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Lace Stockings - Thigh high V1.0 by BrokenToaster

Lace Stockings - Thigh high

  1. BrokenToaster
    Socks - Lace Stockings - Thigh High [Black].png


    - Solid Color: Stockings - Lace Stockings - Thigh High [Black]
    - Solid Color: Stockings - Lace Stockings - Thigh High [White]
    - Other solid colors available on request.

    - Vanilla or Loader: Vanilla
    - RGB Support or Solid Color: Solid Color Only
    - Breast Slider Support: N/A

    - Mod was made using the body template.

    - This mod is not RGB hue shiftable because:
    - The RGB sliders will be split between the 'Bottoms' RGB scale and 'Shoes' RGB scale.
    - This mod is more easily stacked underneath other 'Bottom' mods. The body layer is below the bottoms layer.​
    - This mod can be RGB hue shiftable if requested.

    Please feel free to review and rate this mod. To see more of my work, please check out the original thread here: https://www.undertow.club/threads/brokentoasters-real-clothing-mod-series-updated-7-10-2015.6298/.

    A Few Notes about me and my mods:
    1. The mods I make are rendered in the same fashion as the game. You wont see any photoshopped pictures here, all of them are handmade.
    2. I use a 'false' boolean on all of my mods so you can stack them and get creative. I also try and break everything out separately so you can make a 'wardrobe' for you characters rather than having a fixed character costume.
    3. I try my best to make proper RGB colors but sometimes its better looking to just have a fixed color. So if there is a specific color schedule you'd like to see my mods in, message me and I will do my best to get you what you'd like.


    1. Socks - Lace Stockings - Thigh High [White].png
    2. Socks - Lace Stockings - Thigh High [Black].png

Recent Reviews

  1. SyntaxTerror
    Version: V1.0
    These stockings are very well done, especially the gradients.