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Meta Injector 1.4.0

- Meta contents refreshed every time the main menu is loaded and before attempting to patch.
- Fixed underscore-prefixed files not being ignored.
- Double dot/underscore folders will now have all the files inside them ignored (useful if you want to temporarily stop using certain files, without having to move them out).
- More fixes regarding file detection order, now matches better with Windows Explorer.
- Added numerous warnings regarding the automatic patching method.
- Added duplicate file alerts.
- Fixed an issue with the Restore N' Patch implementation.
* Requires BDO Toolkit 1.2.0 or higher.

- Current file number/total count for the current paz archive (the square brackets) will now be gray.
- Added legacy patching support. To perform a legacy patch, create a "legacy" folder prefixed by a dot/underscore in the path of the files meant to be legacy patched, and place the files/folders inside.
- Added warning to option 2 to indicate that it's not fully compatible with all the changes made.
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