Better Feet

Better Feet 2017-07-30

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This is a loader mod that gives the girl more realistic feet. The shape of them are slightly altered because the proportions of the vanilla feet were too flat to follow exactly. This means that socks WON'T fit them without making something custom. However, most shoes should fit fine, as they have a thicker sole.

Thanks to stuntcock, they have full skin and tan support, so they are flexibly used in a single mod. A warning that this is buggy in moreclothing, and will cause the vanilla legs to not reappear, due to getting the skin settings working on the feet.
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  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 2017-07-30
love this mod, I'm having an issue with the flashing skin colors when I place it in a character folder. Can anyone help me fix this? it is the only mod running in the folder.
Hey, that's pretty good. Stuntcock mentioned this mod and it's a good replacement for the vanilla feet.
Excellent artwork. It's only too bad mods like these can't be packaged.


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