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Black Desert Online - Resorepless Nude Mod 3.4b by BlackFireBR

A Nude mod for Black Desert Online

  1. BlackFireBR
    If you are getting the "Download Not Available" message
    create an account and log in first.


    1 - Extract the zip file to your "PAZ\" folder, which is located inside your installation folder.
    (Note: For steam users it's usually under: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Black Desert Online\").
    - Run resorepless.exe
    - Use the menus to customize your settings.
    - In the main menu, press "1 - Install" and then press ENTER to apply the changes.

    WARNING!! Every time there is any game update, close your launcher immediately and uninstall the mod by going to "Uninstall Options->Restore backup" on the menu options of the tool and choose the last backup (The bottom one). Otherwise you are going to get a "Corrupted files detected" message, and the launcher will re-check all your game files the next time you start the launcher.

    If this happens, close the launcher, run "resorepless.exe", go to "Uninstall Options->Restore backup" and restore the latest backup.

    Before opening the launcher again, make sure the "Meta file status" shown in the main menu is displaying: Clean

    - Run "resorepless.exe"
    - Choose "Uninstall Options" and then "Restore a backup"
    - Select the last backup option, which is usually the most recent backup.

    For more infomation and pubic hair options, visit: Black Desert Online Resorepless Nude Mod

Recent Reviews

  1. chidorilc
    Version: 3.4b
    The Creators of this are awesome! ..............................
  2. EvgeniyK
    Version: 3.4b
    so perfect mod and easy install, GJ!!!
    need update for new class ;)
  3. Qpoint
    Version: 3.4b
    this mod very good but not Remove Stable Female NPC Clothing.
    why??? what?? ㅡ,.ㅡ;
  4. Aarkhamongus
    Version: 3.4b
    I really like this mob. Please, can you update soon? thank you!
  5. Keaton
    Version: 3.4b
    would love it more if i could get it to work keeps saying that the Blank_dxt5 file cant be found or read any suggestions or ideas?
  6. hanseok
    Version: 3.4b
    hanseok  Version: 3.4b

    After downloading version 3.4 of Black Desert Nude mode, I installed it without errors. Why do not I apply nudity when I play the game? I'd appreciate it if you could tell me how to do it.
    The server is a Korean server.
  7. Onisama
    Version: 3.4b
    Very nice mod however lately i get stuck on the part where it does the "Extracting Breast Size patcher xml files" and it sits there doing nothing. Not sure if this is the right place to ask but just unsure of what happened since it worked in the past o~o
  8. Nero Go
    Nero Go
    Version: 3.4b
    Good job man. Thank you very much for the mod. (^^)
  9. kimseung
    Version: 3.4b
    Thank you very vrty
    It was stopped after a patch T,T please Help me
  10. Taishosama
    Version: 3.4b
    Hot dayum wish more mmos had great mods like this and up to date.
    Cheers mate and thanks.