positions work on SDT: just put the text file into the sub folder "animtools_positions" within your loader's folder "Settings" and use the Loader to load it then from there. This implies that you have to use a loader and @sby's mod AnimTools. Don't hesitate to consult the FAQ for further technical support.

Help me increasing my work's quality by supporting me with your constructive feedback (likes are welcome! :wink: )

Regards, Me
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  1. Forgot to keep head from moving

    I accidentally changed files and her head was moving thought it shouldn't.
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