Hot Rods & Bratty Broads

Hot Rods & Bratty Broads ver. 3.0

After hearing of some issues with the dialogue and the animtools positions, I've decided to update this dialogue such that it comes as its own loader pack now. This pack contains the following:
-The Hot Rods & Bratty Broads dialogue and its provided background.
-All of the required animtools positions in their correct spots.
-All of the required mods, including allalphasliders, deepthroatactions, and himnotletgo.

I give much thanks to @sby, @Pim_gd, and @Billy-Bob-Da-Hilly for making this dialogue possible. My complete loader pack should be coming in very soon. Take care to let me know if you run into any further issues with this dialogue.
Forgot to mention that this dialogue also needs moremoods to work. The mod is included in this download. Just place the moremoods settings file in your loader's Settings folder.
Forgot to include an animtools position that was needed, but it should be in the folder now.
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