Black Desert Online - Resorepless Nude Mod

Black Desert Online - Resorepless Nude Mod 3.6f

Fixed files being corrupted if you run resorepless a second time after running meta injector.
- is now included in the package so you won't have the black square floating around you when you walk.
- Rollback to the old options from the "Change body parts max size" menu in order to avoid the crash when entering the character customization menu. (This is just temporary until I find out what was causing that)
- Fixed life skill option not working the way it should.
- Fixed max body size not changing for Ranger thighs
- Fixed program getting stuck in the black screen when accessing the "Fix holes" menu
- Probably fixed crash when entering the character customization menu
- Removed the "List Patched Files" feature since you can do that in Meta Injector now and Resorepless can't detect changes caused by the new Meta Injector anymore.
- "Reset and Uninstall Everything" and "Prevent file re-check" options moved to the "Uninstall Options" menu.
- "Undo last changes" option removed from the "Uninstall Options" since it is not compatible with the new Meta Injector
- "Reset and Uninstall Everything" now deletes all the files from the "files_to_patch" folder and all your backups after restoring your latest backup, if you confirm. Making sure you don't have a dirty backup by any chance.
- The "Fix Holes" option now doesn't show if the file is patched or not, since all files that are going to be patched are located in the "files_to_patch" folder, after resorepless installation.
- "Remove Armor" option added back and it's working now.
- Fixed floating dirt texture appearing under the character
- Fixed "Meta Injector.exe" not launching after the setup is finished
- Fixed MetaInjector.exe not being found.
- Disabled "Tools->remove/restore file" temporarily
- Option "Reset and Uninstall Everything" now also deletes everything in the "files_to_patch\.resorepless\" folder.
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- Fixed "Change body parts max size" not working.
- Added new options to the "Change body parts max size" menu: Hands, Foot, Neck, Clavicle
- The previous options from the "Change body parts max size" that weren't affecting all the sliders they could, now they are.
- Fixed Kibelius "Naked with wings" option not working.
- Fixed "Prevent File Re-check" option not working
- Fixed "Reset and Uninstall Everything" not working
- "Remove Stable Female NPC Clothing" option removed.
- Fixed the "_ao file size mismatch" problem
- Fixed "partcutdesc.xml doesn't exist" message t the end of the installation
- Added support for "Ran" class to the "Fix holes on character" feature and similar ones.
- File check for "MetaInjector.exe" is now enabled. (You need to have MetaInjector.exe in your paz folder otherwise a warning with a download link will appear.
- Fixed "" and """ failing to patch.
- Changed the warning message that appears before you confirm you want to proceed with the instalation, warning the user that the files in the "files_to_patch\.resorepless\" are going to be deleted, and that you shouldn't post nude pictures in the beauty album or you're gonna get banned.
- After the instalation is completed, the tool auto-launches MetaInjector.exe, giving it instructions before it launches.
- Fixed 3D vaginas normal maps being used when the 3D vagina option is off.
- Fixed low res vagina texture when 3D Vagina is set to OFF and the Pubic hair is set to shaved.
- Removed the "Clean" indicator in resorepless to avoid confusion (Resorepless doesn't do any patching now, this is MetaInjector job now)
- Fixed Ran face being removed if Armor setting set to "remove all"
- original is now included and patched by default.
- 3D vaginas optiion is now OFF by default
- Body sliders are still broken
- Fixed missing body for Valkyrie, Mystic, Maehwa and Kunoichi
- Lost the ability to customize specific pubic hair for the classes mentioned above.
- Added full support for the new class Ran (Nude body texture, armor and weapon removal)
- Fixed armor clipping when choosing censoring options other than "Keep all" for Maehwa and Ran classes.
- Fixed broken mod due to patch (Feb 2018)
- New MetaInjector is now required to patch your game properly.
- Included fixed Sorceress Model with less crotch distortion, provided by suzu:
- Included fixed Mystic Model provided by suzu:
- Fixed partcutdesc.xml having duplicates for Warrior (phm)
- Fixed partcutdesc.xml not including Mystic (pcw), which was causing texture clipping for most of Mystic armors, if you use censorship removal other than "Keep
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