Raven Branwen Hair

Raven Branwen Hair 2018-07-12

NOTE: As the hair used here is a .swf, importing it into the game must be done by importing a SWF file, not importing a hair. It's just a matter of which button you're supposed to press.

Canon outfit preview (outfit requires the Loader to work):

Outfit Download: Raven Branwen Outfit

Vanilla SDT outfit preview (if you don't want to use the "canon" outfit because it is a Loader mod):

The code used to achieve the outfit above is as follows:
The rest of the aspects "necessary" to recreate the above images - breast size, skin tone, iris color, etc. are "built in" to the hair .swf file so they are omitted from the code block for brevity.

A pre-set folder for the mod can be found here: MEGA
The above folder download includes the usual items - a named pre-made folder and the images I use above, as well as a copy of the outfit's mod. (This version includes 3 character folders - Raven (Naked), Raven (Proper Outfit) and Raven (Placeholder Outfit). The third is based on the placeholder I used before I finished this mod.)

Feedback is welcome, as always.
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