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Black Desert Online - Resorepless Nude Mod 3.4b by BlackFireBR

A Nude mod for Black Desert Online

  1. BlackFireBR
    If you are getting the "Download Not Available" message
    create an account and log in first.


    1 - Extract the zip file to your "PAZ\" folder, which is located inside your installation folder.
    (Note: For steam users it's usually under: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Black Desert Online\").
    - Run resorepless.exe
    - Use the menus to customize your settings.
    - In the main menu, press "1 - Install" and then press ENTER to apply the changes.

    WARNING!! Every time there is any game update, close your launcher immediately and uninstall the mod by going to "Uninstall Options->Restore backup" on the menu options of the tool and choose the last backup (The bottom one). Otherwise you are going to get a "Corrupted files detected" message, and the launcher will re-check all your game files the next time you start the launcher.

    If this happens, close the launcher, run "resorepless.exe", go to "Uninstall Options->Restore backup" and restore the latest backup.

    Before opening the launcher again, make sure the "Meta file status" shown in the main menu is displaying: Clean

    - Run "resorepless.exe"
    - Choose "Uninstall Options" and then "Restore a backup"
    - Select the last backup option, which is usually the most recent backup.

    For more infomation and pubic hair options, visit: Black Desert Online Resorepless Nude Mod
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Recent Reviews

  1. Taishosama
    Version: 3.4b
    Hot dayum wish more mmos had great mods like this and up to date.
    Cheers mate and thanks.
  2. Cairn
    Version: 3.4b
    Best mod for the game, wether it is for eyecandy, or RP, definitely worth the download, and infinitely customisable.
  3. HappyGuy
    Version: 3.4b
    Great game. GREAT mod. Simple to use, effective and opens up a world of possibilities. All games should allow creativity of this level.
  4. RJH
    Version: 3.4b
    The mod is amazing and the creator is very active and never fails to help anyone who is in need.
  5. Deilly
    Version: 3.4b
    whenever it fully works, its a 5* but whenever something breaks, like todays patch (6th of sep. with mod ver. 3.4b) breaking the hidden weapons from this, i rate it lower.
    i just want to hide my weapon when im not in combat
  6. Waa
    Version: 3.4b
    3.4b setting for ranger thigh size doesn't work, seems to work on every class but
  7. kcimia
    Version: 3.4b
  8. ZelaXaleRo
    Version: 3.4b
    Great job as always! The only thing that would make this better is model replacers for the male characters. (don't like men) But I have a feeling that's impossible =P
    1. BlackFireBR
      Author's Response
      Yes, that's pretty much impossible. Thanks for the support though :)
  9. pppdodo
    Version: 3.4b
    Karstein armor of Maehwa breaks the chest part.... :(
  10. Moiseyev Truden
    Moiseyev Truden
    Version: 3.4b
    Just installed and works perfectly. Thanks for a great program that is easy to use. 8^D