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Scarf Alt 1.0 by Iago

Scarf that can be worn over a different color top (requires Loader).

  1. Iago
    In order to use this mod you need the Loader V5.41 or better.
    This mod is an "Overtop". It's designed to allow combinations with normal tops without the need of using the same color for both, sacrificing instead the collar slot.
    This mod uses the second Collar RGB Slider (leaving the Top RGB Slider free for another top).
    This mod includes a collar part (even if it is invisible), so you need to include it if you are using Moreclothing.
    The modtype for Moreclothing (V4 or better) is CostumeOverTop.

    Credits: This mod was made using sby alternate loader template (no, you don't need it to make it work).

Recent Reviews

  1. StrongFish91
    Version: 1.0
    Colouring isn't really working with this one for some reason. the other mods by you all work perfectly, but this one doesn't want to colour properly.
    1. Iago
      Author's Response
      Have you tried to use the second color slider like it says in green in the description XD?