"Dangerous Beast" Outfit

"Dangerous Beast" Outfit v2

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I STRONGLY advise using the VanillaArmPatch mod with this. Having it installed will ensure visual glitching on her arm does not occur.


Full Glove (both arms are the same):

Alternate legwear version (mod switches when Feet4Heels is active/installed):

RGB Split demonstration:

In short: All fur components (and related lace around the waist and upper thigh) use the Top ("T-shirt") RGB slider.
All fabric components (boots, gloves, panties, straps on her back) use the Armwear ("Gloves") RGB slider.

Two versions of the mod are available: one which is RGB adjustable and one which is the "canon" color schema. Both should be compatible with the MoreClothing mod. Note that if re-binding in MoreClothing, the mod has a "Body" component - this is both for the straps on her torso below her breasts and for a "mask" on her right arm that makes it not clip over the collar fur. (The latter component, incidentally, is why this mod requires VanillaArmPatch to not flicker - I'm still working on seeing if that can be fixed natively within the mod, but until then having VAP installed should fix the issue. If you also have Animtools, make sure VAP is loaded FIRST.)

There is no zipped folder for this, as the mods do not come as a pre-packaged set (e.g. no bonus hairs or backgrounds). For a suggested hair mod, consider the Mash Kyrielight Static Hair.
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  1. Splitting out Tail and Fur "Cuffs", Plus Minor Update to Main Outfit

    Based on an older request I finally got around to splitting some of the fur components out as...
  2. Fixing Soft-Reset in RGB version

    I had accidentally left in a "default" code with the RGB Adjustable version (that swaps colors...

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Marvelous. I was looking for this a few days ago, then was searching for tails yesterday and found this and saw it was posted on Friday. Can you make a version without the boots?
If the mod is imported/loaded via MoreClothing you should be able to simply not have the boots present. They're the only mod component that is set as Legwear, so MC's process of breaking it into its constituent parts should allow you to have everything except the boots. (Do note that in doing this there is also a body component of the mod, which makes her arm go behind the fur "collar".)


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