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Black Desert Online - Resorepless Nude Mod 3.0d by BlackFireBR

A Nude mod for Black Desert Online

  1. BlackFireBR
    If you are getting the "Download Not Available" message
    create an account and log in first.


    - EXTRACT ALL THE CONTENT of the .zip file to "Black Desert Online\Paz"
    - Run resorepless.exe
    - Use the menus to customize your settings.
    - In the main menu, press "1 - Install" and then press ENTER to apply the changes.

    WARNING!! Every time there is any game update, close your launcher immediately and uninstall the mod by going to "Uninstall Options->Restore backup" on the menu options of the tool (The latest backups are usually the last) . Otherwise you are going to get a "Corrupted files detected" message, and the launcher will re-check all your game files the next time you start the launcher.

    (Please note that, it may look like it is (re)downloading a massive amount of data but it will only download damaged files after checking the whole install)

    - Run "resorepless.exe"
    - Choose "Uninstall Options" and then "Restore a backup"
    - Select the last backup option, which is usually the most recent backup.

    For more infomation and pubic hair options, visit: Black Desert Online Resorepless Nude Mod
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Recent Reviews

  1. jibjab
    Version: 3.0d
    I delete my pad0.meta file and update.log and restart the launcher redownload both and then run it again and still cant get it to give me a clean status or do anything when i install the mod
  2. Lee Kyoung Hwan
    Lee Kyoung Hwan
    Version: 3.0d
    what is "failed to weaponOptionRequire"? it's keep saying since striker got updated;
  3. landry2012
    Version: 3.0d
    what is the "paz" folder? idk how to extract it but.
  4. ZelaXaleRo
    Version: 3.0d
    You continually out-do yourself, If only game devs had that kind of spark!
  5. Timothy Fields
    Timothy Fields
    Version: 3.0d
    Great work.....................................................
  6. Obsidie
    Version: 3.0d
    Pretty awesome mod! the details are outstanding!
    Only problem I had is the customizer, I set it to show and remove somethings but the characters stay fully nude even after I apply and install.
    1. BlackFireBR
      Author's Response
      Restore a backup and re-apply your settings. Make sure that you see "Meta file status: clean" on the main menu before you apply the new settings
    Version: 3.0d
    Kinda slow but it gets downloaded, three times error though
  8. rufangnaidan
    Version: 3.0d
  9. Blackjayne
    Version: 3.0d
    I quite simply have not come across a more sophisticated nude mod. It's amazing how far this has come and how much you're able to customize to get what you want. This is top notch. Keep it up!
    Version: 3.0d
    The prince/princess of excess delights in the technical efficiency, artistic quality and pure delight that is this modification. The package installs quickly and with ease, unobtrusively and the many options streamline the experience for the end user to tweak as they so desire.

    Lucius approves of this mod :)
    1. BlackFireBR
      Author's Response
      Very nice review, thanks for posting Lucius :)