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Black Desert Online - Resorepless Nude Mod 3.6f by BlackFireBR

A Nude mod for Black Desert Online

  1. BlackFireBR
    If you are getting the "Download Not Available" message
    create an account and log in first.

    Things you need to know:
    - Other players can't see your character naked.
    - You will not get banned for using this mod, AS LONG AS YOU KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.
    Posting nude mod pics in the beauty album can most likely result in a permanent ban, so just don't post nude pictures there or anywhere in the game.
    - Sim, funciona na versão South America (SA)

    - Download Resorepless
    - Download MetaInjector
    - Download the BDOToolkit
    - Download Restore N' Patch
    - Extract everything into your "PAZ\" folder, which is located inside your installation folder.
    (Note: For steam users it's usually under: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Black Desert Online\")

    - Run "BDOToolkit Installer.exe" and install it. (you only need to do this once)
    - Run "resorepless.exe" to install.
    - Instead of using the game Launcher to open the game, use "Restore N' Patch.exe"

    Warning: If you get the error "Launcher not found" when running "Restore N' Patch", follow the instructions bellow:
    - Download Restore N' Patch and extract it to your PAZ folder.
    - Create a shortcut of "Restore N' Patch.exe" and right click it and go to properties.
    - Add: -idle at the end of the "Target" field. So for example, if your "Target" is:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Black Desert Online\Paz\Restore N' Patch.exe"
    change to:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Black Desert Online\Paz\Restore N' Patch.exe" -idle
    - Run the shortcut you have just created and leave it open.
    - Open the launcher and play the game while the tool is opened.

    - Run "resorepless.exe"
    - Choose "Uninstall Options" and then "Restore a backup"
    - Select the last backup option, which is usually the most recent backup.

    For more infomation and pubic hair options, visit: Black Desert Online Resorepless Nude Mod
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Recent Reviews

  1. kaedekins
    Version: 3.6f
    Beautiful work. Very detailed. Seems to be mostly working at the time of this review aside from the increased breast size stuff not working. Also the new method is a bit of pain but I guess this is the company trying to stop this mod from working.
  2. waggindragon
    Version: 3.6f
    Great, but is it always nude? Not just a texture replacer for the underwear?
  3. xzerox13
    Version: 3.6f
    Great mod but after the most recent game update (restoring backup, updating game files, reinstalling mod, etc... 5/16/18), when resorpless.exe gets to the point of using MetaInjector, it says that BDO Toolkit is not installed, meanwhile the BDO Toolkit installer reports that it is installed.

    Attempted to remove everything and start over fresh (except reinstalling the game itself), but still receiving the same error.

    Attempting to simply ignore the MetaInjector error and starting the game using Restore n Patch then game launcher, gives a file corrupt error within the game itself.

    I love this mod, please don't give up releasing updates!
  4. Eguador
    Version: 3.6f
    This mod is still working just fine. What you have to do is re-download the game client and install it again.
  5. Qpoint
    Version: 3.6f
    Look at all the users who use it. Pearl Abvis is blocking this mode at every update. You have to create a completely different mode now without using this nude mode source to get it to work again.
  6. Nerowan
    Version: 3.6f
    Hey! Thx for your great work..loving this mod :)! Can you please update this mod ? Sliders wont work anymore since the last update(s). I am using this mod for a long time now and tried everything to fix it without any luck. Pls save us xD.. Greetings
  7. kvento
    Version: 3.6f
    Hi, this is great mod!!!And thanks for your work!
    But I began to get file error after applying the mod when i starting the game.
    I have been using this mod for a long time and I always update the mod files in a timely fashion, and earlier I had never experienced problems with this mod. But after 25 apr (after the last update of the game) I can not use this mod because of the error of the files.
    I will be very happy if you update the mod and fix the problem.
  8. Achroi
    Version: 3.6f
    it seems as it isn't working anymore after latest patch and migration from server, I keep getting file error after applying the mod and restarting the game, no matter how I patch it. would be super happy if you guys would have a look at it cuz this is a mod I rather have at all times in my game. thx for the good work
  9. Toey Sak
    Toey Sak
    Version: 3.6f
    WOW and Thankyou I Love you creator Do you marry me hahaha
  10. Valestris
    Version: 3.6f
    Because BDO has titties and they jiggle, therefore being able to SEE said titties thanks to BlackFireBR deserves a 5 star rating.