Saryn Warframe Bodysuit

Saryn Warframe Bodysuit 2018-07-04

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An issue I was having with another download has made me discover that several mods I've made (including this one) are currently represented on the site by incorrect versions. Apparently this never updated to what it should have been after I reworked significant chunks of it That's fixed now.
I've updated the mod to be more in-line with the way Saryn actually looks in Warframe. Key changes include around the edge of the breast, the "skirt" on her waist, and the growth on her right leg. Surprisingly, the boots were actually very accurate and I felt they were not in need of a change at this time.
The title says it all. The mod has been remade using Sby's Loader template (as opposed to Faceless' template), so it is now MoreClothing compatible.