Saryn Warframe Bodysuit

Saryn Warframe Bodysuit 2018-07-04

Im sure this mod is amazing but can you make it run with out template or loader
Unfortunately no; the nature of the mod (namely the fact that the hands don't break when she attempts to give handjobs) means it's a Loader-only mod.

What I WILL say is that swapping over to the Loader isn't too difficult, so if that's your concern then don't let it get to you too much. There's a link to the Loader in the description of the mod (back in the Overview tab), and it's essentially just some extra files that stack on top of SDT (i.e. you should be able to swap over without losing TOO much).

The Loader also gives you much more access to mods made by the community, so I'd advise checking it out regardless.
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