Black Desert Online - Resorepless Nude Mod

Black Desert Online - Resorepless Nude Mod 3.6f

If you are getting the "Download Not Available" message
create an account and log in first.

Things you need to know:
- Other players can't see your character naked.
- You will not get banned for using this mod, AS LONG AS YOU KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.
Posting nude mod pics in the beauty album can most likely result in a permanent ban, so just don't post nude pictures there or anywhere in the game.
- Sim, funciona na versão South America (SA)

- Download Resorepless
- Download MetaInjector
- Download the BDOToolkit
- Download Restore N' Patch
- Extract everything into your "PAZ\" folder, which is located inside your installation folder.
(Note: For steam users it's usually under: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Black Desert Online\")

- Run "BDOToolkit Installer.exe" and install it. (you only need to do this once)
- Run "resorepless.exe" to install.
- Instead of using the game Launcher to open the game, use "Restore N' Patch.exe"

Warning: If you get the error "Launcher not found" when running "Restore N' Patch", follow the instructions bellow:

Right click Drag to create a shot cut(右クリックでドラッグしてショットカットを作成)

Right-click the shortcut and open the property from the pop-up menu(ショートカットを右クリックでポップアップメニューの中からプロパティを開く)

Link destination
Add "[halfwidth space] -idle" at the end(リンク先 末尾に「半角スペース -idle」を書き加える)
Finally OK or apply         (最後にOKか適用)
- Download Restore N' Patch and extract it to your PAZ folder.
- Create a shortcut of "Restore N' Patch.exe" and right click it and go to properties.
- Add: -idle at the end of the "Target" field. So for example, if your "Target" is:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Black Desert Online\Paz\Restore N' Patch.exe"
change to:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Black Desert Online\Paz\Restore N' Patch.exe" -idle
- Run the shortcut you have just created and leave it open.
- Open the launcher and play the game while the tool is opened.

- Run "resorepless.exe"
- Choose "Uninstall Options" and then "Restore a backup"
- Select the last backup option, which is usually the most recent backup.

For more infomation and pubic hair options, visit: Black Desert Online Resorepless Nude Mod
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed files being corrupted if you run resorepless a second time after running meta injector.

    3.6f Fixed files being corrupted if you run resorepless a second time after running meta injector.
  2. Black Square under character fix included. Rollback to old max body size options to avoid crashing.

    v3.6e - is now included in the package so you won't have the black square...
  3. Fixed max body size not changing for Ranger thighs, fixed "Fix holes" menu

    v3.6d - Fixed max body size not changing for Ranger thighs - Fixed program getting stuck in the...

Latest reviews

This is ridiculous . Please update the toll with the new class "Archer" and the proper files that the game has changed during the last months.

Now you have to do extra steps by yourself instead of having the toll automatically doing it for you, so people who are just starting to use it are not gonna understand how to use it.

The whole toll is a mess and it doesn't work properly anymore . How can you leave this outdated for so long ?
What a buggy mess, hardly ever works and i've had to redownload 30 gb almost everytime i tried to install this.
Confirmed working 1/19/2019. If you are having issues. Trying doing everything over from the beginning. Worked for me. Great mod! Thanks for your hard work.
Hello, so just redownloaded this after a long break from BDO, I get an error saying something like "files are corrupted" as soon as the game launches. I made sure to follow all the instructions.
Any idea whats happening?
As the black desert updates recently, even the nude patch is terminated with a black desert error message. I think this needs to be updated.
I ask you to develop a new version of resorepless, etc.
1st post:
Care to enlighten us Slicky? Since following the instructions results in a file corrupt error. Doing a 31GB file check yet again. I keep all clothes except starter underwear; set max size for sliders to 2.5, min size untouched; censorship removal set to high; shaved innies; 3d vaginas yes; mod applies to female only, all male classes off; kibelius is untouched; keep all weapons. I hit install, about 200 files to patch, no errors, and I use the recommended option in meta inject, again, no errors, exit and exit. Run restore n patch shortcut with the -idle target, run launcher. No patch, game tries to start, RnP quits, then file corrupt error from the bdo game itself. This happens every time.

2nd post 11/1/18:
Thank you SlickySlicky! Can confirm that this method works with the current version 3.6f. I believe the full uninstall and removing the -idle tag is what did it. I've tested all other options set to different values (like clothing options, slider sizes, censorship removal etc) and these were the only changes that yielded errors if done differently. It still scans the whole ~30GBs worth of files after logging in, but only takes about 5 minutes, after which the mod's RnP takes over WITHOUT the idle tag. You can try utilizing the option to ignore the file recheck in the mod, but I haven't played with that one yet, as I've decided to play with nudes instead lol

3rd post 11/8/18:
Followed steps above ^ after yesterday's update and all is good, no errors or glitches! I will return if there is an issue in the future, but as of now, it's working great!
Hey after the last update my sorceress has been glitching out, part of the character is see through. its the lumik armor, and i can see straight through the back. none of my other character are having the problem, and this had'nt happend b4
For xzerox13, I have it set to keep all but default underwear, female only, 3D vaginas disabled, 0.7 min, 1.25 default, 2.5 max on bust, and everything else default. Then installed as you did while selecting the "files to patch" (recommended) option, since following the resorpless instructions to let the program decide results in some form of failure every time. Then launch via restore 'n patch without the -idle target as I never needed it for whatever reason, log in when the launcher pops up and play as normal.

My settings-

As of September 20th, still working.

To get it to work you must go to Uninstall, and tell resorpless to uninstall everything. Then reconfigure your settings and reinstall while choosing the (recommended) method. This must be done after every update.
It is great but it just needs to update for the new version of the game.
it doesn't work for Today's patch. i'll be wait your updates!
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