Minecraft Skeleton Boots (Standalone)

Minecraft Skeleton Boots (Standalone) 2016-05-21

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A standalone version of the boots used in the 'Minecraft Skeleton' and 'Minecraft Wither Skeleton' outfit mods.

This mod is RGB compatible. Specifically, it attaches to the "Pants" Slider in SDT when imported:

The red box marks which costume piece the boots are attached to. The black box indicates which of the two color sliders actually works with the mod (the other color slider will not modify the boots in any way). Even when the boots are enabled this will read "none," allowing you to add a pair of pants as well. Note that you can hide the boots (except for the shoe part) by applying a pair of pants after importing the boots. See the following example:

Keep in mind that in this case, both the pants and the boots will end up being colored the same way
(except for the parts of the pants affected by the second color slider).

If you put pants on before putting on the boots, however, the boots layer over the pants:
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