RGB Paladin Ringlets

RGB Paladin Ringlets 1 + 2

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Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Paladin's Left Forearm Ringlets 1.0' and 'Paladin's Right Forearm Ringlets 1.0' mod, this mod puts them in the cuffs slot and makes them RGB adjustable. It uses the secondary RGB slider so that it can be paired with other cuff mods more easily.

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  1. Right and Left

    Added a right and left only version

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Also very happy to have these RGB, thanks! They look just like glowstick bracelets when you make them neon colours; perfect for my slutty rave girls!
Not bad, really happy you made these RGB adjustable.

Only downside would be that dante made two separated mods for each arm, while you left them both as one piece (or rather mod) which means less options for customisation.
One other potential problem is the coloration but I guess this just how the flash player is.

Anyway looks good, keep it up.