Cropped Tops

Cropped Tops 3.0

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These are essentially sleeved versions of @Huitznahua's Midriff Cleavage Top, which I took inspiration from. The breasts of the exposed cleavage versions are of their design, although the shirts and the breasts of the covered cleavage versions are my own.

2.0 Previews

CropShirt 1 Preview.png

vvv Update 2.0 vvv
CropShirtClosed 1 Preview.png

CropShirt 2 Preview.png

vvv Update 2.0 vvv
CropShirtClosed 2 Preview.png

vvv Update 2.0 vvv
CropSweaterClosed 1 Preview.png

vvv Update 2.0 vvv
CropSweaterClosed 2 Preview.png

vvv Old Sweater vvv
Old CropSweater Preview.png

CropTankClosed Preview.png

CropTankClosed 2 Preview.png

CropLongsleeve 1 Preview.png

CropLongsleeve 2 Preview.png

RGB adjustable
-RGB slider 1 controls the tops color.
-RGB slider 2 controls the secondary color for certain tops and both long-sleeve sweaters.
First release
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Latest updates

  1. (3.0) Long-Sleeve & Visual Improvements/Tweaks

    New Long-Sleeve Crop Top added, with an alternate variant just like the other crop tops. Second...
  2. (2.1) Closed Cropped Tank

    Added a closed and cropped version of a tank-top from another mod of mine.
  3. (2.0) Closed Variants

    Added versions of the cropped tops with no cleavage exposed, also cleaned up the regular shirts...

Latest reviews

The new long sleve tops look excellent. Are you planning on a cleavage version like you have on the tucked shirts?
Yeah, It'll come around eventually.
Love the new closed tank, thanks for doing my small request!