Edit: Decided to make my own version of Android 21's hair but I will keep the modified version for those that prefer it.

Android 21 3.jpg

Android 21 1.jpg

Based on AstralHorizen AstralHorizen 's 'Android 21 Static Hair' mod, this mod alters the colors and removes the glasses.

Majin Android 21 1.jpg
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Latest updates

  1. Normal version

    Made a version for normal Android 21.
  2. Forgot

    Forgot the old version
  3. Original

    Created my own version of Majin Android 21's hair.

Latest reviews

Can't use it....is there an dynamic Version of it?
Looks great! Funny enough, I was planning on releasing an updated version of the original source, but never got to it. Overall, quality is very clean, definitely way better than the one I threw out a couple years back.
Thank you very much. And there's nothing wrong with your own version, I think it's quite good and wouldn't have made a Majin version if I didn't. I just like a more "fluffy" style.
Very good work congrats.
I am a fan of dbfz ! and I wonder if you cold do dynamic hair?
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