Hairy Him [EMH] [RGB]

Hairy Him [EMH] [RGB] V2, EMH

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Hairy Him [EMH] [RGB]
***This mod requires ExtraModHim && Template Extension to function***




Hairy as. Not really interested in making him more or less hairy.

RGB Adjustable

This mod (rgbFill) is bound to the Him Tops RGB.

Warning: ExtraModHim (v1.06) is still a new template extension mod and hasn't been fully bug tested yet. Please forgive any mod failures, bugs, graphical glitches, or incompatibilities with other mods and report them here so that they can be patched asap ->

This mod ModType: HIM_TOP, HIM_BOTTOMS. (This is not a body mod, and no loader arm yet)
Currently, it is moreclothing capable using the following:
MoreClothing Settings:
EMH_HairyHim.swf=Hairy Him+autoconsolidate
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 5 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Loader Arm art and Fix for Nose Squish issue

    Version 2 Added hairy art for the Loader Arm. Fixed the issue where her nose would squish before...

Latest reviews

works good! Unfortunately, the hair is also on the dropped trousers. is there also no possibility to change the color of the hair with other bottoms? thx
Thanks! I bound the RGB manually so I can rebind it to anything. If you'd like I'll put out a version bound to her belly button piercing instead.
Fantastic detail, well done. I'm personally waiting for Futa stuff to come out with pubic hair.
It's odd how long it's taken for something like this to be available, but here it finally is, and it's very well done. There's no hair for the added grabbing arm if you use that, is that something which isn't yet possible with this addon set, or a slip up?

Also, if someone makes a body for him which is more muscled and maybe slightly thicker (without getting to as humongously massive as that MuscleMan mod), would you be up for doing a similar body hair addon for that?
(The anonymous head looks great, by the way)

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