1. Manacles For Him (Hands) [EMH]

    Manacles For Him (Hands) [EMH] V1, EMH

    Keep the beast restrained
  2. Censored JAV Penis Type A [EMH]

    Censored JAV Penis Type A [EMH] V1, EMH

  3. Skinny Bastard (Thin HIM) [EMH]

    Skinny Bastard (Thin HIM) [EMH] V1

    Captain Lanky
  4. McFatty Sumo Boy (Roadhog Alt) - HIM Body & Head [EMH]

    McFatty Sumo Boy (Roadhog Alt) - HIM Body & Head [EMH] V1

    Just now tell me once again who's fat
  5. Scion Adventurer Outfit [EMH]

    Scion Adventurer Outfit [EMH] 2023-11-30

    The outfit given by the FFXIV MSQ to the player
  6. Roadhog - Overwatch HIM [EMH]

    Roadhog - Overwatch HIM [EMH] V1.1, EMH

    Ready to go whole hog!
  7. Glory Hole [EM Foreground][EMH]

    Glory Hole [EM Foreground][EMH] V1, EMC, EMH

    Who is it? You never know!
  8. Ash Ketchum HIM [EMH Remake]

    Ash Ketchum HIM [EMH Remake] V1, EMH

    Original Art and Mod by Sombra
  9. Alien Penis [EMH] [Type 1]

    Alien Penis [EMH] [Type 1] V1, EMH

    It wiggles and squirms inside her
  10. Messy Short Ponytail [EMH]

    Messy Short Ponytail [EMH] V2, EMHv1.12+

    Sexy. Too Sexy.
  11. Athletic Him Body [EMH]

    Athletic Him Body [EMH] V1, EMHv1.12+

    I'm coming for you man. My style is impetuous. My defense is impregnable, and I'm just ferocious.
  12. Beardy Boy [EMH] [RGB]

    Beardy Boy [EMH] [RGB] V1, EMH V1.06

  13. Hairy Him [EMH] [RGB]

    Hairy Him [EMH] [RGB] V2, EMH

    Let the monkey out
  14. His Pants Down RGB [EMH]

    His Pants Down RGB [EMH] V1, EMH V1.06

    Drop 'em and go!
  15. Hawaiian Shirt (Two Types) for Him RGB [EMH]

    Hawaiian Shirt (Two Types) for Him RGB [EMH] V1, EMH V1.06

    Variant of the Vanilla Shirt
  16. Vanilla Him Shirt Deluxe [RGB] [EMH]

    Vanilla Him Shirt Deluxe [RGB] [EMH] V1, EMH V1.06

    Crop Top No More!
  17. Business Tie Dynamic RGB [EMH] [DHE]

    Business Tie Dynamic RGB [EMH] [DHE] V1, EMH V1.06

    You're the Boss Now, Dog
  18. HIM Fallout 4 Stats Pip-Boy [EMH]

    HIM Fallout 4 Stats Pip-Boy [EMH] V1, EMH V1.05

    Never leave home without it
  19. Boba Fett (No Jumpsuit) Him [EMH]

    Boba Fett (No Jumpsuit) Him [EMH] V1, EMH V1.05

    A true Mandalorian never takes off the helmet
  20. Business Shoes HIM RGB [EMH]

    Business Shoes HIM RGB [EMH] V2,EMHv1.12+

    Original art by Mike

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