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Devilian De-Censor - Shooter 1.0 by Naduron

Remove the censoring on the Shooter class.

  1. Naduron
    [Testing the new feature ^^]

    NA/EU Censored the Shooter class so i made a De-censor for it.

    Topic here on Undertow for new updates/support/FAQ for Devilian
    Devilian - Nude Mods/Mods

    1. Make sure that the client is up-to-date before modding it.
    2. Backup the Original File
    3. Copy/Paste the 3 "players_devilian" files to "Devilian\pkg"
    The purpose of the next step is to bypass the repair, cause the launcher is flagging the de-censor "corrupt", which can easily be done by spamming "Play", forcing it to start the game.
    4. Click "Play" ,the moment the launcher start downloading the files click "Play" again and the client will start.
    5. CANCEL THE DOWNLOAD (Don't let the launcher download the files or you will have to add back the de-censor again)
    6. Done


    1. shooter.png
    2. 1.jpg
    3. 2.jpg
    4. 3.jpg
    5. 4.jpg
    6. Devilian Shooter.jpg
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