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Cinder Fall Post-Timeskip Hair

Cinder Fall Post-Timeskip Hair 2018-Oct-11

Relevant character code is as follows:


A handful of relevant mods can be found below. All require the Loader and Template Extension to run.

Cinder Fall outfit, with left sleeve: Cinder Fall Post-Timeskip Outfit (With Sleeve)
Cinder Fall outfit, without left sleeve (features Volume 5 spoilers): Cinder Fall Post-Timeskip Outfit (Sleeveless)
Cinder Fall body modifications (scar and left arm) (also Volume 5 spoilers): Cinder Fall Post-Timeskip Body Modifications

A pre-set Folder for the above suite of mods (which features all 3 mods as well as pre-set folders you can use for SDT): MEGA
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